Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did someone forget the scalp touch-up?

From BreitbartTV:

FNC's Baier Presses Obama on Past Criticism of ‘50-Plus-One’ Strategy

Screen grab from about 18 secs into the interview

What is that huge scar-like lightness that runs from behind his left ear almost to his cowlick and back down to behind his right ear?

It's very jagged, so it seems not to be from surgery, but more likely from some sort of life-threatening accident in his younger days, whereupon he would have suffered some brain damage? Well?

The right side of Obama's head, at a White House Christmas party in December, 2009

Just askin', Barry, because it's a mighty curious looking thing!

Check this out!

PolitiZoid: Honest Abe Returns

At long last, Mr. Lincoln is back at Disneyland. His words have never rung more true. This is a first look at the new Abraham Lincoln audio-animatronic at Disneyland’s Great Moment’s with Mr. Lincoln. Presented by