Saturday, May 28, 2011

Please...Remember Me

Have you ever been there? I have.


...never forget those who died to keep us FREE.

Just for fun...

...and memories for some of you (and Me).

Amazing Grace - Bagpipes

THINK...about why you are FREE

My Home...Sweet Home

As you party this Memorial Day weekend...

...remember this:

We, the citizens of the United States of America, ONLY remain free
because of these men and women who have vowed to lose their lives
in order for YOU to keep yours.

A l'l bit more Mandy

Just because I, and many others, admire him so for what he did for Broadway.

Mandy Patinkin - Children Will Listen your children, please?

I must add...

this is the most IMPORTANT video I could share with every parent.

Please, listen to this song, and listen to Mandy...if you can ignore this lovely video, I would call you "OBAMA".

My Boy BILL: Gordon McRae

Just because we should never forget this man...and his wonderful voice.