Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh, how I miss it! Video Production!

And working with my friend, JT, my video mentor...I wish I had a pic or 2 but we never had much time...I guess that what comes...from growing older. I really miss working with another genius.

I kept up, more than he knows, with the technology. I miss my old friend, tremendously.

I've never made promises lightly...

...because eveyone needs a little more Sting...on a heavy winter's night!

The Obamas have no concept of this concert...

...because Sting has never been part of their entourage.

For all that she has been, I would be sorry to see her go this way....

Rep: Liz Taylor hospitalized with congestive heart failure symptoms

Apparently, just another Tequila Sunrise for Barky Obama

A hugmongous bunch of Moslems in the streets? If I had been Hosni Mubarak, I'd have left Egypt, too! Because the Moslems multiply like PIGS!

The Moslems think they can take over Egypt, don't they? What will they do? Slice off everyone's head? And remain, IMHO, THE F'ING RELIGION OF PIECES?

And our own self-proclaimed American leader, Barack Hussein Obama (as he is known these days), the pretender-Caliph (which is what he really seems to want to be) has been throwing hissy-fits because he didn't get his own way?

Now that Mubarak seems to have resigned, and fled the country (which should be done, to avoid assassination), are Barky and MOO clinking the Margarita glasses, while eating wagyu sliders and french fries, oh my?

"Take another shot of courage
Wonder why the right words never come
You just get numb
It's another tequila sunrise,
this old world still looks the same,
Another frame, mm..."

And the freeze-frames, under Obama...just keep goin' on, don't they?