Saturday, April 30, 2011

It has been difficult to post of late...

...because for the past two months, I have 'new' neighbors...

They, and their children, are LOUD!  VERY LOUD!
And they have caused the stress I really don't need...what with the osteoarthritis and the fibromyalgia.

They are African...and choose to yell and argue in whatever African language they espouse.

Their youngest child cries in the midst of night, just on the otherside of my kitchen area...and, it seems, NO ONE comes to comfort him.  So he cries, and cries on, until he cries hmself back into sleep.

At almost 65 (Tuesday), I am VERY tired of these silly immigrants...who should have stayed in their own make them better.

This is what separates me fom Barky Obama

The alleged "Leader of the Free World"

(and his wifey)

CANNOT understand even Italy's HISTORY!

And yet, they apparently 'want to be seen' in Tuscany.

I was there.

I was there...I photographed these...
29 years ago.

These two FRAUDS will never have an understanding

of what the USA is...and can be!

Sometime, on Monday...

...I shall finally be with a lawyer re: the derisive, pornagraphy-prone TROLL, Michael Giovanelli.

This disgusting jerkoff has taken his toll upon me...yes.  And I am now ready to have him 'face his maker'...that would be someone called 'SATAN', I guess?

In the meantime, I have been scanning old slides...and I present to you:

Some Doors of Italy

I hope you enjoy?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Only if...

...IF ONLY...the damned troll would find a rock...and it would drop from the sky....

Enya's videos are some of the most creative I've seen.

I hope you enjoy?

I must add this, because...

...mio cugino, mi manchi troppo!

My cousin, Vlado, returned to Slovakia and his family there, after all the hullbaloo was over.  I have not been able to find him since.  I visited him in Genova, Italia--twice--but we have lost touch with each other.

Sorry if some of the "stupid trolls" out there don't care for Andrea Bocelli, but I DO--and it's my blog...if you don't like effing off!

The translation:
I miss you I miss you

I can pretend to be okay but I miss you
Now I know what I need to say -

To have you near before going to sleep

While I stand undisguised

Within my soul

I miss you and I could

Find another woman

But I'd be cheating myself

You're my regret without an end and

The chill of my mornings

When I look inside myself

And know that I miss you.

Now that I can give you a little more -

It's you it's you

I miss you and I could

Have another woman

But I'd only be cheating myself

You're my regret without an end and

The chill of my mornings

When I look inside myself

Though the asinine troll still hovers...

...I continue.

My love of Bocelli continues also.

The translation:


Have you ever heard

The words I haven’t told you

Silence, you know,

is sometimes more effective.

Close your eyes to feel my fears.

No, it's certain your words

do not make me tremble, never

Have you ever heard

The words I haven’t told you

When you were

My secret dream.

Close your eyes to feel my fears.

No, it's certain your words

do not make me tremble

But it’s so cold in my heart.

It doesn’t matter,

I’d laugh instead

Even if I don’t feel like it

It doesn’t matter if you’ll never

Forget my name

I close my eyes to feel my fears

No, it's certain your words

do not make me tremble

I howl out

The silence

Of one who loves you

Like I do

It doesn’t matter,

I’d laugh instead

Even if I don’t feel like it

It doesn’t matter if you’ll never

Forget my name

It doesn’t matter,

in case I’d do it

Even if it doesn’t suit me

It doesn’t matter, if you’ll never

Forget my name

Silence will cover up

Any words you’ll say

Have you ever heard

The words I haven’t told you ...

I dedicate this to an old friend...whom I no longer wish to see.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Are WOMAN...and we don't hafta make a 'sammich'

DO we? If you can get up off your dead A$$ and make your own 'sammich'?

Now Go Make Me A Damn Sammich

From Bayview...that suburb of Milwaukee's simply, PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM!

Just so you don't forget to buy veggies!

Just because...

...I feel this is the best work, as an artist, I have done at this (almost 65!) point in my life!

And my UGLY troll wants me to STOP showing you this beauty of LIFE!

Must be a Democrat, huh?

Monday, April 11, 2011

OH, BTW...the Creepy troll is asking...

