Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have had quite enough of Barry Soetoro's lies, haven't you?

I am sincerely hoping and praying (watch out, now, PRAYER is powerful!) that he will somehow no longer be the pResident.

Whatcha think? Am I some sorta goober, or what?

And flies usually land on garbage, don't they?

The fake, misinformed Bee-shop now takes umbrage with me

UPDATE: I forgot to add my thought that the Bee-shop only contacted me because Bill Morton was the one who informed him of the post. Yes, that's right, Bill Morton, the Chicken-crap, ne'er-do-well-BEGGAR, President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, of which the fake-Bee-shop is Interim Treasurer. And Bill Morton will always have someone else do the 'dirty work' for him, because he is the laziest human being I have ever some across in all my 64 years. Take heed, fake-Bee-shop, because you are doing Bill Morton's 'dirty work' by sending this e-mail. Do not forget: Bill Morton is from Elmwood Park, the home of the Chicago Outfit, where he learned from other wannabe wise guys how to "game" people, including you!

The fake-Bee-shop, doing his television show on CAN-TV, Chicago, replete in costume, because he has this 'costume fetish' or something.

His e-mail to me:

Your recent blog has been brought to my attention.

First of all, I am not interested in your blog and I am even less interested in the racist and sexist
(?) tone of it. You have the right to speak and publish anything you want. You have the same rights as any racist organization within this country.

(How much Kool-aid have you had, lately? And may I ask if you think ACORN or the 'New Black Panthers' might be racist? And is RADICAL ISLAM not sexist? Just curious. It is so nice that David Orr's office has trained you well in 'the Chicago Way'. I would counter with the fact that there is a First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which allows me my right to free speech).

You may apply any snide comments or remarks about my vocation to the priesthood and to the pastoral office I hold within my community. I sincerely don't care.

(Then, why are you sending me this e-mail? A feeling of guilt, possibly?)

I do suggest that you reflect upon your statement that I am threatening you or your safely in any manner or form. Aside from your overt blogging racism, the recklessness of your comments only reinforces to me a lack of firm footing of emotion and psychological reality. I encourage you to seek evaluation and assistance, for I have never done anything that would place you in any form of harms way.

(And I would say, yet again, that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, which I seeded with necesary monies to establish itself, is IN ARREARS in repayment to me, and that you, as 'Interim Treasurer', are a FAILURE at your job.)

Ever since Bill discontinued his relationship with you,

Excuse me, I am the one who 'discontinued that relationship' by "RESIGNING" from the position of Secretary/Treasurer of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce)

you have begun of (SIC) journey of obsession with him. Do you not think that it is time for you to move on with your life?

(Do you not think the Chamber should pay its debt to the co-founder, who has been very patient?)

Your "fatal attraction" towards him will only lead you to more emotional pain and suffering.

(I have no 'fatal attraction' to this grifter, this ne'er do well beggar of Rogers Park. That seems to be your 'Bee-shop' imagination going wild, yet again. I only want my pay-back for monies invested, and as YOU are the 'Interim Treasurer' of this organization, it remains up to you to be true to your word, which you have not been, at all.)

Rather than tarnishing your name and reputation with these outlandish comments and claims, do you not think it time for a new avenue in you life?

(BTW, you have already 'tarnished' me by not paying the $500 owed on the second installment, as per your own letter which I received on 30DEC2009. This, as you consider it, is an 'outlandish comment'? And, exactly how am I to establish a 'new avenue' in my life, without the monies that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce seemingly will not repay?)

Would you not perfer
(SIC) a life that has some meaning and direction to one that you have embraced?

(I have put up with enough of your misspellings. Do you not understand 'Spellcheck'?)

I have no hatred towards you. I have deep pity for current state of your life - a state that you have brought yourself to.

(You had better have some 'deep pity', because Bill Morton, the 'ne'er do well beggar of Rogers Park', will soon turn and drop you as a best friend, my dear--and when that happens, do NOT come crying to me! As soon as you stop bringing him pizzas from the Southside, with which he feeds his now-injured dog)

You have every right to be as racist and sexist as you wish with your life and your blogging.

(It is very interesting, your accusation of not only RACIST, but SEXIST, too? Then, I would suggest, that you have a very limited vocabulary, brought on by Liberalism...and you have no concept, exactly, of who I am...the one who offered you all the conveniences of my home, who offered you the special foods you seemed to require, the one who offered you friendship, though it seems now that means NOTHING to you.)

