Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stop Pointing!

Here it is, yet another shot of the UGLY Obama, pointing his Alinsky finger!

And again, he is not looking well. He looks ill.

Too much arugula from the toxic garden, perhaps?

It's very obvious: neither of them are very happy people, content with themselves.

That is what causes the ugliness.

It is now officially FIFTEEN MONTHS.

Without a word of keeping a promise.

A promise I trusted.

From him.


Stupid me!

NUH-uh, stupid him! Bill Morton!

Because, vis a vis, the First Amendment, I can tell you a bit about him.

Oh yes, Bill Morton, the 'president of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce'!

Ain't he just great? Nuh-uh, in my book.

He owes me $1,425 for fronting his rent money in order to remain at 1205 W. Sherwin Ave., here in Rogers Park.

To date, he has been ignoring that personal debt.

This is someone who calls himself 'committed to Rogers Park', 'entrenched in Rogers Park'.

This is someone who has even asked of you, 'Be a good neighbor'. (Though he is still 'hung up' on the Adelphi Theater.)

In my opinion, 'good neighbors' REPAY their debts in a timely fashion!

To this day, April 1st, which is FIFTEEN months after I loaned him the first $700 to keep his apartment at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue, not one, I repeat, NOT ONE DOLLAR, has been offered to be repaid.

Bill Morton is 'entrenched' alright, entrenched in scamming and grifting and STIFFING PEOPLE HE OWES MONEY TO! He seems to have a history of that behavior.

And, BTW, that money owed does NOT include the $1,000+ that the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce still owes me for the set-up of the Chamber.

I have paperwork that states that sum owed by the Chamber will be paid off by Dec. 31, 2010.
I wait.

Isn't it so nice to wait a WHOLE YEAR for a thousand dollar pay-back?

Cheezy, Bill Morton, you are CHEEZY!

Go ahead, call him at 773.824.7400--a phone I set up for him, which he swore he 'was only using for chamber business'--a lie, as I was receiving the bills.

That phone, through US Cellular, costs approximately $85 per month, and is/was used for his own personal business, in and of itself a violation of trust, not only between ourselves, but also against the essence of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

For those of you who are 'directors' or 'officers'--you have aided and abetted a dishonest person. How do you feel? Especially you, Mister Chess Piece/SEIU 880 member? Who is the racist now?

Oh, how GAY of him!

Soros backs Egypt weekly to give Arab bloggers exposure

A weekly magazine aiming to link Arab bloggers with politicians and the elderly was launched in Egypt on Thursday at the initiative of a women's group backed by US billionaire George Soros.

The weekly Walsa -- or "The Link" -- is being touted as a first for the Arab world, with plans for articles by bloggers as a way of giving them a wider readership.

It is published by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and financially supported by the Open Society Institute created by Soros, said ANHRI director Gamal Eid.

"We want to challenge our audience, and open its eyes to the changes society is experiencing, particularly through youths and blogs in which they appear," he said.

"The goal is to show the older generation that certain things exist," he said, adding as an example: "Whether we agree or not, gay communities are a reality in Egyptian and Arab societies."

The 16-page weekly will include two pages in English and will have an initial print run of 1,000 copies for distribution to political, academic, and literary circles. An electronic version will also be available.

What is interesting, is, Islam does not believe in 'gay', though many Islamists ARE gay.

And they will DENY it though they continue their ways.

And if you are not one of them, you get the 'Rehan Sheikh" treatment--DEATH!

Who pays for the pony?

And the pony will have to be licensed, and boarded outside the city (of course), and will have to be tended to by a veterinarian (IS THAT ALLOWED IN THE HEALTHCARE/INSURANCE COMPANY TAKEOVER/ MARXIST BILL?). And of course, there will be a HUGE VAT (value added tax) on the pony--so kid, you're so totally screwed!

But, kid, it's 'HEALTH'-CARE...erm...isn't it?

Just don't take out any student loans to pay for the pony!

Whatsamatta? Crack pipe dirty, or sumthin'?

Lori Ziganto has the video at

Thanks, Lori, because I haven't yet figured out how to accomplish this!

I would venture, however, that Rep. Hank (o'nuthin') Johnson was either drunk or high when he was dealing with Admiral Robert Willard, the Commander of the US Navy's Pacific Fleet. the link and watch the video.

You must watch, because, you see, he fears Guam is going to 'tip over and capsize'.

Yes, Rep. Hank Johnson has culinary experience in his background, and therefore knows a 'floating island' when he sees one!

But NO, Guam will not tip over and capsize. Guam is NOT a boat! Nor is it a floating island!

I think he was drunk, or high, or both--a common denominator in the partay of the Democrats!

And then there are times...

...when one just can't shut up!

Is this thang really serious?

Who wears a wig for gardening? Her hair must've been truly fried!

And false eyelashes?

AND, a low-cut, see-through black top, to make sure you expose enough of yourself to the children?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that this woman's book is 'missing a few pages'! She is just goofy!


"It's good to shut up sometimes."

Marcel Marceau (1923-2007)