Sunday, November 28, 2010

RIP Officer Michael Flisk, CPD and Mr. Stephen Peters

So it goes like this?

Some nutcase who thinks they are entitled to everything decides to shoot a Chicago police officer in cold blood? And...another man, Stephen Peters, who was a retired CHA officer and former suburban cop?

I hope and pray this person is found soon, and strung up by their nether region!

We lost SWAT officer David Blake earlier in the week, but apparently that wasn't enough for these animals on the South side of Chicago.

Oh,...and no outrage yet from retiring Chicago "Crime Boss", Mayor Dick'em Daley! Guess the tryptophan from eating too much turkey put him to sleep, huh?

My condolences to both the Flisk and Blake families, and also to Mr. Peters family.

Now, guys and gals, get out there and find that dirty SOB!

'Tis the Season...well, almost!

Fourteen years ago today, my younger son perished in an automobile crash in Poland, where he was working on redesigning a pollution control system there.

This year, I resolved to keep myself busier than usual to avoid that still-deep wound and the morose, depressed feeling.

This is my window valance, which is normally just the vine hat and the faux branches I made several years ago from wire, kraft paper, flexible glue and floral tape. I painted them to look like copper with a patina.

I added gilded pears, small red balls had-painted with copper glitter dots, gold-brushed pine cones and a pleated coppery red ribbon. The large russet thing is a piece of all-natural fiber paper, which dims the glare when I am at my computer.

Next are my two 30" double-sided wreaths that I change every two years.

Red and green lights, red ornaments (some customized with thin gold ribbon), some glittery fronds, gold-brushed pine cones and a gold and red pleated ribbon.

Blue lights with silver balls, silver glitter branches, a faux crystal and silver bead garland, and an elegant silver-edged gossamer ribbon.

Though my hands do not accomplish this work as quickly as even 5 years ago, I am thankful to the Creator for granting me all sorts of artistic and technical talents!

As Christmas gets closer, I'll show you more of the smaller wreaths I'll be giving to nursing home residents. I now have a dozen finished, and hope to do a dozen (or so) more in the next two weeks. I'm hoping they'll bring some cheer to those who have no family.