Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama knows...

...he's nothing but the proverbial LAME DUCK PRESIDENT!

He wanted the fame and fortune connected with a presidenct, butt...he is a grossly lazy a$$, who would rather watch Sports (which he could NEVER achieve in, cuz he was such a druggie in his younger days).

I would not be surprised if, before 2012, he calls it quits...because Barack Hussein (Barky the Dog) Obama is a LOSER...and always has been a LOSER. Even MicHELLe has known that fact.

Unfortunately, we shall have to put up with the wifey until her days are final.

This seems to be his goal...

...before he dies.

Obama: GOP relying on fear, frustration instead of offering new ideas

Sooo, Barky, is THIS one of your new ideas? Erm...that would be your wifey, anyone in this photo, I guess, except for the one in the center with the very pointy nose!. Could you install her in a burqa right now, because I'd like to make certain she's out of the HELL of being FLOTUS!

Read the rest and tell me Barky Obama is not a sham and has a 'vision for the future'. He and his Alinskyites/Marxists are those who are making America fear...until...November comes, and Mr. 'I LOVE ESPN', tries to get off his duff. Barky Obama is DONE.