Friday, July 9, 2010

Unbelievable! Making a joke of your own child!

Obama talks kid's growing pains

(Not really fond of that headline, either. A 'kid' is a baby goat!

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This is one way to earn a "Not cool, Dad..." comment from your daughter: Talk about her new braces while giving a speech.

But President Barack Obama did just that Thursday while delivering remarks in Kansas City at a fundraiser for Senate candidate Robin Carnahan.

"You know, the — I don't have teenagers yet — Malia's just turned 12," said Obama, according to a pool report. "She's my baby. She's going — even though she's 5'9" now, she's still my baby.

And she just got braces, which is good, because she looks like a kid and she was getting — she's starting to look too old for me."


Got some news for you, Barry...

You just publicly embarrassed your 12 year-old daughter. In a joking manner.

A truly good parent would never do that to their child.

She's probably going to feel that 'growing pain' well beyond her teenaged years.

Nice going, Dum-BO!