Saturday, April 30, 2011

It has been difficult to post of late...

...because for the past two months, I have 'new' neighbors...

They, and their children, are LOUD!  VERY LOUD!
And they have caused the stress I really don't need...what with the osteoarthritis and the fibromyalgia.

They are African...and choose to yell and argue in whatever African language they espouse.

Their youngest child cries in the midst of night, just on the otherside of my kitchen area...and, it seems, NO ONE comes to comfort him.  So he cries, and cries on, until he cries hmself back into sleep.

At almost 65 (Tuesday), I am VERY tired of these silly immigrants...who should have stayed in their own make them better.

This is what separates me fom Barky Obama

The alleged "Leader of the Free World"

(and his wifey)

CANNOT understand even Italy's HISTORY!

And yet, they apparently 'want to be seen' in Tuscany.

I was there.

I was there...I photographed these...
29 years ago.

These two FRAUDS will never have an understanding

of what the USA is...and can be!

Sometime, on Monday...

...I shall finally be with a lawyer re: the derisive, pornagraphy-prone TROLL, Michael Giovanelli.

This disgusting jerkoff has taken his toll upon me...yes.  And I am now ready to have him 'face his maker'...that would be someone called 'SATAN', I guess?

In the meantime, I have been scanning old slides...and I present to you:

Some Doors of Italy

I hope you enjoy?