Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have had quite enough of Barry Soetoro's lies, haven't you?

I am sincerely hoping and praying (watch out, now, PRAYER is powerful!) that he will somehow no longer be the pResident.

Whatcha think? Am I some sorta goober, or what?

And flies usually land on garbage, don't they?

The fake, misinformed Bee-shop now takes umbrage with me

UPDATE: I forgot to add my thought that the Bee-shop only contacted me because Bill Morton was the one who informed him of the post. Yes, that's right, Bill Morton, the Chicken-crap, ne'er-do-well-BEGGAR, President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, of which the fake-Bee-shop is Interim Treasurer. And Bill Morton will always have someone else do the 'dirty work' for him, because he is the laziest human being I have ever some across in all my 64 years. Take heed, fake-Bee-shop, because you are doing Bill Morton's 'dirty work' by sending this e-mail. Do not forget: Bill Morton is from Elmwood Park, the home of the Chicago Outfit, where he learned from other wannabe wise guys how to "game" people, including you!

The fake-Bee-shop, doing his television show on CAN-TV, Chicago, replete in costume, because he has this 'costume fetish' or something.

His e-mail to me:

Your recent blog has been brought to my attention.

First of all, I am not interested in your blog and I am even less interested in the racist and sexist
(?) tone of it. You have the right to speak and publish anything you want. You have the same rights as any racist organization within this country.

(How much Kool-aid have you had, lately? And may I ask if you think ACORN or the 'New Black Panthers' might be racist? And is RADICAL ISLAM not sexist? Just curious. It is so nice that David Orr's office has trained you well in 'the Chicago Way'. I would counter with the fact that there is a First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which allows me my right to free speech).

You may apply any snide comments or remarks about my vocation to the priesthood and to the pastoral office I hold within my community. I sincerely don't care.

(Then, why are you sending me this e-mail? A feeling of guilt, possibly?)

I do suggest that you reflect upon your statement that I am threatening you or your safely in any manner or form. Aside from your overt blogging racism, the recklessness of your comments only reinforces to me a lack of firm footing of emotion and psychological reality. I encourage you to seek evaluation and assistance, for I have never done anything that would place you in any form of harms way.

(And I would say, yet again, that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, which I seeded with necesary monies to establish itself, is IN ARREARS in repayment to me, and that you, as 'Interim Treasurer', are a FAILURE at your job.)

Ever since Bill discontinued his relationship with you,

Excuse me, I am the one who 'discontinued that relationship' by "RESIGNING" from the position of Secretary/Treasurer of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce)

you have begun of (SIC) journey of obsession with him. Do you not think that it is time for you to move on with your life?

(Do you not think the Chamber should pay its debt to the co-founder, who has been very patient?)

Your "fatal attraction" towards him will only lead you to more emotional pain and suffering.

(I have no 'fatal attraction' to this grifter, this ne'er do well beggar of Rogers Park. That seems to be your 'Bee-shop' imagination going wild, yet again. I only want my pay-back for monies invested, and as YOU are the 'Interim Treasurer' of this organization, it remains up to you to be true to your word, which you have not been, at all.)

Rather than tarnishing your name and reputation with these outlandish comments and claims, do you not think it time for a new avenue in you life?

(BTW, you have already 'tarnished' me by not paying the $500 owed on the second installment, as per your own letter which I received on 30DEC2009. This, as you consider it, is an 'outlandish comment'? And, exactly how am I to establish a 'new avenue' in my life, without the monies that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce seemingly will not repay?)

Would you not perfer
(SIC) a life that has some meaning and direction to one that you have embraced?

(I have put up with enough of your misspellings. Do you not understand 'Spellcheck'?)

I have no hatred towards you. I have deep pity for current state of your life - a state that you have brought yourself to.

(You had better have some 'deep pity', because Bill Morton, the 'ne'er do well beggar of Rogers Park', will soon turn and drop you as a best friend, my dear--and when that happens, do NOT come crying to me! As soon as you stop bringing him pizzas from the Southside, with which he feeds his now-injured dog)

You have every right to be as racist and sexist as you wish with your life and your blogging.

(It is very interesting, your accusation of not only RACIST, but SEXIST, too? Then, I would suggest, that you have a very limited vocabulary, brought on by Liberalism...and you have no concept, exactly, of who I am...the one who offered you all the conveniences of my home, who offered you the special foods you seemed to require, the one who offered you friendship, though it seems now that means NOTHING to you.)

Please be assured that I have no desire to waste my time or energy with your blog. But I shall demand that you end your comments that I have or am threatening your safety and on this issue I shall not be shy in exercising any and all rights I have to protect myself from your recklessness.
(You have no right to 'demand' anything. I have the right to demand repayment! Put that in your crack-pipe, Bee-shop, and smoke it!)