Please be assured that I have no desire to waste my time or energy with your blog. But I shall demand that you end your comments that I have or am threatening your safety and on this issue I shall not be shy in exercising any and all rights I have to protect myself from your recklessness.
(You have no right to 'demand' anything. I have the right to demand repayment! Put that in your crack-pipe, Bee-shop, and smoke it!)

I demand that these references be removed from your blog.

+James Alan Wilkowski
PS: For the record my only blog is Bishop James Alan Wilkowski.

(And a sad bit of bloggery it is, for which I shall not place a link. A self-established Bee-shop? Of a phony 'Evangelical' religion? Because he does not care for the office of Pope, but declares himself BISHOP? Phony, just like a Barry Soetoro $2 bill!)

For all this BS from the Bee-shop, the fact remains that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is in almost a month into arrears on monies that were 'said' to be paid at the end of June.
And yet another fact remains: this self-anointed Bee-shop is in collusion with Bill Morton, the self-elected president of Roges Park Chamber of Commerce.

How does it feel, Bee-shop James Alan Wilkowski, to be an 'aider and abetter'?

And, while you are at it, go back and learn how to 'PROOFREAD' your writings, or didn't they teach that on the Southside of Chicago?

A New Feature Today...On Libraries

It will be known as: Another Thousand Words...On, and then the subject, which today is: On Libraries.

When is the last time you visited a library (which is pronounced LIE-BRAIR-REE, not LI-BERRY).

So, when's the last time?

And the last time you actually sat down, or lay down, to read a book?

On October 8, 1871, a massive fire churned its way through most of downtown Chicago, devouring the near Southside (2200 South) and most everything in its windpath up to Fullerton Avenue, which is 2400 North.

There was a great amount of devastation and destruction, including the well-established Chicago Public Library.

Chicago and its citizens were quick to rebuild the downtown area, and finally, after shuttling around the downtown area, in 1893, a building was constructed at the northwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington Street, which we now know as the Cultural Center.

Queen Victoria of England and other Englishmen, through a process called 'the English Book Donation', had gifted Chicago with some 8,000 books soon after. No doubt she and her countrymen, including Benjamin Disreali, did this due to their remembrance of the Great London Fire in September of 1666, which depleted much of England's own history.

Now known as the Chicago Cultural Center, this is the cornerstone of the rebuilt Chicago Library, at the northwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington Street

Today, the main Chicago Library, named in honor of deceased Mayor Harold Washington, stands at the southwest corner of State and Van Buren Streets, easily accessible via Brown, Orange and Green Lines, or a number of bus routes.

So, again, when was the last time you visited one of Chicago's now 70+ neighborhood libraries?

What I'm reading this week:

There is a stalker here...

...and because I moderate comments through a filter, I am sorry that the nice folks who appreciate my photography and other things have to wait until I get around to that moderation.

Without even calling up Stat Counter, I know it is one or the other of two people who are harassing, even threatening me.

It is either the Bishop, under a pseudonym of "Honesty and Responsibility"--OR it is Mikey "Off his meds again"--Chicago Shadows, if you even want to click. I would not.

The man is apparently off his required meds, again. I was introduced to him by the now infamous ne'er-do-well of Rogers Park, Bill Morton. And I have regretted that intro ever since.

He's become nasty (and I mean really nasty, such as threatening death!) and was threatening before, until I called him out.

So, I am calling you out again, you who call yourself GIO!

Have your nurse/wife help you, unless you've already done her in at this point.

You have an illness, which can and has been treated, until you decide you don't need that any longer.

Stay away from my site, Mikey. I never did anything to you. Why not place your hatred towards Bill Morton for a change? He doesn't care for your BS, either, I am certain.

And if this is not you, Mikey, then it's the wonderful friend of Bill Morton and Interim-Treasurer of the now ill-fated Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, Cook County Slaver under David Orr--Fake Bishop James Alan Wilkowski.

You've tried to call me out before...and I countered you with the fact that
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is DERELICT in its duties to repay seed monies.

Matter o' fact, JIMBO, it's coming up on yet another month, August, and the Chamber is getting further and further behind in its repayment to me. Remember, JIMBO, I have the 'signed-by-you' letter which I have posted previously), saying the Chamber would repay me $500 on June 31st. You were being so 'Southside mob cute', weren't you, when you made up that fake date?

However, I take your word, now, and throw it out with my garbage.

You LIE, Fake Bishop..

Bill Morton LIES.

What does Toni Duncan, the self-professed Wiccan have to say about all of this?

