Friday, October 22, 2010

I started with a comment... MOTUS.

So, why not give you few who may read here the whole thing, huh?

By the way, he has an UGLY way of eating!

Just have a question here, on a bust day for all of us...

Just WHEN is Barky going to BOW to all of us, the American people, AND apologize to us for all of his (stupid) actions? I really have to wait till hell freezes over, or will he 'do himself in', totally, with junk food first?

The whole "don't tell Michelle" is very stupid, on his part. Though SHE, the BUTT of the WON, lives in a so-called 'news-free' zone, don't you think the biyotch has her ways of finding out--like probably the girls surfing the net?

His (and her) time of reckoning is coming...and it is not simply about Novemeber 2nd.

You cannot lie your way through life and not expect some pretty heavy-duty 'kicks'--from someone talking somewhere about you.

His history: he has reputedly spent millions to hide it. What would it contain to require that much money and that much effort? HMMMM?

By the very 'feature of doubt', SANE people would have questioned and vetted, him BEFORE the 2008 election. Wouldn't they have, well...wouldn't they have?

The fact that this inexperienced, do-nothing, 'PRESENT-voting', LAZY Senator could achieve the highest office in the land REMAINS anathema to me!

I thought I was born an American. According to law, I was.

Now that I am 64, and disabled, I am being treated by many as if I do not belong here.

As many of you know, I still occasionally create some really nice Photoshops (TM). I also continue to do photography, and occasionally paint (when my arms and hands want to work properly and not cramp up).

Am I a lesser human being than the MOO? Because I do not wear 'designer clothes and $400+ boots' to do the garden harvest?

Well, kiddos, I know a few things.

I used to be almost as tall as she is. I was 5'10". At 64+, I have shrunk to 5'7", due to some pretty heavy back injuries along the way--and just simply aging.

Am I less than she is?

Back in my 20s, I wore false eyelashes, and lined my eyes like Twiggy.

Am I less than she is?

I have pretty much always worn conservative clothing, except for the almost see-through red-sequined top I bought for $125 in 1982 (in my 30s!), and wore to the first performance of a ballet (Giselle) I had painted which was designed by my new-then friend Oliver Smith. You might Google him, and find he was the 'grand-dad' of all Broadway designers, and the designer for American Ballet Theatre.

One stickler there: I am dressed to the 9s, with the see-through red-sequined top, and I had to go backstage to spray paint (black) a door handle the Tech Director forgot to attach!

As I ran back underground after doing that, I could hear tremendous applause from the house. The audience was applauding Oliver Smith's scenery--painted by ME, and two of my crew! What a thrill it was!

What has MOO ever done that can even compare to being asked, seriously, by Oliver Smith--a great friend and confidante of Jackie O's, BTW--to please come to New York and paint his shows, because he felt I had understood his small watercolor renderings enough to reproduce them...for the rest of his life(died 1993) or my life (still alive, here in Chicago, in 2010).

I turned him down, though he could have gotten me into the Scenic Artists Union in New York.


Because my mother had just died from ALS, and my dear Dad had a stroke 5 weeks later, and I was just trying still, that following year, to take care of Dad, and work enough to make a living, and found I could not leave my father, who gave me life!

Noble, you might say?

Yeah, I suppose I was, but Dad ended up in a nursing home not six years later. I swore to him in 1982 he would NEVER have to go to one of those ugly places, but because of his mental 'turnaround', I was forced to place him there.

Meanwhile, I was perfecting my videography/writing/directing skills, while also dealing with phone calls from this respected nursing home regarding 'injuries' Dad had sustained while trying to escape.

I'll tell you this, and I'll tell it is TRULY difficult to remain 'creative' while watching your own parent, whom you love and respect, TOTALLY LOSE IT, right before your eyes!

Over a short amount of time, he no longer knew I was his only daughter, his "best son", as he put it to me in the summer of 1989.

When he passed on June 7, 1994, I thought I was done with death for awhile.

Until November 28, 1996.

That's the day I lost my golden-haired child...just 14 days before his 27th birthday.

So many others have been lost since that day, I seem to be almost immune to death these days. BUT...there are great times I remember, and then, the tears still flow.

They say we all have our crosses to bear...and I'll tell you all: it's not easy, when you have lost most everyone who ever meant anything to you, including your own children.


I find the world of today very harsh--and cruel--to those of us who have survived so much.

There are so many military parents more bereaved and unsettled than I could ever be, or even think of.

My older son was military, Navy, and won awards for heroism...and is gone to me.

Even THAT is not enough to make an impression upon our leaders to halt the thoughts of WAR with any other nation.

