Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tell me, ya think he looks OK? Or not?

Last night, in Martha's Vineyard (who the hell is Martha, BTW, and I am not seeing any kind of "Vineyard"? It's an island, and there doesn't seem to be any 'great grape growing region' there, only TOURISM! And freakin' ICE CREAM SHOPS!)

Is Inkwell Beach so black-oriented, that all they can think to do is "Let's go have ice cream"?

The Inkwell, courtesy Robert Abel

(And, maybe that's a good thing? Butt, certainly not for anyone's waistline or hips though, is it, Michelle?).

Look at him. Here's a zoom shot of Barky Obama. Think he looks 'wholesome', eating 'organic veggies' from the lead-contaminated White House garden Michelle works so hard at...

...either he's suffering from lead poisoning, or trying to hold in his dentures, or the food wasn't so good? Whatsamattah, Barky?

I have a very strong feeling this man is quite ill. Based upon his autobiographical writings regarding his relationship with "Frank", he may be HIV positive, or even have AIDS (he himself remarked about "amber pants", which pretty much describes mutual anal penetration.).

Sooo, talk ta Barky himself about it, anyone who feels disgusted! He wrote that piece of garbage, I didn't!

He certainly has some sort of 'wasting disease', if you just take a look at how his fave White Sox cap is now too large!

Just a reminder...

...in 68 days, there will be a great vote.

Will you be a great voter?

If you are at all sensible, you'll have dumped the Kool-aid by now and started to use your own brain again.

If you have not, I feel only a bit of pity for you, but ask you to read everything you can, everyday, about your candidate AND his/her party.

Are they of the party who chooses to join the endless 'parties' in D.C., which is becoming know quickly as 'Dizzy City'?

If partying is what you desire, GO PAY FOR A PARTY YOURSELF!

If 'rule of law' is what you desire, then please use the brain given you by the Great Creator, and vote for decency and respect of the US Constitution!

There...I've said it!

Now how will YOU vote?

ON: Flowers of summer

Today's flower is a pinkish Hollyhock, growing on W. Fargo Avenue here in Rogers Park.

I've seen only a few of these somewhat 'old-fashioned' flowering plants here.

Have they fallen out of favor, for some reason?

They are perennials, and will come up, year after year, and pretty much multiply slowly and take care of themselves.

I think they are lovely, and don't understand why the species seems to be soooo neglected in Rogers Park, an older neighborhood in Chicago.

I could hear this tree falling...

...because I was not in the forest.

Several days ago, I could hear a distant chain saw, on and off, for a great part of the day. Today, I photot'd the old tree, which once stood at the southwest corner of Fargo Avenue and Sheridan Road, here in Rogers Park.

It had a great hollow, which signified disease and rotting. The following show what I saw:

Who knew it was rotted away from the center of its soul?

Kind of like my nasty troll, who ID'd himself BTW...Michael Giovanelli, AKA Mike F. Harris, AKA Toto, AKA Anonymous, AKA Honesty and Responsibilty. Apparently, I got to the crux by accusing him of being Bill Morton (sorry, Bill, but I had to draw Mikey out, and after all--he was your friend through your stupid Ghosthunters group!).

So Mikey, a now 37 or so? year old, supposedly degreed psychologist whose wife is a nurse at Misericordia Center in Chicago (which Mikey is totally familiar with, and he also seems to have a fascination for any type of mental facilities), outed himself via Comments, none of which I shall let you see, as there are 31 of them, and I would rather you not read his hateful ravings.

On the other hand, here are a few:

I hope they build the mosque. We need more pissed off Americans!
Mike F. Harris on RE: The Ground Zero Mosque/Islamic Community Cent... on 8/20/10

By the way. My real name is Mike Giovannelli-Harris. I started going by Mike Harris because that was my way of honoring my dead Chicago Police officer grandfather Michael F. Harris who I am missing very much right now. I do not like Bill Morton, and from the information you divulged to the whole world, it goes to show "What comes around goes around". I did nothing to you other than stop you and Bill from writing on my blog because i wanted it to be non-political. I could have talked to you first, but you had said some things that I didn't like so I over reacted. Post that on your blog will ya for God's sake. You know damn right well i am not a bad guy, so Karma on you. And you didn't let me write on your blog...did I get hurt? I am sorry about your pain that you endure, my mother who is your age is in pain too. Same as you, just as bad. Thanks for blasting me because it was worth getting the scoop on Bill Morton. So if nobody goes to my blog, you still made me a very happy man
See more... because that skunk screwed me too. Why can't we be friends. I don't take advantage of people and I can't stand Obama. Your blog is going to be posted on mine and I am going to write good things about it. Maybe I'll get good Karma.
Mike F. Harris on I have another new follower! Oh, joy, an old trol... on 8/20/10

And then, this...

