Monday, September 6, 2010

When Wimpy went to Milwaukee...

...he said, "I will gladly pay tomorrow for a hamburger today!"

Hasn't this WON already showed us his love of burgers (and you can bet the wifey loves burgers, too--just look at her!), but there is no burger--not yesterday, today, or tomorrow--not for you: The Little People!

He lied his ultra-skinny (And just why is he so thin, after all the burgers and ice cream? He looks ill, and in the newly-remodeled Oval last week looked quite EMBALMED! As Yoda might ask: "ILL ARE WE OBAMA?") butt off in Milwaukee today, and the union crowd sucked the Kool-aid through Chinese-made, lead-ridden straws, didn't they?

And he knew he didn't do well, soooo now he can learn to cry, "WE, WE, WE!" all the way home, as he is daily-reminded how WE the PEOPLE shall unseat his party on November 2nd, and push him out of office before 2012!

Learn it now and learn it well, Barky: WE the PEOPLE!

"there are some other things I want to do professionally...."

David Westin, President of ABC News

His quote seems to imply that all being done at ABC News is not 'professional', at first glance.

And of course it's not, as ABC News is such a great part of the Obama-worshipping mainstream media! They have been giving the man a 'pass' for the past 20 months!

I feel David Westin wants no part of the "POLLY-TICKING" any longer. Perhaps he has a problem with Barky's agenda?

And now Obama becomes 'angry' in Milwaukee, of all places, a city that has been downtrodden by Democrats (JOHN NORQUIST and HENRY MAIER, before him) and Socialists (FRANK ZEIDLER) before them!

How do I know this?

I grew up in Milwaukee, where my father became Milwaukee Police in 1940, six years before I was born. I heard the stories, and met many corrupt politicians before I was 15 years old.

Quite frankly, I thought they all were wrong in their approach then, and they continue to be wrong!

Obama's audience today in Milwaukee (Wisconsin, just in case you are geographically-impaired) was a PAID chunk of union members.


Because Barky Obama needs a controlled audience, an audience who likes hims, an audience to shore up his continually-breaking ego.

An audience the Mainstream Media will write was impressed with Barky's speech.

I watched a good part of that speech, and he merely had his balls up so far his throat, I thought he would choke.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is NOT the place to give an angry speech, where you claim, Mr. pResident, you are treated "like a dog". (He is SUCH a whiner, isn't he?)

Even better, Barky, how does your Islamic-unapproved dog treat you?

Trust me, this dog knows his 'owner' all too well! He drags Obama around...he does not do this with his handlers (that we've seen to this point in time).

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is slowly going the way of the hard-copy media--newspapers.

I have a feeling they are all quite desperate, like their hard-copy brothers and sisters. Butt--WHY show your anger in Milwaukee, Barky? What did Milwaukee ever do butt stupidly help to elect you?

Milwaukee is a faded, former major industrial city...where you should be kind to people, because they have done for so long without.

Happening NOW!

Climbing a skyscaper in San Fancisco!

Certain he will be arrested.

ALSO Happening NOW
, right outside my window:

Some black dude is "motherfuckin' this and that", yelling at someone on his motherfuckin' phone. Wish I had a microphone; I'd record this jerk, and replay it for you.

The Most Important Image Ever Taken!

You might just want to click over to and watch this beautiful video of our Universe from the Hubbell Telescope!

Then, get back to me and tell me how important the Obamas and all their Alinskyite friends important 'American Idol' and 'Dancing with the Stars' are....

There is something huger than our American spirit from which we draw that spirit. This has all been created for us to study and learn from. A wondrous gift, isn't it?

I can even see November! Thanks, MOTUS (the Mirror of the United States) and her brother, Hubbell!

Winding down

Last of the Swimmers

Fargo Beach, here in Rogers Park, had only a few swimmers as of 3 PM. All Chicago beaches close for the summer this evening at 7 PM--that means no more lifeguards, so please don't take a chance swimming! The rip currents can drag you out and under, even if you consider yourself a stong swimmer!

Rogers Beach

Pretty quiet for Labor Day, with almost no sailboats out on the waters, and only a few families doing picnic dinners.

Sheridan Road Parkway Garden

The so-called 'Summer of Recovery--NOT' has really begun to wind down.

I can see November!