Have you had her try to 'throw a curse upon me'? Guess it didn't work, if she even thought she could attempt it. She knows very well who I am...from olden days.

I am a strong, very strong American woman...who has been through a lot of grief and tragedy...I have grown from that, and am impervious to anything you, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce NUTCASES, think you can dish out to me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How 'progressive' is this, Ald. Joe Moore?

An emergency demolition was called for (probably after his thugs did a little dirty work by toppling a portion of the balustrade connected to the roof of this building, which was once known a 'Wisdom Bridge Theatre', and in long past days, as 'The Limehouse'.

Now, that the building has been demo'd, this is what the upper part of the 1500 W. Howard block looks like.

Nice, isn't it? The alderman of the 49th Ward of Chicago, Joker Joe Moore, who books himself as a 'Progressive, (ACK!) could not give a sh&t that this fence is down, impeding pedestrian traffic on Howard Street.

In fact, Ald. Joe Moore seems to PREFER these tear-downs within Ward 49. He has done so in the past, by sanctioning tear-downs of North Shore School and the Adelphi Theater, in addition to sanctioning the tear-down of the Norshore Theatre in order to build the mainly vacant Gateway Centre, which is situated at the northernmost boundary of his ward (halfway across Howard Street is the City of Evanston, which continues to allow some businesses along Howard Street (their side), which look pretty scurrolous.

Ald. Joe Moore did NOTHING, again, to save some history of Rogers Park, a great of the 49th Ward of Chicago.

He has done NOTHING regarding the fencing, which has fallen across Howard Street. And I am certain, at this point, that his so-called 'Satellite Office' has been made aware of this FAIL.

The 2011 Primary Elections are closer than you think.

Are you going to vote this putz in again? You know he's been a Joker.

Is that what you really want?

Is this the Joker you want representing you--a 'career' politician, a 'money-grabber' and pretty much a yes-man to Mayor Dick'em Daley?

Demon-crats, be very, very careful of what you wish for, and for whom you vote!

Surely, this will calm me and you, for a time... we allow ourselves to understand the beauty of the sunflower!

Yet another false alarm?

The fire alarm sounded earlier, and I walked to the back stairs of my building, 7301 N. Sheridan Rd. here in Rogers Park, the northernmost neighborhood of Chicago.

I met an Iraqi acquaintance, Saad, who did not understand the alarm at all. I told his wife, Susan, to put on her veil and walk down the stairs out of the building. That THAT is what the noise of the alarm meant. (They have lived here for at least two years; there have been many false alarms; they still do not understand, and if there is a 'real' building fire, they will be counted among the dead for not responding properly to the awful-sounding alarm.

And the alarm, itself, was turned off by a maintenance man (because this building is now in foreclosure, having been owned by Aymin Khalil. Think he might be one of those Moslems who is trying to 'establish' himself in the US?)

Aymin once owned a number of properties here in Rogers Park, each having been foreclosed upon. Personally, I'd like to know why, but it's okay, I already know a lot more than most. He is SLIME.

Back to the alarm:

So I went down, after walking around the building while looking for smoke ( and wondering, yet again, why the Chicago Fire Department was nowhere in sight after 8 minutes, as they are only four Chicago blocks away (this means, we are not connected to CFD, as we should be, being an 8+ story building) to see Kris Luck, (whom I hope is still) my friend at Quest Network Services.

Photo of Quest Network Services, a Clear dealer. Floral plantings by

I informed him of the alarm, which cannot be heard within his area of the building, especially as they were having dinner while watching a program on cable.

As Kris and I spoke, in walked Bill Morton, the ne'er-do-well beggar of Rogers Park, and also president of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, which I, alone, financed for its set-up, and which, as an Illinois corporation, is in arrears to me for over $1,000.

"Well, well, well, look who's here," Morton stated while interrupting my conversation with Kris Luck. He walked into The Parlor, said a few things to the occupants, and walked back out of Quest saying nothing.

I looked at Kris and asked, "What was that?" Kris said, 'You must have scared him off. He'll probably be back."

I hope I scared some beejeebies out of Bill Morton tonight. He owes me a personal debt of $1,425 for rent payments I financed, to keep his sorry butt at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue. He is quite aware of this.

He is also aware of the fact that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has defaulted on payment #2 to me, $500.00. The supposed Catholic bishop, James Alan Wilkowski, a Cook County employee under David Orr, is the 'Interim Secretary' of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, and has not, apparently, been urging Bill Morton on, in a proper business manner, to increase the income of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

I call them SCUM!!