I'm the Joker! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA! Mentally ill blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny that you should make fun of people who are mentally ill when you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous on
I have another new follower! Oh, joy, an old trol... on 8/21/10

So, now do you understand a bit more or why I posted in the manner I did?

A question comes to mind: Would he rave about his own mother being 'an old wrinkled hag'? I bet she'd beat his butt with a spiedini!

I placed the post last week, "I have another new follower" specifically to draw out this man.

I sincerely do not know his problem with me, nor do I know him well, for that matter. I think I spoke with him maybe four or five times. He was a friend of Bill Morton's, kind of like extra baggage, but Michael Giovanelli did do ONE good thing in his life for me.

He offered transport, and when I asked if he could take me to buy this computer on which I now write, he agreed. So, I thank him for that...and I did have him over (sans wife cuz she didn't want to come) for pizza and beers once.

But...then...he seemed to go off some meds, and turned really strange, like losing control, and the wife, when I asked her about this, got really PO'd at me, and wrote some pretty hateful stuff herself (it's called DENIAL, and it's not a river in Egypt, my dear).

The last time (16MAR2009) I saw Michael Giovanelli/Honesty and Responsibility/Mike F. Harris/ Toto/Anonymous, he looked like this:

He was trying to host a Ghosthunters Group (Bill Morton) meeting in Quest Network Services (Kristofer Luck) Parlor and showed up not in make-up, but BLACK PAINT...and also, for some reason, became quite antagonistic toward me. I left the room, sat by and talked with his "very-concerned-looking-wife" for a while, and left.

And he has been very NASTY, occasionally, to me ever since. Apparently his own mother never taught him to "Respect your Elders".

For all that, AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF, Mikey, I wish you and your nameless nurse/wife all the best of times with David Axelrod's daughter--after all, you bragged you've spoken with her...apparently you as a patient, yes?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good News!

911 Hard Hat Pledge

Read it here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I knew they were actors, but...

...when I watched "Paper Moon" (starring Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal, his daughter, on Hulu.com for the first time tonight, I had this impression of Michelle Obama (and I love the hair--it's perfect!!):

And this, of the citizen (?) we call the pResident?:

Isn't it interesting, how history repeats itself, over, and over, and over...

As Saul Alinsky has stated: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

I have another new follower! Oh, joy, an old troll!

Mike F. Harris, a pseudonym I've seen before, a resident of East AND West Rogers Park West Ridge) for the past three years! I urge you all to not visit Mike's blog, nor pay any attention to him.

He is Michael Giovanelli of 'Chicago Shadows', and I feel, of 'Honesty and Responsibility', who both have been very contentious of late with me, attacking me left and right because I am asking for the monies I am owed by Bill Morton (PERSONAL DEBT, via verbal contract) and the debt owed me, via verbal contract upon my using my personal monies to establish (I have all the receipts, and so does Bill Morton, if he could ever keep track of anything on his monitor) Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

Mister "Honesty and Responsibility" (who could, BTW, be Bill Morton himself, if he ever had any guts) would like to contend with me on the point of "Right vs. Wrong".

I welcome that contention, to a public arena, sir, as then you shall have to identify yourself, and I can sue you and your cohorts for slander!

You, and Quest Network Services, are guilty of slander. I question, though, why you both are soooo envious of my disability?

Would either of you like to spend a day with me? It seems you doubt the judgment of the US government regarding my disability.

Would you like to come into the shower with me every morning, and do the same exercises I do, under a shower massager that beats down upon my body relentlessly? Is that what you are looking forward to?

Would you like to be with me, in the middle of the night, when I wake in severe pain from leg cramps, and do not want to scream because I know it will disturb my neighbors? You wanna be there, jerkoff?

Perhaps you would like to shop with me? Especially when my hands are cramping, and I feel as though I can't hold on to even a can of tuna? Want to join me in that effort, assh*le?

Or, then again, perhaps you would join me in cleaning my apartment, which I do, thoroughly over time, but not without some great strain. Want to join me on my kneepad to wash down my bathroom? And help me get back up again? Huh, jerkoff?

Clean the toilet bowl with me, huh jerkoff? See how long takes, but how satisfied I am to have a beautifully-cleaned bathroom? You ever tried that yourself, jerkoff?

YOU, who call yourself "Honesty and Responsibility", have no concept of my day-to-day life, nor have you any concept of the validity of verbal agreements.