...why I should not STOP blogging my 'apparently, TO HIM', RACIST blog:

"Maybe you are FINALLY getting the hint that we are tired of your racist blog production!
By Honesty and Responsbility"

And how do you think, CRAZY GOOF, how tired I am of your stupid attack upon me, including all the "mailings" I have collected which are traceable back to YOU?

Michael have now taken this far beyond SANE...I shall be contacting CPD, understand?  The Chicago Police Department, tomorrow.

Expect a knock on your (moldy, West Ridge basement apartment) door.

Stupido:  You have no understanding of what is cyberbullying, and no understanding of just how much I can SUE your a$$ for?

  Idiotissimo!  I have ALL your documentation...! AND...I consider you and your wifey some of the filthiest-minded pieces of crap upon this Earth...YET, may God rest both your souls.
Ach, but who am I to determine where you REALLY should live...somewhere near the hell which you both seem to be close to....

It is so sad when a nurse identifies with her patient to the point of marriage, then vows to 'take care of him', then she denies his mental illness, marries him and takes him home...and he turns into a cyber-freakin' bully...climbing upon and in effect, RAPING via the written word an older woman, an almost 65 year old keep his own stupid "MANHOOD" alive, because his wifey has found she cannot, possibly, SAVE HIM FROM HIMSELF!

The cops will be coming, Michael...and we shall see THEN, just how TRUE you are.  Again, I have all your comments...and other documentation, which will lead to my lawsuit upon you AND yours, including your WIFE.

From Saturday afternoon... in Rogers Park...a phenomenal FOG...

What I've been doing...

...that has kept me from this page is SPRING CLEANING, and some of the chemical effects, BUT I am ALSO hoping to clean that destitute TROLL, Michael Giovanelli, of West Ridge, a poorer neighborhood in the city of Chicago.

(Let us all pray that Michael Giovanelli (AKA Mike Harris) can handle the transition from his alderman of note, Bernie 'the sleeper' Stone and can possiblbly come to grips with Deb Silverstein...whom I will be contacting re: cyber defamation of character + occurring within Ward 50, Chicago, Illinois.)

BTW, I took this shot this shot last Saturday...

already $4.29 for gas here on Rogers Park!

I do not have UPDATE shots yet, but that CITGO was being turned into a SHELL today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


...none of you care for this.

I might suggest you study ART for the 50+ years as I have...
and also know that digital photograpy IS an art form.

Addendum: many of these are shots from where I used to live, and downtown Chicago during the Christmas season.

Anyone out there ever even TRIED to take a chance?

Apparently, all you lost souls don't even appreciate the effort I made in choosing the music.

Is the US just a place...too?

Not? It is where I was born, almost 65 years ago, for which I have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to prove I was born that particular day, at that particular time, ACCORDING TO THE DOCTOR (MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL) that he was for over 50 years!).

Barky Obama refuses to release, after two and almost a half years now, any relevant info re: his past.

Any of you who continue to trust THE LIAR are nothing but dupes!

Without our traditions...

...if we indeed have any...WHAT would our lives be like? Are we destined, as citizens of the United States of America, to become SHUNNED in the world--thanks to the Obama administration?

Though all we may have is 'tradition' from our immigrant 'fathers', I am concerned...that Mr. Obama NEVER HAD A FATHER.  A real father, to teach him.  All he seems to have had was Frank Marshall Davis, who taught him how to STAIN HIS SHORTS.

That may have a impact, considering Mr. Trump's theory, yes?As citizens of these great United States, our lives have become shaky, haven't they?

Personally, I'm feeling as if I am a resident of Anatevka, not Chicago.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just a classic!

Perhaps. someday, a couple of jerk-offs may understand...through all the freakin' HOPE and CHANGE?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Because good friends must be good matter what


I know a man,

A man very well

Who can strike the strings

Better than Eddy

And bass strings better than Paul.

He is more than all...

Even ever...and...I guess

Because we are still friends.

It seems.

copyright 2011

In lieu of a video of my dear friend, I present his almost look-alike, Sir Paul McCartney.

You would have done this JT, if they'd have given you the chance, right?
I was simply trying to make a a good and old friend...Sorry, JT, but this is the only video I can find that Google did not 'taint' with its silly 1911 music!

Because everywhere else I Google turns everything into 1911 on Google--1911, yeah...when these creeps NEVER even existed.