If I ever receive any payment not in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order, I would set it on fire because I am not surprised at what these scammers will attempt to do.

Cheats, Liars and Thieves! That's what Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has become.

In Light of Obama's upcoming 49th birthday, to be spent alone...

...I offer this, because these people neither understand the power of internet memory, nor the power of old photographs and video tape:

Click to enlarge

Mrs. Obama gets personal about Barack

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Americans historically like to know personal details about their presidential candidates, but the latest insight into Sen. Barack Obama from his wife Michelle may be a bit more insight than needed.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Mrs. Obama details her two girls' morning ritual, a time, she says, when her husband Barack is often "snore-y and stinky."

“We have this ritual in the morning," Michelle Obama told Glamour. "They come in my bed, and Dad isn’t there — because he’s too snore-y and stinky, they don’t want to ever get into bed with him."

NOTE: "They come in my bed, and Dad isn’t there...."

Apparently, this implies the Obamas do NOT sleep together, in the same bed. How nice!

Personally, I don't think "dad" has been allowed anywhere near that bed for at least ten years, and has chosen to seek out someone else in his 'sexual bereavement'...or something.

"But we cuddle up and we talk about everything from what is a period to the big topic of when we get a dog: what kind?” she added.

(Well, they got the dog from Teddy Kennedy, and neither one has a scintilla of an idea on what is required of 'dog ownership'. POOR Bo the Dog!).

Michelle Obama often discusses more intimate details about her husband on the campaign trail - even her annoyances with the Illinois Democrat.

"There's the Barack Obama who lives in my house," she said when introducing her husband earlier this year. "That guy's not as impressive. He still has trouble ... putting his socks actually in the dirty clothes, and he still doesn't do a better job than our 5-year-old daughter Sasha at making his bed, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little stunned at this whole Barack Obama thing."

Though some have criticized her for expressing such gripes, Mrs. Obama defended the practice to Glamour.

"People have notions of what a wife’s role should be in this process, and it’s been a traditional one of blind adoration. My model is a little different—I think most real marriages are," she said.

IF she still, after almost two years, believes he is such a PUTZ and still forgives him for being such a PUTZ, why is she running away to Spain, with her youngest daughter, on HIS SUPPOSED birthday (MOSLEMS BELIEVE DIFFERENTLY--LOOK IT UP YOURSELVES!), when most Dads like to be thought of as their children's heroes?

There is something about to happen in the Obama marriage, and I don't think it's going to be very 'nice' or 'pretty', but of course it will be as 'fashionable' as is Michelle--RIGHT!.

I think MO has pretty much had it with Reggie and the boys.

And I think and feel she would really like to be known as the first woman evah! to have a child conceived in the White House.

Unfortunately, neither Barry nor his 'little swimmers' seem to be up to it, nor anything much more of late. He seems to prefer the golf course, or being with the boys, OR BOTH.

Has no one ever let Michelle know of Barry's (and Rahm's) escapades over the years at Man's Country, in Boystown? In CHICAGO?

That's all quite well-known here in Chicago, via the kind gentlemen at THEY know! THEY have seen!

So, I would guess his nickname is "STINKY", and we should just continue to hold our noses shut when in his presence?

Go here, and go here NOW!

My friends at have a very fine video for you to watch.

Just do it, NOW, PLEASE? It is very important.

There are only 14 weeks left until the November elections.

It is time, NOW, for you to begin your homework, don't you think? And don't be lazy enough to say the dog ate it, would you please?

DO THE HOMEWORK, so, for once in your life, you KNOW as much as you can about the candidate you are voting for?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Yet another "pre-vacation" vacation!


WASHINGTON – The White House says first lady Michelle Obama will travel to Spain next week for a private trip with longtime family friends.

Mrs. Obama will be traveling with her youngest daughter, Sasha. President Barack Obama and daughter Malia will not be on the trip.

The White House says Mrs. Obama pay an official visit to Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia.

That meeting, as well as Mrs. Obama's other activities, will be closed to the press.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This troubles me, a lot!

Everyone screams the word "racism" or " you're a racist" without a thought about what those statements actually mean.

Apparently, because I care not for Barry Obama, nor do I care for his wife, I am a "racist".

Ooookay, because I do not particularly care for this mulatto who I feel is screwing up the United States, I am now a 'racist'.

A'ight foks, let's be gettin' this shiatt clear, now, mah brothahs an' sistahs!

How much you feelin' Barry cares about you? You got a job yet?

