Friday, April 1, 2011

Because good friends must be good matter what


I know a man,

A man very well

Who can strike the strings

Better than Eddy

And bass strings better than Paul.

He is more than all...

Even ever...and...I guess

Because we are still friends.

It seems.

copyright 2011

In lieu of a video of my dear friend, I present his almost look-alike, Sir Paul McCartney.

You would have done this JT, if they'd have given you the chance, right?
I was simply trying to make a a good and old friend...Sorry, JT, but this is the only video I can find that Google did not 'taint' with its silly 1911 music!

Because everywhere else I Google turns everything into 1911 on Google--1911, yeah...when these creeps NEVER even existed.