Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always thinking of others, isn't he?

In case you don't remember, today is the NINTH anniversay of Muzzle 'ems attacking and destroying the World Trade Towers (and many other adjacent buildings) in New York City, killing (murdering!) almost 3,000 people.
Would Bill Morton make any note of that?
Of course not, because he, like Barky Obama, is a narcissist--it's ALL about him, and his 'chick-magnet' dog.
Saddest is this: he claims to be President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, yet is not able to pay me back the $1,000+ I posted to get that entity off the ground.
Nor, has he the balls to even address his personal debt to me of $1,425 cash for his rent, in order to allow him to continue living at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue, Apt. 803, here in Rogers Park, 60626.
Bill Morton=DUD!

When I think...

...About the almost 3,000

Who perished 9 years ago today

And think

About what great things

They could have accomplished

Over the past 9 years

My heart hurts

Even if only 2

Were geniuses

Think of what we have missed

Due to greed

And intense hatred