Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Barry, the good, little puppy: what's his reward for obedience?

Local food execs sign on to Michelle Obama anti-obesity campaign

This morning in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama signed a memorandum on childhood obesity. He said it would trigger a 90-day plan that "provides optimal coordination" among federal agencies to fight the epidemic. "We think this has enormous promise," he said of the first lady's bid to promote healthy eating habits and exercise.

Mrs. Obama stood behind her husband with an arm draped over his chair as he penned his signature, then patted him on the back and said "Good job" when he was finished.

Read the whole thing here.


Could someone pleeeease explain to me how food execs 'changing' manufacturing processes is going to have a positive effect upon eliminating obesity?

Better these corporations would just stop making all the crap!

And BTW, isn't "Good job" what you say to a puppy you're training?