An' you talked to him, personally about this? When's the last time you had a personal, up'n' close, talk with Barack or Michelle Obama about your neighborhood problems?

When's the last time you talked with that woman--not you politicians, I mean the people on the street?

If you think she cares about you, then you are someone who thinks she is still a lawyer.

No, no, she was disgraced for some reason and had to surrender her law license back in 1994--SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.

Michelle Obama is no longer allowed to practice any kind of law--she is NO LONGER ALLOWED TO BE A LAWYER IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

Get dat? Yet?

Do you understand that now?

On top of that, she's telling you and your kids are FAT!

She is a disgraced lawyer, who is trying to control your destiny--who you and your family WANT to be, AND what you should EAT!

Tell me for certain that you want her and her hubby to make your life for you.

Yet another, for shell lovers...

...from Sanibel Island, again, yet this one seems almost petrified. The crackling is most peculiar, but the colors are quite true.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You must watch this!

I have tried, via Google's directions, to post this as video.

It did not work. I was waiting over 2 hours for this video to load.

See it for yourself here, and then tell me how Islam is the religion of peace, and not pieces.

Three Things About Islam

Learn about Islam, whether they say they are 'Peaceful' or not, they will use taquiyya, outright LIES, as Obama does, to further their entrenchment into everyday American life!

To, I hope, a friend...

I placed a comment on

It went like this:

As you are Always on Watch, I am merely always watching.

First, let me convey my empathy re: your situation. I experienced something similar with my father back in the late 80s, before the invention of the Internet, which allows us to speak some of our frustrations. I pray for you both. Have patience, and continue to be strong.

I am wondering lately (for the past 30 years!) about this two-party system, especially wondering about the cross-overs which continue to occur.

I feel if one is Liberal, then one should be of the LIBERAL party...and if Conservative, then be of the CONSERVATIVE party, and stop all this nonsense of donkeys and elephants (as so many are half-arsed and others are half-trunked!).

I feel most Americans would like to vote simply--for the candidate of their choice--and not be told they must follow a party-line.

Besides that, neither party IS a party, are they?

They are cruel and crude and so very politically greedy that any of them, Democrat or Republican, would probably stomp on their own parents' graves!

Why I love and respect the Swiss...wouldn't you...

...after watching this?

Watch and see why Switzerland is what it is...neutral to the Obama!

Switzerland is a beautiful country, beyond beautiful, quite frankly.
I also appreciate their concept of time, and their precision made manifest in this video.

Thanks so for showing this Parkway Rest Stop!

Time is sometimes a great cleanses

"Since he had the fly on his face. I cannot picture him without it"

No copyright on this, so use it as you feel justified!

Probably, most likely...

...this is the subject of my next large painting.

It is also a 'for-show' photo, which I have cropped differently, because I have been working diligently to get a show of my mature digital work.

And, just for kicks tonight...

...the atrium of the supposed house of Christopher Columbus (Casa di Colombo) in Genova (c.1982).

"I have been many places and done many strange things in my life, but to BE in Italy was the most exciting!"

If you like shells, as I do...

...because I marvel at their beauty, you might like these.

The perfect volute of the shell. A volute requires an extensive formula to draw, as I found out years ago in drafting class. The volute becomes the capital of the Corinthian Column.

A more dramatic view of the volute of the shell.

I tipped it to see more of the inside, which is quite translucent.

I am not able to ID this particular shell, which I have had for years, but I do know and understand that, at one time, a particular salt-water sea animal was its inhabitant.

The shell came to me as a gift, with many others picked up at Sanibel Island, which is right off Fort Myers on the West Coast of Florida.

I would hope and I do pray that these lovely animals do not get destroyed, as so many others have due to the NON-EXPEDIENCY of Barack Obama's handling of the Gulf Coast DISASTER.

Oh, both he and his MRS. can come visit all they want--neither of them have any power to do much of anything but dress badly and behave badly...what matters is "What has happened to LIFE (both Man's and Animal's) in the Gulf, and can it ever be reversed".

Time will tell--and time, also, is Obama's great misfortune.

Tonight's dinner...

...was Strawberry Swirl New York Cheesecake from in Florida.

I don't know if they are really 'fathers', but it was YUM!

I exchange these calories once in a great while, because dessert IS my right, no matter what the "ever-growing-fatter-who-can't-zip-her-pants fake first lady" says!!

