Wednesday, July 13, 2011 one seems to notice ART IN MOTION, I show you, again...

What is it you do not like about me achieving my GOAL of sharing these marvelous days?

Honestly...after dealing with this stupid troll and all my physical probs...I just might DEPRIVE all of you of a look into the mind of a true artist.

I, yes me, myself, shot every pic, and Photshopped each, most carefully, to make a beautiful video/slideshow...because my goal in my life is to re-create the beauty which we were granted.

Sooooo sick of Obama garbage, and they are both garbage...dithering idiots.

"Whatever happens is a result of their conduct."

I am 65 years old.

I like peas, a wonderful and healthful legume.

In my own estimation, however, Barky's "Eat your Peas" quote shows that he, himself, DISDAINS this marvelous GREEN legume.

Barky should also fall away from the idea (as should his fugly wifey), that HE is the 'parent' of these grand United States of America!

That freakin' troll...

..does NOT seem to understand...much of anything.

"Don't worry, the church that you hate used this YouTube also and gave them proper acknowledgement. See you ain't the only one - Racist!

Stupid, just a stupid man..he and his half-underground...with glass blocks for windows.

And accusing me of being RACIST?  For what?

Dumb, Michael.  Go away now, and take your meds, like a good little 37-year old boy....

Not on our watch!

This is a man...a man who turned on that little button known as "common sense".

Herman Cain is, and should be, the 'father figure' Barack never had.

Loo-ey, at his best

If only Barky would have taken notice..butt he was so caught up with the olden days, which is the equivalent of Saul Alinsky!

And if Louis Armstrong was still alive, I truly think he would ask for impeachment of this 'poseur'!

Though my unmedicated troll...

...and his 'friends' have consistently called me a 'racist', I ask them:

Why would I be willing to support Herman Cain?

This gentleman is seemingly more 'presidential' than several past Presidents.

This gentleman KNOWS what real is, unlike the current 'renters' in our White House.

Herman Cain: a beautiful American and, a beautiful human being.

Gee golly whiz! Somehow, I cannot envision Herman Cain 'threatening' to stop my Social Security check?

Hey, don't play golf with my (and others') money!

And don't threaten me and other seniors, as you did last evening, Barky.

He's getting quite huffy-puffy, isn't he?

Just like a 6 year old who can't get what he wants and throws a tantrum.

Except...he is a 50 year old man, who has never held a REAL job in the private sector.

Oh, BTW...SS checks do not 'get mailed' on the third of the month, Barky...that's when they must arrive!

What a putz!

D'oh!!  Anyone?  Bueller?