Bill Morton GAVE HIS WORD re:payback, and I find BILL MORTON'S word is the closest thing to COMMON GOOSE DUNG. So stay clear of business which is not any of your concern, unless of course, you are BILL MORTON.

In that case, KARMA will get you, Bill. It's inevitable.

And if you look to the Bee-shop for help, well, YOU and I know his health is not good, though you continue to keep him on as Interim Treasurer. After you had your quite significant breakdown, after you took a phone call from the Bee-shop last almost-autumn, that is the point I saw a significant, and ugly to me, change in you. Sure, you were looking for a "Sugar Momma", Bill, weren't you?

That is when I ran out of money to front for you, and you began to turn me away. In my own apartment, you cried your eyes out, Bill, and could barely be comforted. You remember, I know you remember. And if you deny it, that is your problem, not mine. Your were very unstable, again, at that point.

He'll, the Bee-shop, a Cook County employee in David Orr's office, probably die at a certain point, due to that position you have foisted upon him, though he certainly does not take things seriously about the money owed, because I haven't been paid my second payment yet, have I?

Have you shown him all the scans of receipts I sent you?

Apparently not. So is it you and he who call yourselves "Honest and Responsibility" now? Did you prompt him to do this attack-blog, so you think by doing so and attacking me, you would not have to pay back all the monies both YOU and THE CHAMBER owe me?

If so, you are both 'the saddest cases' in the story of human life.

For a couple of human beings who used to have some fun, you and the Bee-shop sure turned into creeps.

YOU and I know his health is not good, though he parties with you, and certainly has introduced you to B & B
(Benedictine and Brandy--which you, being a product of Elmwood Park, would never have known of) and he is enamored of you because you claim your Dad is FBI, which I also think is another of your lies.

Your father is about as FBI as my Dad, the great MPD Detective, is still alive (RIP: RJC 07JUN1994)!

I ask, Bill Morton, if you have informed your new Chamber Members of this serious debt.

Apparently not. It is more than $1,000 that the the Chamber now owes me for establishing it as a silent co-founder. I have receipts and only Bill Morton's "flaccid" word.
The Chamber has now defaulted on their payment by almost two months. I could decimate all of their board by taking them to court. Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce WOULD BE NO MORE!

And, I am thinking, that would be just the right thing to do!

Can anyone say, by looking at her photo, that she is happy?

Malia Obama, just reunited with her parents and younger sister after a month away at "Sidwell boot camp", looks not happy at all.

I feel badly for this 12 year old...being sent away to learn something of the world...and Mommy MOO and Daddy Barky didn't pay enough attention to her, because she only got ONE phone call out, and that was to Daddy, to wish him a "Happy Birthday"...but perhaps she was still being a bit insolent, as she should know Moslem daddies do not celebrate their birthdays.

Perhaps this 12 year old child rejects the Islamic religion her father so endears?

Think about that, all of you liberals out there! BTW, look closely at her. She does not look a thing like her mother, nor a thing like her father. She looks more like Malcom X, whom I believe is her true Grandfather. Obama's Mommy, Stanley Ann, played around quite a bit in her time. If you don't believe ME, go do the research for yourself. I suggest you read 'The Obama Timeline here

Think it might sell on the Vineyard?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RE: The Ground Zero Mosque/Islamic Community Center

What the mainstream media idiots have not done is talk to the survivors of 9/11.

I am certain this is not a difficult project for the likes of Katie ("I'm a MILLIONAIRE") Couric, and the others within the realm of that pitiful media.

Go out there, and ask for real opinion, from those who have been affected by 9/11 (and believe me, they are not only New Yorkers!).

Mayor Bloomberg, you and your buddy Barky Obama have misstepped, misspoken. You both are, via the US Constitution, supposed to be 'servants of the people', but you both continue to ride your higher-than-high horses.

We--the people--unfortunately made you our leaders, as you hemmed and hawed over all that is RIGHT.

I am sickened (further) by this president and Mayor, because I live in Chicago, which is governed by another doltish, greedy Democrat, whose dear buddy resides in the White House--OUR House--which is currently tented for fumigation purposes?.

I suppose the Obamas brought with them a great number of Southside Chicago ROACHES, which are tougher, I may say, than any Liberal Democrat in the Universe!

And, I know the name of one of those Chicago Roaches. Shall I tell you?

