Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is all the time you have to vote responsibly, in whatever your state or district.

Soooo, you're saying WHAT?

That YOU might be the 'sexy guy'?

Give it up , Bill Morton. You are 33 years old, with a congenitally-defective left eye, and have done nothing in your life but CON others!


It has been a whole 8 days since I have had a visit from this TROLL...

...Michael Giovanelli (sometimes, he likes to call himself 'Mike Harris") --I'll call him the "Axelrod Daughter Whisperer".

Perhaps he's been placed back on his meds, or he has now become a permanent RESIDENT of the Misericordia Home here in Chicago. Either way, he has been a deterrent to my healing!

Cannot we, as human beings, only hope for the 'BEST' for those among us who are, to put it the nicest way, TROUBLED?
Bill Morton
President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
Last known address: 1205 W. Sherwin Ave. #803
Rogers Park, Chicago IL 60626

I was speaking at length, yesterday, with a Chicago Police Department officer, who has become a sort of friend over the past several years.

For the first time, I mentioned I had abandoned the "Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce". He looked at me, and sniffed, as if that idea was stupid...which, apparently it was.

He told me, after I explained about Bill Morton's PERSONAL debt of $1,425, and the Rogers Park Chamber's debt to me of over $1,000, that I should take them/him to SMALL CLAIMS COURT.

I retorted: "I don't see how I can get BLOOD from a rock !" and told him the story of Bill Morton and his NON-neutered mongrel dog being attacked at Sherwin Beach. And how Bill Morton, cheesy president of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, "begged" for $450, and thousands more, to save his mixed breed, FOUND dog...which he considers a 'chick magnet'.

My friend, the Chicago Police officer, had this to say:

"He's a con man, and he knows how to con people. He's got it down."

I am going to say this right now: YES, I regret that I fell for this 'ne'er do well' BUM of Rogers Park. I was sooo0 totally stupid to give him more than money. Friendship is a two-way street, but as of now...that 'friendship', I have found, was nothing more than LYING and GREED ON HIS PART!

Bill Morton is, in my eyes, NOTHING! A TOTAL LOSER!

His SHOP LOCAL promotion, of a year ago, has gone nowhere. Why, you might ask? Because Bill Morton is LAZY...and prefers others to do his work.

He now has a preference for Nina Interlandi Bell, the current 'Secretary' of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. Nina, honey, it's only Bill Morton 'conning' you into this position. Grow the F&*k up! BTW...How much money have YOU loaned him?

Ah... November!