Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kaczynski Funeral

The late President's twin brother, Jaroslaw, and the Kaczynski's daughter, Marta, and her husband.

The caskets in St. Mary's Basilica on Krakow, Poland.

Tens of thousands were outside the basilica and lining the way of the funeral cortege to Wawel Hill, the place of burial.


This was a poignantly sad, but beautifully traditional Catholic funeral. It was long, yet worth every minute of watching the people of Poland express their love for the Kaczynskis. May they continue to be strong!

(The Obamas did not attend due to the ashiness over Europe from Iceland's unpronounceable volcano.

They would have been bored, anyway.)

This lovely beauty...

...escaped the confines of the Emil Bach House tulips (see previous post) and now resides on the neighboring property.

You get a chance to 'look inside', if you've never done that.

There is certainly more Truth in a single tulip than in all politicians, isn't there?

Frank Lloyd Wright would be pleased!

The Emil Bach House, designed and built by Wright in 1915, has been slowly and lovingly being restored by its new owners. It is located at 7415 N. Sheridan Road, in Rogers Park.

View from the alleyway

One can actually see the grounds now that excess vineage is being cleared and new sod has been laid.