Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And while you are here...

...take a look at the US National Debt widget, located at the right.


Mr. "I was born in Hawaii and love shave ice" OPhony

Thanks to this man-child and his ugly marxist cohorts!

On this day in 1970

Sir Pall broke from the Beatles...wasn't that a great gesture?

It's OK, though...since I saw the video of him singing "Michelle" at the White House...oh, well...you know how I feel.

Uh? A'ight!

And so much for snark, and spoofs, and FREE SPEECH in the United States of America!

Take or Tank?

Could we all make a New Year's resolution to learn English Spelling and Grammar--PLEASE?

These errors are, to me, a constant frustration. Look at the photo, then read its headline. Then read the descriptive paragraph.

Someone here is not doing their job, for which I must assume they are highly overpaid!

And in this Obama-inspired economy (or lack thereof), this SUCKS!

More Genius from JibJab!

Love the ears, Barky!