Tuesday, June 8, 2010

143 years ago...

...this man was born...

...and went on to create some spectacular architecture, much of which still survives.

Wright's studio in Oak Park, Illinois

Robie House in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois

Fallingwater, 50 miles southest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Emil Bach House, 7415 N. Sheridan Road, in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois

D-Day...not forgotten, never to be forgotten!

I did not forget about the thousands who gave their lives for our freedom on June 6, 1944. Computer 'gremlins' prevented me from posting.

These soldiers sacrificed the ultimate gift to Man--their lives--while our current President failed to even make mention of that fact. He cannot, you see, because he is NOT an American, not at all, in his heart (or lack thereof).

My Dad was not in the war 'over there'. He was here, in the States, in Milwaukee, being a police patrolman, and in 1953, he became a Detective. He, too, died...16 years ago yesterday, June 7th.

My Dad's Patrolman Badge

This time of the year is always sad, but for a President to make things worse by disregarding those who gallantly fought so that some 'COLD FISH' like him could end up in that office?
Unconscionable! And unforgivable!

Quote for Then, but especially Now

"I believe there are more instances
of the abridgment of the freedom of the people
by gradual and silent encroachments
of those in power
than by violent and sudden usurpations."

James Madison
4th President of the US

Obama Loses One--BIG TIME!