Friday, January 15, 2010


FLOTUS landed in Hawaii with this 'bruise' on her famous, 'toned', (just lookin FAT to me!)right arm. And it was soooo nice to see her 'airing out her crotch' as she greeted the people. This woman has no idea of protocol, nor does her hubby. In a coupla words, "She got no class."

Is she being beaten? Or what?

Because it is obvious she messed up with 'the organic garden'?

On cable Tv's 'Iron Chef', the veggies were supposed to be from the White House garden, MICHELLE. Looking like this:

Instead, they looked like this, therefore see the enhaced 'body double veggies' above

Is there anything in this administration that isn't a lie?

It's getting better all the time...

...isn't it?

For your viewing pleasure

If you would like this print, you cannot have it unless you would like to pay for it.

It was a beautiful cabbage, wasn't it?

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or even want it.

We used to ask...

...where in the world, is Carmen San Diego", didn't we? It was a catchy tune.

This one doesn't rhyme too well with anything, but then again, he never did and never will.

Where in the world is Bill Morton?

This is the logo I designed for Bill last year. He's getting a lot of mileage out of it. I designed it for free, for someone I thought was a friend, but now I am pretty perturbed.

You see, he owes me $1425--I paid his rent for two separate months, and saved his sorry ass, and now he cut ties with Quest Network Services, and...I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES.

So, Bill, if you have any thought of eluding me, remember this:

I am a detective's daughter...and I was well-taught.

You claim to be the son of an FBI man, but having met him, I think he might only be an FBI photographer.

And, speaking of photography, yours is simply not up to par, on the whole. Why, you ask? Because you are a very lazy person--that's just about as politically correct as I will ever be, I guess.

You know nothing but point-and-shoot--and that is NOT photography.