Wednesday, April 6, 2011


...none of you care for this.

I might suggest you study ART for the 50+ years as I have...
and also know that digital photograpy IS an art form.

Addendum: many of these are shots from where I used to live, and downtown Chicago during the Christmas season.

Anyone out there ever even TRIED to take a chance?

Apparently, all you lost souls don't even appreciate the effort I made in choosing the music.

Is the US just a place...too?

Not? It is where I was born, almost 65 years ago, for which I have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to prove I was born that particular day, at that particular time, ACCORDING TO THE DOCTOR (MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL) that he was for over 50 years!).

Barky Obama refuses to release, after two and almost a half years now, any relevant info re: his past.

Any of you who continue to trust THE LIAR are nothing but dupes!

Without our traditions...

...if we indeed have any...WHAT would our lives be like? Are we destined, as citizens of the United States of America, to become SHUNNED in the world--thanks to the Obama administration?

Though all we may have is 'tradition' from our immigrant 'fathers', I am concerned...that Mr. Obama NEVER HAD A FATHER.  A real father, to teach him.  All he seems to have had was Frank Marshall Davis, who taught him how to STAIN HIS SHORTS.

That may have a impact, considering Mr. Trump's theory, yes?As citizens of these great United States, our lives have become shaky, haven't they?

Personally, I'm feeling as if I am a resident of Anatevka, not Chicago.