Friday, March 19, 2010

Check this out!

Find these extremely poignant photos here.

Our troops need your support, physically AND spritually!

On this last day (finally!) of winter...'s a preview of Spring!

Crocus and emerging tulip leaves at the Emil Bach house (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) at 7415 N. Sheridan Road

Crocus and daffodils in the 1400 block of W. Fargo Avenue (yep, right across the street from Ald. Joe Moore's house!)

"Chalk families" on the sidewalk of the 1500 block of W. Fargo Avenue

Chalk drawings and crocus are sure signs of Spring, aren't they?

It's supposed to SNOW tomorrow!

Shots in the City

15 people shot in six hours

So,'s that Chicago GUN BAN workin' out for you, Dick'em?

Meanwhile, in Montreal...

Fatal shooting closes Old Montreal tourist area

MONTREAL A brazen daytime shooting left two people dead and two injured in Old Montreal's busiest financial district, which is also a popular tourist area.

Const. Annie Lemieux said Thursday that the shooting took place at a high-end clothing store on Saint Jacques St., in the historic part of the city, which was once the heart of Canada's financial sector and still houses elegant old bank buildings.

Police, responding to a rash of emergency calls, found one man dead in the store. Montreal Police Department spokesman Olivier Lapointe said a second victim died later Thursday. Two others were hospitalized.

Police were on the hunt for a pair of suspects who fled the scene wearing white bandanas over their faces. One was wearing a dreadlocks wig.

Montreal now has had five homicide victims this year.


Although the population of Montreal is a bit more than one third of Chicago's, the people are SHOCKED at only FIVE homicides this year.

The 2009 homicide rate in Chicago ran around 510, or more.

Obviously, banning guns does not get rid of them. Dick'em Daley, you are nothing but a dolt to think the way you do!

Ramirez Takes a Shot at Healthcare!

Pelosi at her finest!