Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So maybe you don't like the fact...

...that I have been able to achieve
a good part of a 29 year old GOAL?

When I visited Italy, for the first time, I was intent on shooting research shots...because I was then a Scenic Designer/ Scenic Artist...very intent upon replicating anywhere in Italy, when necessary.

These are my shots, which I never had the money to make the coffee table book I so wanted to do.

I am more than pleased to be 'still alive at 65' and share this 1982 tour through Genova, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, with all of you.

All 35mm slides have been digitally scanned, color-corrected, cropped  and Photoshopped (TM) to enhance your viewing pleasure.

I hope some of you enjoy?
Any other questions, or if you have a photo you would like retouched or restored, go to

From a Great Friend...


Let's dance, shall we?

Seems more to me as if he's dancing with a bunch of 'Wannabes'...and he THINKS he's the Dance Captain!

(Which, of course, he never could be, cuz he gots no RHYTHM!  Never had and never will!)

I use the KISS principle in my daily life...and I call Barry Dunham X  Little Soetoro a FAIL, a spectacular FAIL!