Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There is a stalker here...

...and because I moderate comments through a filter, I am sorry that the nice folks who appreciate my photography and other things have to wait until I get around to that moderation.

Without even calling up Stat Counter, I know it is one or the other of two people who are harassing, even threatening me.

It is either the Bishop, under a pseudonym of "Honesty and Responsibility"--OR it is Mikey "Off his meds again"--Chicago Shadows, if you even want to click. I would not.

The man is apparently off his required meds, again. I was introduced to him by the now infamous ne'er-do-well of Rogers Park, Bill Morton. And I have regretted that intro ever since.

He's become nasty (and I mean really nasty, such as threatening death!) and was threatening before, until I called him out.

So, I am calling you out again, you who call yourself GIO!

Have your nurse/wife help you, unless you've already done her in at this point.

You have an illness, which can and has been treated, until you decide you don't need that any longer.

Stay away from my site, Mikey. I never did anything to you. Why not place your hatred towards Bill Morton for a change? He doesn't care for your BS, either, I am certain.

And if this is not you, Mikey, then it's the wonderful friend of Bill Morton and Interim-Treasurer of the now ill-fated Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, Cook County Slaver under David Orr--Fake Bishop James Alan Wilkowski.

You've tried to call me out before...and I countered you with the fact that
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is DERELICT in its duties to repay seed monies.

Matter o' fact, JIMBO, it's coming up on yet another month, August, and the Chamber is getting further and further behind in its repayment to me. Remember, JIMBO, I have the 'signed-by-you' letter which I have posted previously), saying the Chamber would repay me $500 on June 31st. You were being so 'Southside mob cute', weren't you, when you made up that fake date?

However, I take your word, now, and throw it out with my garbage.

You LIE, Fake Bishop..

Bill Morton LIES.

What does Toni Duncan, the self-professed Wiccan have to say about all of this?

Have you had her try to 'throw a curse upon me'? Guess it didn't work, if she even thought she could attempt it. She knows very well who I am...from olden days.

I am a strong, very strong American woman...who has been through a lot of grief and tragedy...I have grown from that, and am impervious to anything you, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce NUTCASES, think you can dish out to me.