Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Honesty and Responsibilty

Yep. That's what my stalker calls him/her/shim/... self.

This is the latest:

"...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I... "...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I am a co-founder and only funder of that entity"

According to what has been published, don't see any loan agreement between you and the RPCC.
(Not quite a part of your concern, is it, H&R?)

This is the purpose of a LOAN AGREEMENT.

You seem to always confuse contributions and loans.
(Always confuse? Did I ever have an instance of asking you for a loan or asking any info re: a contribution?)

To (Learn to effing spell, or at least Spell-check before you send anyone anything!) bad you ruined your opportunity to keep your relationship with young Bill for your personal needs. See what happens when you can't keep your racism to yourself? Maybe that is part of your disability! And if you are emotionally disabled, please keep your racism off the internet.


First off, A$$hole, it is known as RPCOC.

Secondly, you , whomever you are, have no concern in this matter.

The monies involved in setting up Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce never, I believe, involved you at all.

Nor does my plaint for the monies invested involve any sort of racism. Mr. Bill Morton continues to be a "white" 33 year old white man. The Bee-shop he relies upon, continues to be, last I knew, a 55 year old "white" man. So, I plead, where does the factor of "RACISM" become involved?

Mister "Honesty and Responsibility" aka Michael Giovanelli, aka "Chicago Shadows", STFU!

What? Are you just looking for some attention, Mikey, because once again, you decided to not take your meds? Have you become again a 'great friend and defender' of Mr. Bill Morton through a ghost hunting group?

YOU are the one who should still be living at Manteno, somewhere in its deepest depths of its decline.

If I were president...

...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I am a co-founder and only funder of that entity which is over a month BEHIND in their second repayment!), I would certainly have accomplished more than THIS at this point in time (even though I am disabled).

What Mr. Bill Morton (of the recent "my dog is injured, give me money because I have no real job" incident) does not understand is that Rogers Park contains a grand number of children, who shall in a few weeks, need to return to school.

All he can do is post this now-very-boring shot of a full coffee cup, and again announce that his "pet" Cafe Society will be meeting...somewhere, sometime.

Mr. Bill Morton (part Italian and originally from Elmwood Park, the home of the Chicago Outfit) does not seem to have even one creative node in his brain.

If I were still with Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, I would have, before now, organized a drive for donations of school supplies for the children of Rogers Park. It certainly would have put the Chamber "on the map", so to speak, as a caring entity, don't you think?

But, of course, Mr. Bill Morton's dog, and chatting over free coffee seem to be the goals of this ill-fated, no-longer-a-member (while still utilizing the logo as a pretend-member) of the US Chamber of Commerce, pitiful group of followers of Mr. Bill Morton's shallow scams.


*WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get

Ann Taylor Website Glitch Reveals Un-Retouched Images

Some sort of tech error on Ann Taylor's website mistakenly revealed how the brand's photos look before retouching. Jezebel first noticed the pics on Tuesday afternoon, explaining:

As the page loads, you'll get to see what the Chiffon Trim Tank looks like on a real woman for a few seconds. Then she shrinks into a awkward creature barely able to support the weight of her torso with her tiny child hips.

By Tuesday night, the glitch, involving thumbnails and other terms beyond us, had been fixed.

But we were able to take some screen grabs before Ann Taylor cleaned it up. Check out the before and after images of the "Chiffon Trim Tank," an item from a set of Photoshopped pictures we've previously written about.

To be fair, at the time, Ann Taylor did apologize, saying, "We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if in the process of retouching that was lost."

Now, we just know exactly what was lost: a few inches off of the model's waist and thighs.

I have been utilizing Photoshop(TM) for 5 years, and understand most of its wonders.

However, the question arises: Should it be used to this extent in a retail situation?

The model above is quite beautiful, and rather slim. Kudos to her for maintaining herself!

But, to use Photoshop(TM) to make her look anorexic and somewhat 'alien-like' is quite the faux pas, don't you think?

'Nuff said, YET?

He is surrounded by those who wishes to be with--PERIOD!

(he also brought Bo the Dog)

Special Thanks to BigFurHat!

Alright, people. Let's start using the brain-power we we graciously given.

Get up off the couch, turn off 'IDOL', or whatever, and make a commitment to save our nation. NOW!

Courtesy: BigFurHat at

A Birthday Greeting

Barry, just DO it. You might like it.
It can become the new Moslem Indonesian thing, I'm sure!

Isn't it time now?

With less than 90 days until the 2010 mid-term elections, have you been doing any studying of the candidates? At all?

Or, are you just going to do the TOTAL NAMBY-PAMBY-A$$ AMERICAN thing, and sit back on your damned sofa, and let someone you don't give a Sh*T about control you and your assets for the rest of your life, and for the rest of your children's AND their children's lives?

Get up off your A$$, NOW, and do some Internet searching on the candidates in your area. NO EXCUSES, please, just get up and do it!

It not only for you, it's for your children, and their children, and everyone's children to come.

GET UP, away from the TV, and go online NOW--begin to figure how and for whom you will vote in November.

Like a bill that needs to be paid, you've got less than 90 days!

Back in the olden days...

...of 1962, a certain sex symbol (Marilyn Monroe) sang a very sensual "Happy Birthday" song to then-President John F. Kennedy. His wife, Jacqueline, was not present. (Perhaps Michelle, the 'Tacky-O', is trying to imitate the woman we knew as 'Jackie-O'?).

I remember seeing this, and I think it was LIVE at the time.

However, within the next year and a half, both of them were dead.

Today is (supposedly) the birthday of the man we call pResident.

Any of you really think Snooki would take a chance at singing, even though Michelle is on the plane to Spain, which remains, plainly, Spain?

I think not. Not a freakin' Jersey chance!