She, Mrs. "O-Flab-Arms", Mrs. "O-Buddha-Belly", Mrs. "O-Wighat-cuz-you-fried-your-hair-tryin'-to-look-white"...she is the one who has no right to tell me, a born-American, what to eat!

And that's that! Period!!

This is the Most Likeable Face of Officer Michael Bailey

With a bit of UPDATE.

Officer Michael Bailey, killed while off-duty as Mayor Daley's protector, on Sunday morning, 18JUL2010. May he rest in The Peace of the Creator.

It is time to do some snitchin', folks.

Yeah, you folks, on the Southside of Chicago. You know who killed Officer Bailey, just as well as you know who killed Officers Thor Soderberg, Thomas Wortham, and Alejandoro Valadez.

You KNOW, so get some balls and come forward with the info!

And you know this was 'black-on-black', gang-related crime!

Was it YOUR son or daughter who shot this wonderful man to front of his house?


You might want to ask why I, an older white woman, made this post.

Well, it's because my father was POLICE, and my uncles were POLICE, and my own brother was POLICE.

It's no matter where the POLICE are, they are all BROTHERS.

And I feel as if a brother of mine (almost the same age), Michael Bailey, was taken away from ME--yes, taken away from a white woman who did not even know him, YET, he was like my brother.

It is time now, to put all the racial stuff aside.

It is time now, to understand our elected officials are trying very hard to set us against each other.

It is time now, to know we are Americans, by birth.

And that we are here, regardless of our color, to have the freedom which the United States Constitution guarantees us.

It is time, now, to demand that freedom, the freedom which our neighborhoods need so greatly.
It is time, now, to push away the reverends and other religious leaders who are nothing but scammers.

It is time, now, for you to take back your neighborhoods from the gangs.

Think about it...ISN'T IT TIME, NOW?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Will the real Gumby please speak up?

Uh, made the pants tooooo long!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More deception from Bill Morton!

This screen capture was taken a few minutes ago from

See the red outline?

The next screen capture is from

Apparently, the US Chamber of Commerce no longer recognizes Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce as a member!

Which means Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce did not renew its membership, for which, in JUN of 2009, I paid $300, which that Chamber right now is remiss in paying me back.

Click to enlarge

The US Chamber of Commerce no longer recognizes Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, because the annual dues of $300 went unpaid!

Sooo, Mr. Bill Morton, and Mr. Bishop-pric James Alan Wilkowski et alia, continue to lie their rear ends off to all of you.

The US Chamber of Commerce can, and should, sue for unlawful use of its logo.

Quite frankly, I hope they do just that!

Check out the Phone Number...

... which he assured me would only be used for Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS!

Click to enlarge and see phone number

An attack on his dog, which he does not leash at Sherwin beach, IS NOT ROGERS PARK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSINESS
, nor will it ever be!

Well, he lied, he has no idea of ETHICS,

and that is exactly why I resigned from Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (which I financed and still have not been repaid over $1,000 owed for establishing that organization!)

Now, he is begging you, his neighbors in Rogers Park, for several thousand dollars.

Do not do it...I repeat...DO NOT DO IT, because Bill Morton will simply take that money and apply it to his rent.

Do NOT give him any monies, lest he will screw you as he screwed ME!

Just a CREEP, Bill Morton, you are just a CREEP!

Though I am impaired in one eye...

Fishing at North Avenue Beach, Chicago 2006

...I still have, thanks to science and my Creator, a good other!

Well I never been to Maine...

But I kinda like the music
Say the ladies are insane there
And they sure know how to use it
They don't abuse it
Never gonna lose it
I can't refuse it

...but since my name is Dopey....

And, from the planet 'BOTOX'...

...we bring you Nance and Nancy Man?

Total ALIENS to our great planet, Earth!

Look at him, no, really look at him for a long moment.

Then, really look at her.

These two think they are 'running' the US.

Oh yes, right into the TOILET!

One of my favorites... from Italy

From just outside the Palazzo Ducale

Out of the Frying Pan...

...and expecting a fly to land on that tongue!

"In a televised interview, Barack Obama said that the mid-term elections may turn into a choice between "the policies that got us into this mess, and my policies that got us out of this mess.

"At this point, a real journalist would have done a magnificent spit-take, spraying the alleged president with coffee, before asking "got us OUT of this mess?! What are you talking about?!

"But sadly, no one at NBC thought to question the statement (nor did the Associated Press, who also carried the story). But we will.

Unemployment is at 9.5%, and Obama's most successful method for keeping it even that low is the utter hopelessness that has caused millions of people to give up even trying to find work.