I demand that these references be removed from your blog.

+James Alan Wilkowski
PS: For the record my only blog is Bishop James Alan Wilkowski.

(And a sad bit of bloggery it is, for which I shall not place a link. A self-established Bee-shop? Of a phony 'Evangelical' religion? Because he does not care for the office of Pope, but declares himself BISHOP? Phony, just like a Barry Soetoro $2 bill!)

For all this BS from the Bee-shop, the fact remains that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is in almost a month into arrears on monies that were 'said' to be paid at the end of June.
And yet another fact remains: this self-anointed Bee-shop is in collusion with Bill Morton, the self-elected president of Roges Park Chamber of Commerce.

How does it feel, Bee-shop James Alan Wilkowski, to be an 'aider and abetter'?

And, while you are at it, go back and learn how to 'PROOFREAD' your writings, or didn't they teach that on the Southside of Chicago?

A New Feature Today...On Libraries

It will be known as: Another Thousand Words...On, and then the subject, which today is: On Libraries.

When is the last time you visited a library (which is pronounced LIE-BRAIR-REE, not LI-BERRY).

So, when's the last time?

And the last time you actually sat down, or lay down, to read a book?

On October 8, 1871, a massive fire churned its way through most of downtown Chicago, devouring the near Southside (2200 South) and most everything in its windpath up to Fullerton Avenue, which is 2400 North.

There was a great amount of devastation and destruction, including the well-established Chicago Public Library.

Chicago and its citizens were quick to rebuild the downtown area, and finally, after shuttling around the downtown area, in 1893, a building was constructed at the northwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington Street, which we now know as the Cultural Center.

Queen Victoria of England and other Englishmen, through a process called 'the English Book Donation', had gifted Chicago with some 8,000 books soon after. No doubt she and her countrymen, including Benjamin Disreali, did this due to their remembrance of the Great London Fire in September of 1666, which depleted much of England's own history.

Now known as the Chicago Cultural Center, this is the cornerstone of the rebuilt Chicago Library, at the northwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington Street

Today, the main Chicago Library, named in honor of deceased Mayor Harold Washington, stands at the southwest corner of State and Van Buren Streets, easily accessible via Brown, Orange and Green Lines, or a number of bus routes.

So, again, when was the last time you visited one of Chicago's now 70+ neighborhood libraries?

What I'm reading this week:

There is a stalker here...

...and because I moderate comments through a filter, I am sorry that the nice folks who appreciate my photography and other things have to wait until I get around to that moderation.

Without even calling up Stat Counter, I know it is one or the other of two people who are harassing, even threatening me.

It is either the Bishop, under a pseudonym of "Honesty and Responsibility"--OR it is Mikey "Off his meds again"--Chicago Shadows, if you even want to click. I would not.

The man is apparently off his required meds, again. I was introduced to him by the now infamous ne'er-do-well of Rogers Park, Bill Morton. And I have regretted that intro ever since.

He's become nasty (and I mean really nasty, such as threatening death!) and was threatening before, until I called him out.

So, I am calling you out again, you who call yourself GIO!

Have your nurse/wife help you, unless you've already done her in at this point.

You have an illness, which can and has been treated, until you decide you don't need that any longer.

Stay away from my site, Mikey. I never did anything to you. Why not place your hatred towards Bill Morton for a change? He doesn't care for your BS, either, I am certain.

And if this is not you, Mikey, then it's the wonderful friend of Bill Morton and Interim-Treasurer of the now ill-fated Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, Cook County Slaver under David Orr--Fake Bishop James Alan Wilkowski.

You've tried to call me out before...and I countered you with the fact that
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is DERELICT in its duties to repay seed monies.

Matter o' fact, JIMBO, it's coming up on yet another month, August, and the Chamber is getting further and further behind in its repayment to me. Remember, JIMBO, I have the 'signed-by-you' letter which I have posted previously), saying the Chamber would repay me $500 on June 31st. You were being so 'Southside mob cute', weren't you, when you made up that fake date?

However, I take your word, now, and throw it out with my garbage.

You LIE, Fake Bishop..

Bill Morton LIES.

What does Toni Duncan, the self-professed Wiccan have to say about all of this?

Have you had her try to 'throw a curse upon me'? Guess it didn't work, if she even thought she could attempt it. She knows very well who I am...from olden days.

I am a strong, very strong American woman...who has been through a lot of grief and tragedy...I have grown from that, and am impervious to anything you, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce NUTCASES, think you can dish out to me.