Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Census and Daley the Anarchist

Shown here is the 2010 US Census form which you received in the mail this past week.

Note the bright red arrow pointing to the highlighted area. Click to enlarge.

"Do not count anyone living away either at college or in the Armed Forces"

Pretty straightforward, isn't it?

This is one of the long-standing rules of the census, and guess who is telling you to break that rule, that law?

Why, da Mare, Dopey Dick'em Daley, of course!

Daley wants Chicago college students who study out of town counted as city residents on Census

Mayor Richard M. Daley wants Chicagoans to count their out-of-town college student children on their household U.S. Census forms, even though a local Census official said those students should be counted at their colleges.

The difference of opinion between the two officials drew laughter from a crowd of seniors at the Abbot Park Senior Services Center on the South Side today, where officials were encouraging Chicagoans to fill out census forms.

In response to audience questions, Stanley D. Moore, regional director of the Chicago Regional Office for the U.S. Census Bureau, said the law requires that students be counted at their colleges.

“The law says that if they’re in school, we count them where they live on April 1, 2010,” Moore said.

But Daley said the students are coming home for spring break and should be counted here April 1, so Chicago can take advantage of the government money that results from more people being counted.

“If your son or daughter is living in your home five months a year almost or more than that, they’re home for Christmas, they’re home for Easter break. . . they’re home for June, July, August and September. . . it’s simple as that,” Daley told reporters after the event.


Not only is he dopey, he's GREEDY! He is an elected 'servant of the people' telling the people to break the law!

It's time for him to resign--period!