Foreclosures are at record highs, retail sales are dropping, consumer confidence is in the toilet, entitlement programs are in the red, and the fastest-spending congress in history has just granted itself an imaginary budget that they "deemed" passed so they could blow another $1.2 trillion before the president's "debt reduction commission" gives its final report on fiscal responsibility.

There is no sane rationale with which Obama can argue that his policies have gotten us "out of this mess."

"Obama, just in case you haven't noticed, is a real f*ck-up!"--ME

"They have, however, gotten us out of the frying pan...and into the fire."

That's what
Stilton Jarlsberg says...and I heartily agree!

"I will not rest"--riiiight!

White House wanderers tour Acadia

The Big Purple Lips guy, having a 'very healthy slurp' of ice cream. He will never be obese, because it seems he's shrinking! (HIV Positive? AIDS?)

Malia seems very happy to greet someone of her own age, though MOm is really trying hard to look like a 12 year old!

Butt, the best part is:

"Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; and the president's personal aide Reggie Love, who chatted with the governor of Maine, John Baldacci."

Oh, goody! Barry can FLOSS now!

One last thought: Will Gibbs claim there are 'jobs created' in Bar Harbor, just so these idiots will not have to be on a Florida, Mississppi, or Alabama beach?

Check out this one!

Where to park? Not a problem.

Extreme Hat Tip to Always on Watch

Is she from the planet "Van-door", that I created in 1989--or what?

Another Napolitano Gaffe

"I've been to Alabama during the spill. I met with Governor Barbour and other officials..."

Haley Barbour is the governor of Mississippi.
Hear it for yourself at Breitbart

Boy and Dog

This is the original photo I gave, among many other things to Bill Morton, the current President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. I guess he may have hung it on one of his walls?

The dog is called RockNRoll, a chihuahua and (I think), and rat terrier mix that Bill Morton somehow got his hands on back in 2008. I retouched the shot to eliminate the leash.

Well, today, RockNRoll was apparently attacked by a German Shepherd (call him Horst), and Rock found he wasn't as cocky as he thought he was (kinda like Bill, his 'master') and got beaten and chewed to the point that Rock is somewhat paralyzed, and seems to now need a doggie neurologist, at a cost of thousands of dollars, which Bill never has seemed how to earn!

I liked RockNRoll when I first met him, and he liked me more as time traveled its way (unlike his master, Bill Morton). I took care of his needs to go out a number of times. I photographed him.

But Bill Morton refused to have his male dog neutered, and that may have played as a great part of today's situation. Quite frankly, RockNRoll was the horniest dog I had ever seen. Bill's friend Chicago Shadows gave him a stuffed animal, a surrogate, so Rock could get his 'rocks off', every day after he ate.

I am no longer friends with Chicago Shadows, though he trolls and occasionally comments here; I moderate comments, which is why you might not see your comment for a day or so, until I have discerned who you might be.

Creepy people seem to make creepy things to happen, don't they? And Idon't like creepy people!

And, I will say here, that if there is any fault in today's attack on the dog, RockNRoll, it falls upon Bill Morton, for not getting the dog neutered as he was advised by several people, including myself.

Of course, now, Bill Morton, the ne'er-do-well of Rogers Park (because he never really wanted to do anything, let alone the hard work required as Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce President!) is basically out begging on the streets of Rogers Park to save his dog.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Why is that? If you choose to keep an animal, do you not have or save up money as a contingency plan, in case something would happen to the animal?

Right now, Bill Morton is pleading for several thousand dollarsev to save his dog.

Because Bill, you see, does not quite get it, yet, that 'you have to work to make a living to be able to afford things, like dogs'.

And by virtue of no comments on RP
1000 tonight, there seem to be no takers for this grift.

What about the $1,425 he's owed me, for paying his rent at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue in January and July of 2009? Am I, a human being, not more important than a DOG?. Apparently not.

Well, if any of you out there donate anything, guess what? Bill will turn it around to his advantage. He's nothin' but yer common grifter.

As for Rock, I can only hope he survives, and is removed from the so-called 'care of Bill Morton', who does not know how to treat a friend, let alone a dog!

I understand Bill is back out in Elmwood Park, crying on his dad's shoulder. For the interim.

He'll probably see you at an El stop soon. Begging. Because he has pretty much tapped all his 'friends' in Rogers Park.

Don't get me wrong: I feel very badly for Rock, and certainly hope he can survive this trauma. He just might: he's that kind of dog!