As I listen to the 20-somethings next door, and their laughter at some insipid TV program or movie, I take a puff on my 'little' cigar, sit back, and understand that they, in their avoidance of reality, will one day have to confront it--head-on. And because they have not befriended someone like me (who KNOWS), they'll have to face it without even the minimum of understanding.

I am not saying here that I am the end-all-be-all of understanding everything regarding the world in which we now live. What I do say is, I've been around awhile, and have continuously observed and watched, as this world of ours grows older, but refused, as did Barrie's Peter Pan, to grow up.

However, I DID, HAD TO. And along with growing "UP", I had to grow older.

And don't we observe that Peter-Panism in our current President--don't we? This is the boy, Barry Obama Soetoro etc. whatever, who has never quite grown up, and somehow thinks he can never grow older--that because HE deems it so, everything will ALWAYS BE THE SAME--the status quo as he perceives it.

Now his wife(y) and close friends (few) may be totally enchanted by that, sycophants that they may be.

I, however, am not, and never will be enchanted by a former community organizer, who is backed by New World billionaires, without any executive experience of ANY nature, to be elected POTUS.

In my own variety of English, his performance as POTUS sucks!

And...he seems bored with the position, doesn't he?

Tell me, in all truth, what has he done to make your life as a citizen of the these United States BETTER in the last 21 months?

I will appreciate and answer all e-mails having to do solely with this topic a

The PLEDGE you made...remember all?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God,
with liberty and justice for all.
I have made this pledge for almost 64 years, since I was in kindergarten. Have you?

Do you really think Barack and Michelle Obama have made this pledge?

Seeing as we know exactly how much sincerity
they each possess, regarding the United States of America?

Browsing, just browsing...Pumpkins!

I decided to check out earlier today, and found Bill Morton, still-untalented President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, posted these 'EXCITING' videos of the Rogers Park Pumpkin Patch at 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road.

I've only posted the still shots, because I really don't want bore you quite as much as, apparently, Bill Morton does. I might add that these are 1980s-quality student films, which I really saw enough of back at UW-Milwaukee in the late 70s/early 80s.

These "VIDEOS" (now known as 'moving pictures', BILL) are nothing more than lockdown shots. The first goes on for a minute and 52 seconds...which I thought was interminable.

The next is of course, another static shot. Bill Morton puts his camera on a tripod, sets it to roll, and walks away. But this one goes on and on for 11 minutes and 54 seconds. There is chatter in the background, but Aaron, the seller of pumpkins, is neither identified nor allowed to speak.

What a 'nice' way, Bill Morton, to promote a long-standing Rogers Park seasonal business!

And just when I anticipated Bill Morton's COMEBACK as a promoter of business in Rogers Park,...LO, and BEHOLD!

A 14 minute and 37 second lockdown shot, but with a VARIATION...a shadow of his camera and tripod, then...NO shadow of camera and tripod. BRILLIANT, Bill Morton!

Shadow of Tripod

No shadow of Tripod

That crap being over, because Bill Morton, President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, and owner of Bill Morton Promotions still has NO idea what it takes to be a professional photographer, videographer--or professional anything! The long lockdown shots emphasize just how LAZY this man is, and how he PREFERS others to do his work for him. I am not speaking of 'delegation' of duties right now--I am saying that Bill Morton will SHIRK hard, possibly boring (to him) work as much as he possibly can (and many of his NOW-former clients will agree). I know it, because I have experienced this exact thing with him.

That being said, let me re-introduce you to Aaron, this year's proprietor of the Rogers Park Pumpkin Patch.

It's sometimes a lonely 12 hours a day at the Patch, but Aaron makes the best of being creative! He carved this...

...and these...

...and set up this great display!

He also has Indian corn, corn stalk bunches ($8), and an awful lot of gourds and mini-mini pumpkins!

I no longer shoot video: I worked many years as a videographer, and do not like the 'comedown' in quality I get from my $500 Nikon--because I used to shoot video on $20-25,000 cameras on BETA SP and Digital, and my Nikon just does not have that type of quality-- so my shots are 'stills', the equivalent if Bill Morton's 'static captures' of video.

I suppose I could set up a poll here re: which of us has best-promoted Aaron and the Pumpkin Patch--not worth my time, is it?

Before Aaron leaves, I will give him printouts of each blog I have posted about his time selling at the Rogers Park Pumpkin Patch.

This post of his, especially, shows the lazy, lackluster attitude of Bill Morton, FAUX-president of the FAUX Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

What a gross disappointment you became, Bill Morton!

Autumn's Leaves

And a cute idea from the Hallowe'en enthusiasts in Rogers Park, I present "The Pumpkin Tree"!