Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blogger, you're misbehavin', again!

Now stop that, or do I have to get Barry to say 'ass'? Again? So everyone can notice his lisp?


Does Obama have a Food Taster--yet?

Just askin', because I think that's a job that has to be created, if it's not been already!

Holy Pig Ears and Pig Snouts, Dogman!

Chicago hot dogs at the White House

Lynn Sweet reports:

The president and Mrs. Obama and her mom, Marian Robinson, did send in a "to go" order for four hot dogs. Payne prepared them extra special and sent them up to the Obama residence.

On a silver platter.

Ground up pig ears and snouts and 'other' leftovers...hmm, isn't that nice, and on a silver platter!

How healthy can that be, Ms ME$hell?

And surely there's enough salt to turn freshwater to ocean (or BLOAT YOU!) in the form of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. Mmm, sounds yummy--NOT!

Chicago Hot Dog #1

Chicago Hot Dog #2
Chicago Hot Dog #3

But, here's the 'hottest dog' at the White House, Number 4, and his 'weakling' owner seems to be barry-ly able to hold on to him!

Looks like a ten-year old trying to hold on to a pit-bull attacking. Obviously, Mommy Stanley never let him have any pets, other than Frank Marshall Davis!

So, I'm asking, did they EAT the fourth dog, or WAG the fourth dog?