Hush, only a whisper...Valerie Jarrett, Barky's surrogate Momma (he don't leave home without her!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


September 8th marks the debut of http://www.rightnetwork.com/

As I tried to teach Bill Morton: "Right is right and WRONG is wrong!" . He apparently never recognized those words, though I still have him yelling that on the video that night last autumn. That is the reason I resigned my position of Secretary/Treasurer with Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. He knows not between right and wrong.

September 8th is just a few short autumnal weeks before November 2nd.

There's still time for you to realize what the Obama Regime is attempting to do to you, through its Marxist, Socialist bent.

I sincerely hope, on November 2nd, you will tell Barry and Michelle (Saul Alinsky's 'fellow travellers') to "just get over it, you and your ilk are DONE!"

Just noticed...

...Quest Network Services is no longer a 'Follower'.

Sheesh, too bad, Kris Luck, after all the lovely things I did for your business, helping it get up from the depths after your being fired by TAG.

This is how you treat someone who was your friend, scouring through and cleaning and sorting, then transferring your family photos to CD, photoshopping many old ones from the 40s and 50s? To make a wonderful slide show 'Christmas Gift' for your grandmother, Corinne? And after 70 hours of my work, you did not at all like being charged a bit over $400?

Nice, Kristofer...just remember who 'gave' you the framed, hand enlarged and hand-painted sign over the inner doorway, designating 'The Parlor' and who re-gilded your fireplace mantle for free (while repainting most of your offices, for free!)! You really turned out to be quite a little twerp, didn't you?

Just a 'user', just like your 'dear friend' from Elmwood Park, Bill Morton, the "biggest user of ALL"!

Why is there the 'blurring' effect? Huh?

Mr. 'Hide-all-my-past-including-my-'typically white' mother and grandmother'....

What in blazes is the White House trying to prove here?

If I went down to South 18th Street, here in Chicago, and had enough money with me, I could get one of these passports too...saying, by the way, that I was an ITALIAN, born in FLORENCE, ITALY! As an artist, I would have changed my name, just as Barky did. Perhaps something like 'da Vinci', or 'Buonarotti', may do me well (after all, I AM a seasoned artist, even though I am disabled). And then I could invent, as Barky has, all sorts of stories...and publish what I'll call an 'autobiography'...yeah, that's the ticket!

And why the hell the 'blurring effect'?

Just sayin'...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

YAY! Jobs created!

thanks to Andrew Thomas

At 46, she still is not a 'grown-up'

Michelle’s Not-So-Excellent Vacation
by Keith Koffler on August 10, 2010, 8:23 am

The Scene: President Obama, Michelle, and White House political guru David Axelrod are sitting in the Blue Room discussing the Obamas’ vacation plans. Michelle is surprised to learn that she has misunderstood them, and that she is flying down to Panama City, Fla. for the night this Saturday.

Michelle: You said we were going to Panama.

Axelrod: I said you were going to Panama City.

Michelle: I was already IN Panama City.

Axelrod: I need you to go back.

Michelle: I want to go to Panama.

Axelrod: You were just in Spain, and we’re still hearing about it.

Michelle: Well then I want to go to Paris.

Axelrod: You did Paris last year.

Michelle: That’s why I want to go to Panama this year.

Axelrod: Panama City.

Barack: Darling, calm down, we’ll go to Panama after I’m reelected.

Michelle: I’m not going back to that Hellhole. No way. It’s about 105 and humid there in the summer. And all the fish and the beaches are contaminated with oil.

Axelrod: Actually, Mrs. Obama, we have you scheduled to be photographed playing with the kids in the ocean, and we have reservations for you, your family and 60 Secret Service agents at Fred’s Fish Shack for dinner.

Michelle: Fred’s Fish shack? Are you crazy? Do you think I’m going to poison my children after Mr. Bigshot over here couldn’t get the well capped.

Barack: I resent that.

Michelle: Yeah, I’ll give you something to resent. If you’d have had your sorry ass down there more in the spring we wouldn’t have to do this bullshit trip. I’m ordering a double helping of flounder for you while me and the kids get the turf option.

Axelrod: They don’t have a turf option.

Barack: I don’t like flounder.

Michelle: Yeah, well it’s a nice bottom fish that will be eating up all the oil you left down there.

Axelrod: We need to have you seen eating fish, Mrs. Obama.

Michelle: I’m going to take fish and stuff it down your throat Axelrod. Barack, why don’t you bring some of your NBA friends down there. I’m going to Panama.

Axelrod: Panama City.

Michelle: Panama City my ass! Are we at least staying at the Ritz?

Axelrod: There is no Ritz in Panama City.

Michelle: There isn’t anything in Panama City. Who the Hell went there even before the oil spill? Did your friends ever tell you, “Hey, my vacation’s coming up. I just booked us on a flight to Panama City?”

