Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Conan: Always a HOOT...and a half!

"Say a Prayer" and "My memories are exciting"...

...that's pretty much the story of my life.

But here, to say and sing it better than I ever could....

Just because we all do...need a little Christmas!

Nanny Michelle Apparently Knows Best?

This is the menu for Michelle Obama's now-passed ACT: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids.

First, I caution you. By virtue of Barack Obama saying he may have had to 'sleep on the couch' if this law was not passed, I propose that Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is nothing more than a self-seeking HARRIDAN, who will deny her own husband unless she gets her own way!


, she and her lovely assistants we all pay a mil and a half PLUS for per year, came up with the above menu.

MY comments, which were also posted in comments at http://www.michellesmirror.com/:

Sooooo...THIS is MOO's idea of what is going to dispel obesity in these United States, huh?

Do you know any child who is not Hispanic who will eat a 1/4 cup of JICAMA?

And any child who would follow that with cantaloupe wedges (year-round?) will be belching his way through English class, won't he?

What the great MOO has is no, I repeat NO, knowledge of is the 'mixing of foods'.

Why would you ever offer the mix of green beans, cauliflower, AND broccoli to a child...and follow it up with the acidity of kiwi fruit?

These poor children are going to be passing gas in class...to their detriment. And it's part of the Marxist way to break down society.

This so-called woman is very evil.

I am certain she has worked long and hard on this menu...to make it as effective as she possibly could to tear apart the dignity of the children of the citizens of the United States.

Remember...she is not elected...but apparently she RULES BARACK OBAMA'S BEDROOM (OR...so he says.)!

She is doing nothing more than trying to destroy our children's wills (as she has done, apparently, with her own children, who seem to be becoming her clones.).

And...she wants the PAYCHECK, badly, for her supposed 'good works').

Her attitude SUCKS.

Her look SUCKS.

And IMHO, Michelle Obama just SUCKS as the actress she tries sooooo hard to be!

Things are cracking in DC...specifically the Obamas.

She's trying to keep her image as 'Gaia', by wearing suede thigh boots with jersey, while he's STILL trying , hollow-eyed, to get over his first PERIOD (November 2nd!).

Omnibus? Earmarks? Just say NO to anything Obama!

Senator Coburn calls it not an 'Omnibus', but...OMNI-TERRIBLE!

Barack-INSANE-Obama has no, I repeat NO, concept of Economics, nor does his wide-hipped wifey.

Time for them to GO!

And...BTW...just what the hell is "Salmon Recovery"? Are the Dumbycrats proposing to CATCH the salmon (the usual thing, because salmon have been provided by our Creator as food) OR...send the salmon to SALMON TRAUMA EXPERTS,who will work furtively to help the salmon get over the trauma of the potential of being caught?

And furthermore, teach them the time-honored ways of the Mohammedans...salmon jihad...

I'll stop here...it's getting a bit surreal, don't you think?

Christmas in Chicago!

The lobby of the Harold Washington Library at State and Van Buren Streets

The Great Tree in Bloomingdale's on Michigan

The lobby of the Drake Hotel, Michigan and Walton

The Great Christmas Tree, with read and blue lights, at the base of the John Hancock Building, Michigan and Chestnut, downtown Chicago.

I almost went up to the Signature Room for a martini (costly), but decided to wait until I really have something to celebrate (other than just being ALIVE!).

And...I sure hope the Obamas have been monitoring this blog...so they can see what Barky's faux 'hometown' looks like this time of year!

Christmas Creativity!

It's really kind of pretty, after all the LED lights are added...don't you think?

But, I really hate how the commercials are snuck in!