Will Bill Morton survive this trauma? I think not. And that seems to deem the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce to DOOM!

They owe me money? I give a rat's bum.

It was only my Social Security payout for all the years I worked for my entire LIFE!

I am just so pleased and happy to not be a part of those crooks anymore!

And that includes the Interim Treasurer, the self-called Bishop James Alan Wilkowski. He's all tied up, apparently, and not responding with the required funds. Except by sending comments to this blog under the moniker: "HONEST". If in fact you were honest, Jim, you would have made certain I received a check BEFORE 30JUN2010, to cover monies I put out in late 2008 and in 2009. Scammer!

ToniDuncan, a Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Board member, has not respnded on her blog,

So. Bill, you've run out of had a great one here until you effed with me...and now you owe the world...for your dog.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, maybe your dear friend Barry can help you now?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Does Obama even understand?

Just something I learned in high school...and he apparently DID NOT and never could.

"Alea jacta est".

Words spoken by Caesar, in Rome, the United States counterpart these days.

"Alea jacta est". It is Latin. Haven't you ever studied that?

Gee, what do you think it means?

"The die has been cast".

Oh, right, we thought that meant that Barry (and his wifey) could ascend the throne, right?

But...there is no throne in America, unless you've been dinking very heavily and need to find one to puke in.

(I think he thought and still thinks there is a throne for him, but it would be 'down the hall and the first right on your right' (so I've been told), and I have the feeling that Barack Obama, with his '57 states', and the fact that his 'father served in WWII' (find it for yourself; I DID!), has no idea right now where he is, other than on the Maine shores with his wife and daughters, one of whom he seems to have a preference for, though, "she's looking too old for me."

Is this president some sort of pervert, hanging his arm around this 12 year old girl's shoulder?

Is that why she is being sent away, to a four-week sleep-over camp (her first time away) in banishment?

and possibly even in the present?

Is she becoming some kind of 'DRAW' for Daddy, or what?

Or is this 12 year-old a threat to Michelle?

Of course, the White House (Bobbie Gibbs is on his way out, I think) would not explain. He would back off and take his pasty, high forehead to the nearest buffet.

But I, as a former mother, have some pertinent questions:

(1) Why are you hanging on your young daughter and not on your wife? It's a vacation! Butt, I guess no kinda romance there, because you're pretty gay-acting.

(2) Why are you hanging on your young daughter? She certainly does not look comfortable, and you should know, as a Dad (but you're not, apparently, that YOU DO NOT TOUCH YOUR DAUGHTER AFTER SHE HAS DEVELOPED BREASTS!)

And isn't it so nice that Valerie Jarret, 'Barry's surrogate Mommy' is hovering over Natasha, teaching this young child the rudiments of 'life in the Obama family'?

Barry, you creep, I refuse to address you at your rank, because you are RANK and DISGUSTING.

LEAVE YOUR DAUGHTER ALONE, arsehole! Do not introduce her to your life of 'stained pants', the times you had with "FRANK". You're a complete arsehole if you do!

(Butt, he probably won't...those types of things kind of run in families, don't they? Foolin' aroun' is a Progressive thang, ain't it? Look at where his Mommy was, and who she was with, fer'instance!).

Seriously, do some research on Stanley Anne Dunham. You'll find a lot, as I did.

Her relationship with her own father seemed kind of creepy to me, because he gave her a name he would have given a SON, and she could never be that.

Stanley Anne's die was cast, and she chose it, she liked it, especially after she found Barack Obama, Sr. and used him for Barry's father on a non-existent birth certificate in Hawai'i.

And Barry, the son as she most likely truly named him, has now seen the die cast--against him!

As Ceasar stated ( and let us learn from history):

Alea Jacta Est.

The Extreme Beauty of the Abalone

I may have shown this before, my abalone shell on one of my very apropos abstract backgrounds. Actually, it was my mother's abalone shell, which she acquired in the mid-1950s.

I guess now, it is considered an 'antique'.

I've kept it clean and photographed it a number of times, but never shot the outside until the other day.

What do you think? (Click to enlarge)

The colors inspire me to paint (but it's still too HOT here in Chicago to do it the way I do, as Leonardo did, with layers and layers of glazes, each less than a hair's breadth), so I thought I would give you ALL this benefit, instead of trying to sell it to just one person.

Nature, with all of her vagaries, continues to have no match in Man!

And didn't the Creator really do some marvelous beauty...unlike Man's idea, loaded with pancake make-up, mica glitter and the FALSEST of false eyelashes?