Friday, August 20, 2010

I knew they were actors, but...

...when I watched "Paper Moon" (starring Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal, his daughter, on for the first time tonight, I had this impression of Michelle Obama (and I love the hair--it's perfect!!):

And this, of the citizen (?) we call the pResident?:

Isn't it interesting, how history repeats itself, over, and over, and over...

As Saul Alinsky has stated: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

I have another new follower! Oh, joy, an old troll!

Mike F. Harris, a pseudonym I've seen before, a resident of East AND West Rogers Park West Ridge) for the past three years! I urge you all to not visit Mike's blog, nor pay any attention to him.

He is Michael Giovanelli of 'Chicago Shadows', and I feel, of 'Honesty and Responsibility', who both have been very contentious of late with me, attacking me left and right because I am asking for the monies I am owed by Bill Morton (PERSONAL DEBT, via verbal contract) and the debt owed me, via verbal contract upon my using my personal monies to establish (I have all the receipts, and so does Bill Morton, if he could ever keep track of anything on his monitor) Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

Mister "Honesty and Responsibility" (who could, BTW, be Bill Morton himself, if he ever had any guts) would like to contend with me on the point of "Right vs. Wrong".

I welcome that contention, to a public arena, sir, as then you shall have to identify yourself, and I can sue you and your cohorts for slander!

You, and Quest Network Services, are guilty of slander. I question, though, why you both are soooo envious of my disability?

Would either of you like to spend a day with me? It seems you doubt the judgment of the US government regarding my disability.

Would you like to come into the shower with me every morning, and do the same exercises I do, under a shower massager that beats down upon my body relentlessly? Is that what you are looking forward to?

Would you like to be with me, in the middle of the night, when I wake in severe pain from leg cramps, and do not want to scream because I know it will disturb my neighbors? You wanna be there, jerkoff?

Perhaps you would like to shop with me? Especially when my hands are cramping, and I feel as though I can't hold on to even a can of tuna? Want to join me in that effort, assh*le?

Or, then again, perhaps you would join me in cleaning my apartment, which I do, thoroughly over time, but not without some great strain. Want to join me on my kneepad to wash down my bathroom? And help me get back up again? Huh, jerkoff?

Clean the toilet bowl with me, huh jerkoff? See how long takes, but how satisfied I am to have a beautifully-cleaned bathroom? You ever tried that yourself, jerkoff?

YOU, who call yourself "Honesty and Responsibility", have no concept of my day-to-day life, nor have you any concept of the validity of verbal agreements.

Bill Morton GAVE HIS WORD re:payback, and I find BILL MORTON'S word is the closest thing to COMMON GOOSE DUNG. So stay clear of business which is not any of your concern, unless of course, you are BILL MORTON.

In that case, KARMA will get you, Bill. It's inevitable.

And if you look to the Bee-shop for help, well, YOU and I know his health is not good, though you continue to keep him on as Interim Treasurer. After you had your quite significant breakdown, after you took a phone call from the Bee-shop last almost-autumn, that is the point I saw a significant, and ugly to me, change in you. Sure, you were looking for a "Sugar Momma", Bill, weren't you?

That is when I ran out of money to front for you, and you began to turn me away. In my own apartment, you cried your eyes out, Bill, and could barely be comforted. You remember, I know you remember. And if you deny it, that is your problem, not mine. Your were very unstable, again, at that point.

He'll, the Bee-shop, a Cook County employee in David Orr's office, probably die at a certain point, due to that position you have foisted upon him, though he certainly does not take things seriously about the money owed, because I haven't been paid my second payment yet, have I?

Have you shown him all the scans of receipts I sent you?

Apparently not. So is it you and he who call yourselves "Honest and Responsibility" now? Did you prompt him to do this attack-blog, so you think by doing so and attacking me, you would not have to pay back all the monies both YOU and THE CHAMBER owe me?

If so, you are both 'the saddest cases' in the story of human life.

For a couple of human beings who used to have some fun, you and the Bee-shop sure turned into creeps.

YOU and I know his health is not good, though he parties with you, and certainly has introduced you to B & B
(Benedictine and Brandy--which you, being a product of Elmwood Park, would never have known of) and he is enamored of you because you claim your Dad is FBI, which I also think is another of your lies.

Your father is about as FBI as my Dad, the great MPD Detective, is still alive (RIP: RJC 07JUN1994)!

I ask, Bill Morton, if you have informed your new Chamber Members of this serious debt.

Apparently not. It is more than $1,000 that the the Chamber now owes me for establishing it as a silent co-founder. I have receipts and only Bill Morton's "flaccid" word.
The Chamber has now defaulted on their payment by almost two months. I could decimate all of their board by taking them to court. Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce WOULD BE NO MORE!

And, I am thinking, that would be just the right thing to do!

Can anyone say, by looking at her photo, that she is happy?

Malia Obama, just reunited with her parents and younger sister after a month away at "Sidwell boot camp", looks not happy at all.

I feel badly for this 12 year old...being sent away to learn something of the world...and Mommy MOO and Daddy Barky didn't pay enough attention to her, because she only got ONE phone call out, and that was to Daddy, to wish him a "Happy Birthday"...but perhaps she was still being a bit insolent, as she should know Moslem daddies do not celebrate their birthdays.

Perhaps this 12 year old child rejects the Islamic religion her father so endears?

Think about that, all of you liberals out there! BTW, look closely at her. She does not look a thing like her mother, nor a thing like her father. She looks more like Malcom X, whom I believe is her true Grandfather. Obama's Mommy, Stanley Ann, played around quite a bit in her time. If you don't believe ME, go do the research for yourself. I suggest you read 'The Obama Timeline here

Think it might sell on the Vineyard?