Axelrod: We also need to discuss your stay. We can’t have you there for just one night. It looks like you’re not serious about taking a vacation there

Michelle: I’m not serious about taking a vacation there.

Axelrod: Well, we need to bump it up to three nights.

Michelle: You can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico right now. We’re doing one night and hightailing it right back to Washington and then packing for Martha’s Vineyard.

Axelrod: That’s another thing, Mrs. Obama. We were thinking that Martha’s Vineyard might not be the right spot for your vacation this year. It reminds people of John Kerry, and we’re still trying to make everyone forget about John Kerry.

Michelle: So then where would you have us go?

Axelrod: Cleveland.

Michelle: Cleveland? Cleveland? Nobody willingly goes to Cleveland.

: I’m not saying you need to do it willingly. We’re going to put you at the Cleveland Holiday Inn for three days, and then it’s on to Dayton for a stop at the Ramada Inn.

Michelle: You can kiss my ass.

Barack: Darling, you just went to Spain. We need to show everyone that we’re just like them. Times are hard for people. Nobody wants to see us sailing in the Nantucket Sound. Don’t you want me to be reelected?

Michelle: Well . . .

Barack: Don’t you like being the first lady, the queen of the land?

Michelle: Yes. Yes, I do like it. I do!

Barack: Well then, what do you say?

Michelle: How about the Maldives?

Monday, August 9, 2010

It still amazes me...

...that there are people today who, even when you show them the correct path in life, turn and prefer to take the 'other way'.

The 'Old-Man Puppeteer' finally speaks

Will he die, soon, under Obamacare, please?

George Soros tells CNN: I’m not satisfied with Barack Obama, but he saved country from recession

George Soros has funded the Obama Admininistration heavily, and is behind much of its anti-Americanism. He wants a 'NEW WORLD ORDER'.


Natasha Obama, named after a cartoon character or what?

This child has some sort of severe spinal problem, apparently, which the Obamas usually disguise by placing "maternity tops" on this child. It is quite apparent she, Natasha, now known internationally as 'Sasha', is OVERWEIGHT, while her Mommy, Michelle, preaches to the nation regarding its overweight children.

I say, as I have for years, "Charity (love) begins at home."

Apparently, Michelle Obama was never taught this axiom by her parents, who used (as does she) the excuse that they were living on the Southside of Chicago.


It was, apparently, my own mother's misfortune...

...to die from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's Disease), and leave us Stephen Hawking as her spokesman (SHE would SPIT at him, if she still could!)

Mr. Hawking claims to be great scientist--but he cannot seem to explain the intricasies of ALS. Instead, he is 'fortified' with computer speech effects, because he is thought to be a 'genius'.

Excuse me: wasn't my own mother, Anastasia, a genius for raising myself, and my three brothers, to respect America and its Constitution? She was first-generation Greek, an American citizen, who realized 'exactly' what American citizenship meant back then.

Hawking: You cannot speak at all for the Americans who raised their children to respect the US Constitution. You are merely a Brit, with limited access (because of your disease) to the US, so please keep your 'opinions about Americans' to yourself, and your software!

Is it all because of politics? Yeah, I guess.

Are these two a$$holes 'kissin' cousins', or something? And, WHY the sooo limp wrist, Barry?

ON...dressing better

"So very white"! is all I can say about this photo of Sasha Obama in her father's arms, after returning from the now-known-to-be-'Trip to Spain to Assuage a
Friend's Grief after Losing her Father'. Bleeeech!

Would it not have been nice, back in early June of 1994, if one or the other of 'my friends at the time' would have given me a present of a trip to Europe, so I could 'properly' grieve, in a totally foreign country, over the loss on my own father, a retired Milwaukee Police Department Detective?

I ask now, and shall continue to ask:

Are the Obamas insane...or something?

Have you ever seen a baby...


Thanks to www.cvpro.tv for the rock!

So sad to hear: Patricia Neal has died

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dontcha just love misinformed idiots, like Bill Morton?

From the totally untrusted site "Honesty and Responsibility" aka "Chicago Shadows" comes this BS, obviously written by Bill Morton, or possibly the so-called "Interim Treasurer" of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, The great Southside BEE-SHOP, James Alan Wilkowski:

I might add here, that the government classifies me as "disabled', which I am, after appearing before a federal judge, due to osteoarthritis in my back and spine, and the effects of fibromyalgia, which MR. BILL MORTON never gave a crap about. These ailments are certainly NOT what I wanted for myself at 64 years old, but I must contend with their effects EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Because Bill Morton has all accessible passwords, perhaps I should not hold Kristofer Luck responsible, but I do.

