Saturday, January 2, 2010

There's an old saying...

..."There is no rest for the wicked." Perhaps that applies here?

Obama: 'We will not rest' until air terror plotters caught

(AFP) – 4 days ago

KANEOHE, Hawaii — US President Barack Obama on Monday vowed an all-out pursuit of plotters of a failed Christmas Day bombing of a US-bound airliner, vowing "we will not rest" until they are captured and tried.

You know the rest!

Notice the huge amount of focus on the terrorist situation (it really shows in the body English, doesn't it?).

And taking the family to a private showing of PG-13 rated "Avatar"? That really demonstrates his focus on the terrorist situation. Well, doesn't it?

BTW, is this a photo of the 'real' Obama--a graying, rapidly aging man, wearing glasses--or was this a silly attempt to be incognito? Or, maybe, just a day off from wearing his tinted contacts?

Interestingly, Newsweek reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Got Pre-Christmas Intelligence Briefing About Terror Threats to "Homeland"

He thinks he can go on doing as HE pleases because someone else will do the real work for him.

He was informed of the 'potential' terrorist situation before it occurred, and did NOTHING to keep Americans and others out of harms' way.

What a schlub!