Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who's your daddy?

Stop your angry finger-pointing! NOW!

You are not my father, nor are you 'Our Father'.

Nor would any of us WANT you to be. Choke on that, if you will, Soros puppet?

My own father (the police detective), dead these 16 years, used to say, "Quitcherbellyachin'!"

And, today, I am saying, "Quitcherfingahpointin', Barry!"

A wise leader looks to his own house, to his father, first and foremost.

We, as human beings, do not, and cannot, CHOOSE our fathers. They will be whomever, at the point of conception.

I know who, and what, my father was. Do you, Barry?

Would he be the man we are told is Barack Obama, Sr.?

Would he be, as some think, Frank Marshall Davis?

Or would he be, as others believe, Malcolm X, whose gestures you favor so frequently?

At a very young age, I would occasionally accompany my father, the police detective, to headquarters on Saturdays. He would be in an interrogation room, questioning the criminal of the day. I learned much, although I was just a 'little girl'. And I was well-taught in the freedoms we, as American have, and what would be done to us if we abused those freedoms.

What were you taught, Barry, when you were a child, about America, and its freedoms?

Who was there to teach you?

Your Kenyan 'so-called father', the Communist? You DO NOT RESEMBLE HIM.

Your pseudo-father, Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist? Neither do you RESEMBLE HIM.

Your mother, Stanley Anne, the Communist? You RESEMBLE HER.

Your Grandpa Stanley, the Communist? You RESEMBLE HIM.

Or your Grandma Madelyn, who, oh soooo conveniently died, right before your fixed election? Ah, the sympathy vote, but you do not resemble her!

You DO RESEMBLE, as does your daughter Malia, very much so, this guy!

When did George Soros become your mentor, Barry? Or perhaps I should ask, when did you become George Soros' puppet-BOY?

Is that when you began to 'take on' the Obama persona, and study the gestures of Malcolm X?

So you could duplicate them? Be like your 'dad'?

No matter what anyone thinks or says, we, as human beings, have only ONE mother and ONE father.

For many centuries, in most countries, our births have been recorded with the authorities of those states, those nations. The information is listed and filed: the father; the mother; the delivering physician; the place, time, and date.

Unless someone lies, or is trying to hide something, all the data are there, to be viewed and inspected.

Except YOUR data, Barry! You know, the stuff you've apparently spent millions of dollars to HIDE from 'We, the People'?

I think it's time to PUT UP OR SHUT UP, to stop pointing fingers.

To take the responsibility of telling the American people who you REALLY are and why you HATE America so!

With apologies to Elphaba...

Let's just say: I will be loathing her...my whole life long!

Ain't Photoshop GRAND? Warning: Satire Included

President Obama welcomes the BCS National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide to the White House

When will legislators realize...

...that MEDICAL MARIJUANA and a DIME BAG are not the same?

It seems to me that many of the people wanting to 'legalize' marijuana are pot-smokers, themselves, and don't give a rat's bum about those less fortunate, less healthy people who could use a hit or two to just make it through the day.

Marijuana can be a powerful drug, depending upon where and how it was grown. And MEDICAL MARIJUANA must be legalized. It is certainly less harmful than Vicodin or Oxycontin, and some other synthetic 'pain drugs' I was given several years ago when I was near death, and hospitalized due to a pulmonary embolism (that's a blood clot in the lung, for those of you who may not understand tech terms, which was about a quarter of an inch away from my heart).

Those who should be allowed MEDICAL MARIJUANA are looking for relief from pain, NOT for a 'POT HIGH'.

Here are a few 'snippets' from the article:

The Obama administration still opposes smoking marijuana for its medicinal benefit, says Tom McLellan, deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

He says more research is needed to deliver the medically useful ingredients in a non-smokable form.

"We have the safest medications in the world and it's not a coincidence. We have an enviable process by which we approve medications, and that's through the (Food and Drug Administration)," he says. "It's a bad idea to approve medication by popular vote."

The Obama administration opposes it? Most of them appear to be "on something", especially the Reader-in-Chief and his Chief-of-Staff!

Safest medications? BS!

Approve medication by popular vote? It's done all the time, by BIG Pharma--hence the side-effect warnings, which your doctors NEVER tell you about (which can, in some instances, include DEATH!).

Among the states considering marijuana bills this year:

*Alabama, Delaware,
New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, are debating allowing medicinal use of marijuana for people with certain illnesses;

*Hawaii and Rhode Island, are considering bills to reduce the penalties for marijuana possession to fines rather than jail time;

*Vermont is weighing whether to allow state-licensed liquor stores to sell medical marijuana.

Must be cold and dreary in Vermont! If you are prescribed MEDICAL MARIJUANA, it will be attainable at the local Walgreen's, or other such pharmacy--NOT at a 'liquor store'!

Rep. Gail Finney, a first-term Democrat, has proposed legalizing marijuana for use by the critically ill.

The bill is unlikely to pass this year, Finney says, but she wants to use the hearings to educate fellow lawmakers and plans to reintroduce it until it passes.

"It's time for Kansas to have an open, honest debate about this," she says.

She thinks many of her House colleagues would support the bill if they didn't fear backlash in an election year — a fear she says is unfounded.

A Feb. 2 poll of 500 Kansans by KWCH-TV in Wichita found 58% supported medical marijuana.

"If they were in touch and in tune with their constituents," Finney says, "they would know that this is what they want."


As I say, MEDICAL MARIJUANA and a DIME BAG are not the same!

More Rogers Park fog: Until the sun burns it off

A view from my window on 30JAN2010, showing the Farcroft (high-rise) and the city of Evanston, which is about two and half or three miles away (as the crow flies).

This morning, yesterday's fog continues to hover, and the Farcroft is indistinguishable, though it is less than 700 FEET away!

Traffic on Sheridan Road is slower than usual, again, due to lack of visibility.

For those of you who are not familiar with this area of Rogers Park, Lake Michigan is about a block away to the right in these shots.

Everything is soooo HARD for Barack-INSANE-Obama!

Obama criticises insurance firms amid healthcare push

And he is no longer good-looking, the angrier he gets. In fact, he's beginning to look more like his wifey.

Right here, he is saying, "It's hard...", and he thinks we are all IDIOTS.

Watch the video here.


No, Mister, what's HARD is to believe that you were able to BUY the presidency of the US with the help of George (effing) Soros and other Moslems!

That's what's HARD!

'Nuff said about healthcare...yet?