Actually, by the kindness of a local social service organization to which I was sent, after my July 2006 pulmonary embolism, which almost killed me but for the Emergency Personnel at Northwestern Memorial Hospital saving my life, (a week in hospital with heavy medications and pain-killers (intravenously), and the help of yet another social service organization (via Fourth Presbyterian Church) and Social Security declaring me 'disabled', I would not have been ALIVE to lend Bill Morton any monies but for an awardment of the monies I had earned, throughout my working life, so I lent him, when he seemed to be at his LOWEST, $1,425 for rent and then 'gave' him an HP computer system (same as I am using right now, with Vista x64) (which he eventually trashed) for the establishment of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (his dream, he said) to be enacted, and now, upon which debts, personal and BUSINESS, I have asked for, have been treated as some kind of demon.

I feel right now, today, that I wished I would have died at Northwestern, back in 2006. I wish that I would never have met Bill Morton, nor Kristofer Luck, nor Michael Giovanelli...all idiots, and all mentally ill in their own ways.

Because of this total crap I am having to put up with is just that--CRAP. And, I don't like CRAP, especially as I have been the MOST generous to this goof, Bill Morton, as I have ever been in my entire life!

Bill Morton, you have, and will probably NEVER have, any kind of shame about what you have done to me, by using the monies (SOCIAL SECURITY) I have earned my ENTIRE life, and seem to have LOST now, to further your own goals (which are WHAT?, I might ask).

What I really can't figure is just WHY Bill Morton took up again with someone like Chicago Shadows, AKA http://honestyresponsibility.blogspot.com/, whom he considered a crazy, dark person. But, then again, Bill Morton can also be considered a crazy, dark person, and IF he is commenting under the auspices of Quest Network Services, BOTH HE AND QUEST should be SUED!

BTW, Bill Morton, why did your 'dear friend' Mary Faith DUMP her Laundromat at Greenview and Howard?

Take a look at Chicago Shadows blog and then at http:// honestyandreponsibility.blogspot.com, and tell me this man, whom I barely know, is even somewhat normal!

I have just watched "Grey Gardens"...

..you can see it for free on Hulu.com

The Bouviers were a strange clan, and I believe Jacqueline, who lived at Grey Gardens when she was younger, probably had a good time that was nonetheless strange. Her cousin and her aunt seem to have many mental issues with the elistist situation of "being Bouviers".

I cannot recommend this movie enough...it illustrates the "elite" and what they all become, eventually...mere cariacatures of themselves.

As have the Obamas become, already!

This freakin' stalker...

...Chicago Shadows.

Something like a year and a half ago, I met this mentally-ill person through Bill Morton, who attracts mentally-ill persons, and is not certainly not my "fave" person in the world", as he owes me what would I consider a "shitload" ($1,425) of money for past rents I paid for him (in order to survive at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue), personally, and he and his consorts at Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce can't seem to come up with the over $1,000 that that entity owes me either.

And now, this "Chicago Shadows" creep is stalking me...he compromised my e-mail and sent something to someone I don't even know of or care about:

Grammar Gal to s r@sbcglobal.net
Aug 3
Do you possibly live within the 49th Ward? A second question: Would you be willing to take on Joe Moore for the position of 49th Ward Alderman.

Ms. -r, you sound to me like a woman with the guts to proceed on anything you choose. I will certainly understand if you say you do ‘not have the stomach for it’.

"GrammarGal92gmail.com here, just really trying to show Chicago what Leon Despres tried to do, back in the 50s, 60s and 70s."

THAT is definitely not the old e-mail address for this site, which has undergone a number of changes in the past year.

NO, that is the e-mail address that a HACKER lets loose, and Mike Giovanelli, at Chicago Shadows, thinks he is a good hacker, with his cheesy MAC.

Guess what, Mikey, even Washington knows what you are doing...you are clipped, right now.

So stop the feigned "Honesty and Responsibilty", as a black helicopter has just flown over (probably your friend David Axelrod from the Mercy Hospital "experience", YES?).

BTW, these are two of Mikey's Chicago Shadows only followers:

That would be Bill Morton, and Kris Luck at Quest Network Sevices. The fact that these two FORMER "friends" of mine are colluding with this creep says a lot about who the both of them are.

Kris Luck, you know I gave you many 'breaks' on the work I did for you. Are you going to say I didn't?

If you do, you are nothing but a creep in my eyes, and I will never speak to you again. You know I have a 'piece' of your original counter still here, in my studio? It is going to the dumpster, tomorrow.

