Saturday, December 4, 2010

From my window: Winter Wonder

George, selling a tree to someone who braved the weather

The Repeater: How to make grocery shopping unappetizing

I took this shot at my local Dominick's on Monday.

Needless to say, I am somewhat appalled.

Why is it called "Repeater"?
Why is a mouse trap out in the open?

This particular Dominick's is not very well-managed.

Way back, a thousand years ago (I was sixteen), my oldest brother was Personnel Manager for National Tea....a grocery store very big in Milwaukee at that time. Mouse traps were hidden from the consumer, because, as he said, "We want them to shop here."

If this Dominick's had any competition anywhere near the Ald. Joe Moore (Chicago-49th Ward) sanctioned Gateway Centre (a strip mall with at least 50% NON-occupancy after almost ten years), maybe they would perk up.

But NO...they are a complacent entity, as is Ald. Joe Moore.

From my window: Waking to Whiteness

This is the first significant snowfall here in Rogers Park. Out my window I see George's Christmas Tree Lot, replete with George's decorated trailer...a common sight after living here these past four winters.

Winter White...certainly one of the most beautiful colors of all!