Thursday, July 22, 2010

This troubles me, a lot!

Everyone screams the word "racism" or " you're a racist" without a thought about what those statements actually mean.

Apparently, because I care not for Barry Obama, nor do I care for his wife, I am a "racist".

Ooookay, because I do not particularly care for this mulatto who I feel is screwing up the United States, I am now a 'racist'.

A'ight foks, let's be gettin' this shiatt clear, now, mah brothahs an' sistahs!

How much you feelin' Barry cares about you? You got a job yet?

An' you talked to him, personally about this? When's the last time you had a personal, up'n' close, talk with Barack or Michelle Obama about your neighborhood problems?

When's the last time you talked with that woman--not you politicians, I mean the people on the street?

If you think she cares about you, then you are someone who thinks she is still a lawyer.

No, no, she was disgraced for some reason and had to surrender her law license back in 1994--SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.

Michelle Obama is no longer allowed to practice any kind of law--she is NO LONGER ALLOWED TO BE A LAWYER IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

Get dat? Yet?

Do you understand that now?

On top of that, she's telling you and your kids are FAT!

She is a disgraced lawyer, who is trying to control your destiny--who you and your family WANT to be, AND what you should EAT!

Tell me for certain that you want her and her hubby to make your life for you.

Yet another, for shell lovers...

...from Sanibel Island, again, yet this one seems almost petrified. The crackling is most peculiar, but the colors are quite true.