You, Kris, are a grand disappointment, after all I have done for you. And Bill Morton, the scammer, is even more of a disappointment. May you both engender yourselves in some kind of hell together!

Now I understand...why don't you all just head down to 'Man's Country' and diss every REAL woman you have ever come across in your stupid lives?

And Bill Morton, if I never do a thing, ALL of it will come back on you.

Your recent 'dog' thing, when your were out 'begging' for money (because you ARE a ne-er-do-well) should have told you what you're life will be about.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Honesty and Responsibilty

Yep. That's what my stalker calls him/her/shim/... self.

This is the latest:

"...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I... "...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I am a co-founder and only funder of that entity"

According to what has been published, don't see any loan agreement between you and the RPCC.
(Not quite a part of your concern, is it, H&R?)

This is the purpose of a LOAN AGREEMENT.

You seem to always confuse contributions and loans.
(Always confuse? Did I ever have an instance of asking you for a loan or asking any info re: a contribution?)

To (Learn to effing spell, or at least Spell-check before you send anyone anything!) bad you ruined your opportunity to keep your relationship with young Bill for your personal needs. See what happens when you can't keep your racism to yourself? Maybe that is part of your disability! And if you are emotionally disabled, please keep your racism off the internet.


First off, A$$hole, it is known as RPCOC.

Secondly, you , whomever you are, have no concern in this matter.

The monies involved in setting up Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce never, I believe, involved you at all.

Nor does my plaint for the monies invested involve any sort of racism. Mr. Bill Morton continues to be a "white" 33 year old white man. The Bee-shop he relies upon, continues to be, last I knew, a 55 year old "white" man. So, I plead, where does the factor of "RACISM" become involved?

Mister "Honesty and Responsibility" aka Michael Giovanelli, aka "Chicago Shadows", STFU!

What? Are you just looking for some attention, Mikey, because once again, you decided to not take your meds? Have you become again a 'great friend and defender' of Mr. Bill Morton through a ghost hunting group?

YOU are the one who should still be living at Manteno, somewhere in its deepest depths of its decline.

If I were president...

...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I am a co-founder and only funder of that entity which is over a month BEHIND in their second repayment!), I would certainly have accomplished more than THIS at this point in time (even though I am disabled).

What Mr. Bill Morton (of the recent "my dog is injured, give me money because I have no real job" incident) does not understand is that Rogers Park contains a grand number of children, who shall in a few weeks, need to return to school.

All he can do is post this now-very-boring shot of a full coffee cup, and again announce that his "pet" Cafe Society will be meeting...somewhere, sometime.

Mr. Bill Morton (part Italian and originally from Elmwood Park, the home of the Chicago Outfit) does not seem to have even one creative node in his brain.

If I were still with Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, I would have, before now, organized a drive for donations of school supplies for the children of Rogers Park. It certainly would have put the Chamber "on the map", so to speak, as a caring entity, don't you think?

But, of course, Mr. Bill Morton's dog, and chatting over free coffee seem to be the goals of this ill-fated, no-longer-a-member (while still utilizing the logo as a pretend-member) of the US Chamber of Commerce, pitiful group of followers of Mr. Bill Morton's shallow scams.


*WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get

Ann Taylor Website Glitch Reveals Un-Retouched Images

Some sort of tech error on Ann Taylor's website mistakenly revealed how the brand's photos look before retouching. Jezebel first noticed the pics on Tuesday afternoon, explaining:

As the page loads, you'll get to see what the Chiffon Trim Tank looks like on a real woman for a few seconds. Then she shrinks into a awkward creature barely able to support the weight of her torso with her tiny child hips.

By Tuesday night, the glitch, involving thumbnails and other terms beyond us, had been fixed.

But we were able to take some screen grabs before Ann Taylor cleaned it up. Check out the before and after images of the "Chiffon Trim Tank," an item from a set of Photoshopped pictures we've previously written about.

To be fair, at the time, Ann Taylor did apologize, saying, "We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if in the process of retouching that was lost."

Now, we just know exactly what was lost: a few inches off of the model's waist and thighs.

I have been utilizing Photoshop(TM) for 5 years, and understand most of its wonders.

However, the question arises: Should it be used to this extent in a retail situation?

The model above is quite beautiful, and rather slim. Kudos to her for maintaining herself!

But, to use Photoshop(TM) to make her look anorexic and somewhat 'alien-like' is quite the faux pas, don't you think?

'Nuff said, YET?

He is surrounded by those who wishes to be with--PERIOD!

