Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Haircuts? Is this a diversion from BEHEADINGS?

Iran Launches Holy War on Haircuts
New Regulations Ban 'Decadent' Hairstyles For Men

Special thanks to www.sondrak.com for the heads up!

It's something like a holy war on

Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has issued a directive banning 'decadent' hairstyles for men, restricting barber shops to only certain kinds of cuts.

The primary target: spiky, gelled hairdos associated with rebellious youths, corrupted by Western influence.

It's a style that was commonly seen on the front line of last year's post-election protests.

The faces and bodies of young Iranians have long been part of the political arena, an extension of
Islam's role in governing public life.

By law women must cover their heads and bodies (I continue ro ask WHY, as the women are certainly not MODEST at home!);

men are encouraged to grow beards (a sign of faith) (a sign of filth, as they do not keep those beards clean--SMELL ONE, YOURSELF, then tell me I am wrong!),

discouraged from wearing neckties (too foreign),

and now, banned from getting hip hairstyles (too subversive).


What a crock of crap as per a bunch of old Mullahs, who might happen to be Barry Soetoro's BFF's.

By the Way, when will Barry grow the required Islamic beard?

Guess what--he can't even grow a decent mustache.

And besides, why grow a beard when you have Michelle?

Oh, yet another condemnation of me...

...and yes, I am blocking my name, for fear that you and your cohorts may try to KILL me, instead of repaying the debt which is owed!

BishopJAW@aol.com to grammargal9@gmail.com
Jul 4
Dear RPFreeSpeech:

Your comments about Fr. Michael Bonnett, a priest whom you have never met (But yes, I did meet him and spoke with him on July3rd, 2009, in your car, idiot!) nor have spoken to, proves the point that you are a cyber bully and stalker. This is a man who is a quiet and humble priest and does not deserve to be trashed by the likes of your blog. Keep your stalking focus on me (SOOOO, now you are encouragung stalking, which I am NOT doing...

I merely read other blogs, doofus! And since when is that against the law? I should haul you into court, too, for your dishonesty in this statement!)because Fr. Bonnett is a man totally out of your league.

I cannot believe that you would so strongly deny the racist and stalking nature of your blog.

Now lets (sic) see if you will post this email without editing or blocking out your name. It is very safe for cyber bullies to hide behind their cyber names - as you always do.


My retort to this stupidity

Remember, James Alan Wilkoski, you have also partaken of my generosity and hospitality in my own household, which then you praised and enjoyed. And you quite enjoyed being served and waited upon. Several times.

You are the one who said Bonnett was 'at sea', on July 3rd of last year, after your ill-fated protest against the death penalty which I photographed for you, my dear fellow, and you continued to say how you did not know quite how you would deal with him.

Remember, in that restaurant, after the ride in your convertible? You were very concerned that you might not be able to 'keep him on' and apparently now he is your best friend.

Do you Tweet each other? Somehow it seems, neither you nor he have changed or grown; and you now seem to condone criminal actions against the poor.

WWJD? Hmmm?

I hesitate to remind you, yet again, that the monies due me are a portion of the monies I was given through the Social Security Administration, for all the years of my work and it was agreed that I would eventually be repaid.

I asked for repayment upon my resignation from Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce due to your apparent faulty, unethical advice to its president, Bill Morton who finally sent me this repayment, after almost a month of holding the check..

Then you, a Catholic bishop, sent me the following--including your promises, which right now to me are about the same promises an alcoholic or a crack-head makes:

You, the great bishop of a failing church, which professes Christianity, will deny me, one of the poor, my due which was understood from the very beginning of the organization of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce?

Well, I would say, Bill Morton has been lying to you, also...

And if you do not comprehend his nefariousness in this matter--well, James Alan Wilkowski, you've been had, too!

By the way, the best you have been able to say about my blog is that it is racist, and that I am a cyber-stalker. Do I not have a right, under the First Amendment, to seek out information that may be harmful to me? And to refute that erroneous information to the best of my ability?

Or perhaps in your convoluted world there is no First Amendment, because you have never studied or even read the Constitution of the United States of America? Shame, bshop, SHAME ON YOU!

By calling me a 'cyber-stalker' and 'cyber-bully', you are a typical 'liberal personality' , (not surprising with your SEIU 880 and Cook County connections), and obviously your adoptive parents did not understand how to raise you to be a proper American.

You seem to only imitate the socialists, who, I might add, really do not give much substance to your religious side.

Soooo, you are a lost man, who will shortly receive an inflated Cook County pension, which you have been working for these past eleven years since you sold yourself out to the County.

And, then, you think, your Church will prosper?

You see, you are accusing me here of 'being the bad guy' when you know, AND BILL MORTON KNOWS, "I" am the only one who provided the seeding monies for Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

And I have the RECEIPTS to prove it. With MY name, and MY CARD NUMBER.

So don't get uppity with me--I have the proof, including your own letter which stated I would be paid $500.00 on the 31st of June, a convenient and typical RUSE on the part of you and Bill Morton.



Thieves who ROB FROM THE POOR!

The Religion of Pieces Strikes Again!

Butchered: Muslim extremists cut off Catholic's hand

It happened in India:

Suspected Islamic militants have chopped off a Catholic professor's hand in Kerala for allegedly insulting Islam in an exam question paper.

Professor T.J. Joseph was attacked on July 4 in while returning home from Sunday mass with his mother and sister, a Catholic nun.

Kochi inspector-general of police, B. Sandya, told ucanews.com that an Islamic extremist group is suspected of the crime and have arrested four people and impounded a vehicle.

She said the attackers used the vehicle to block Joseph's car before dragging the professor from his vehicle and chopping off his right hand. The attackers then threw the hand away before fleeing.

Church-managed Newman College in Thodupuzha had suspended Joseph, its Malayalam professor, on March 25 for allegedly preparing a question paper with insulting references to the Prophet Muhammad.

(For what? Possibly saying Mohammed was a pedophile, a pervert, and a plagiarist of other religions? Truth is hard to take, Moslems, isn't it? Just as hard for a certain 'Evangelical Catholic bishop' here in Chicago).

St. Joseph Sister Mary Stella said the assailants attacked her brother with an axe and swords.

"They also attacked our elderly mother," before fleeing, she said.

Her brother had been threatened three times following the question paper row, she added.

Police say officials suspect the Popular Front of India, an extremist group and its political wing the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) for being behind the attack.

There's more background at the link.

Meantime, this report indicates doctors spent most of the day in surgery trying to re-attach the hand:

Joseph's doctors say he will remain in emergency care for at least another week.

"When he was brought to the hospital, he was almost dead. There were some fractures and injuries all over the body. He had lost a lot of blood," shared Dr R Jaykumar.

You can find more reports with other details here and here.

Joe Biden is a MESS!

Watch the video here and understand, this is the Vice President of the United States of America, and not just some dipsh+t party boy (though, he's probably that, too!).

WHAT is he singing about, and WHY has he not fallen back into the lake or river (perhaps he did, off camera?)?