(he also brought Bo the Dog)

Special Thanks to BigFurHat!

Alright, people. Let's start using the brain-power we we graciously given.

Get up off the couch, turn off 'IDOL', or whatever, and make a commitment to save our nation. NOW!

Courtesy: BigFurHat at http://www.iowntheworld.com/

A Birthday Greeting

Barry, just DO it. You might like it.
It can become the new Moslem Indonesian thing, I'm sure!

Isn't it time now?

With less than 90 days until the 2010 mid-term elections, have you been doing any studying of the candidates? At all?

Or, are you just going to do the TOTAL NAMBY-PAMBY-A$$ AMERICAN thing, and sit back on your damned sofa, and let someone you don't give a Sh*T about control you and your assets for the rest of your life, and for the rest of your children's AND their children's lives?

Get up off your A$$, NOW, and do some Internet searching on the candidates in your area. NO EXCUSES, please, just get up and do it!

It not only for you, it's for your children, and their children, and everyone's children to come.

GET UP, away from the TV, and go online NOW--begin to figure how and for whom you will vote in November.

Like a bill that needs to be paid, you've got less than 90 days!

Back in the olden days...

...of 1962, a certain sex symbol (Marilyn Monroe) sang a very sensual "Happy Birthday" song to then-President John F. Kennedy. His wife, Jacqueline, was not present. (Perhaps Michelle, the 'Tacky-O', is trying to imitate the woman we knew as 'Jackie-O'?).

I remember seeing this, and I think it was LIVE at the time.

However, within the next year and a half, both of them were dead.

Today is (supposedly) the birthday of the man we call pResident.

Any of you really think Snooki would take a chance at singing, even though Michelle is on the plane to Spain, which remains, plainly, Spain?

I think not. Not a freakin' Jersey chance!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ON: Hatred of others

Some, and I think I know whom, compromised both my e-mail accounts on this blog tonight.

I consider them bastards, and idiots.

So, once again, I went through the grand "changing of the passwords", as so many of us are forced to do when these idiots are off their meds!

I expect this will be more of this childishness as time passes; for the moment, you a$$holes know who you are, and you can continue your drive into your own 'hells on earth', OK?

And I would suggest that you, as of now, take all your meds, like a nice little boy, or you will be in court before you can recite a Hail Mary. I KNOW who you are!

And whom do you suppose...

...think it's all in honor of them?

Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth

Earth is bracing for a cosmic tsunami Tuesday night as tons of plasma from a massive solar flare head directly toward the planet.

The Sun's surface erupted early Sunday morning, shooting a wall of ionized atoms directly at Earth, scientists say. It is expected to create a geomagnetic storm and a spectacular light show -- and it could pose a threat to satellites in orbit, as well.

"This eruption is directed right at us and is expected to get here early in the day on Aug. 4," said Leon Golub of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. "It's the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time."

The solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection, was spotted by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which captures high-definition views of the sun at a variety of wavelengths. SDO was launched in February and peers deep into the layers of the sun, investigating the mysteries of its inner workings.

"We got a beautiful view of this eruption," Golub said. "And there might be more beautiful views to come if it triggers aurorae."

Read more

And poor Barry will be all alone (? NOT!) in Chicago fundraising for the SCURVY Alexi Giannoulias,

while Michelle and her child are off for Spain...OLE!

Just some thoughts...

After a somewhat minor health scare last week, I've been taking some time to think.

I have been living on this planet more than 64 years, and have seen its many highs and lows, experiencing some of each along the way.

Everything seems topsy-turvy right now:

The insane are regarded as sane.

Corrupt politicians are regarded as royalty.

Those whom we used to consider illegal (for sneaking across our borders) are released under low bond or their own cognizance.

Though previous leaders have asked us to be a bit more frugal during war, and cut back on our consumerism, the current POOP IN THE WHITE HOUSE (and his 'nouveau riche' wife) continue to spend as if there is no tomorrow.

Maybe there isn't.

Did you ever think that, while professing "Honesty and Responsibility", this current pResident of the White House, who behaves as a petulant child, thinks of tomorrow? The future?

Look at him, and notice how his wedding ring hangs on that finger over an enlarged knuckle.

Look closely at his thinness. He is not well; perhaps this is something caused by his playing around in his younger days?

I am certain any qualified physician would look at him and say, "Why don't you come in for some exams?"

Obviously, Michelle is not allowing him to 'have enough on his plate', hmmm?

Living here in Chicago prompts so many other thoughts...guess I'll leave those for a bit later.

Oh, I forgot...it's just 90 days til November. Can YOU see it from your house?