Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tell me, ya think he looks OK? Or not?

Last night, in Martha's Vineyard (who the hell is Martha, BTW, and I am not seeing any kind of "Vineyard"? It's an island, and there doesn't seem to be any 'great grape growing region' there, only TOURISM! And freakin' ICE CREAM SHOPS!)

Is Inkwell Beach so black-oriented, that all they can think to do is "Let's go have ice cream"?

The Inkwell, courtesy Robert Abel

(And, maybe that's a good thing? Butt, certainly not for anyone's waistline or hips though, is it, Michelle?).

Look at him. Here's a zoom shot of Barky Obama. Think he looks 'wholesome', eating 'organic veggies' from the lead-contaminated White House garden Michelle works so hard at...

...either he's suffering from lead poisoning, or trying to hold in his dentures, or the food wasn't so good? Whatsamattah, Barky?

I have a very strong feeling this man is quite ill. Based upon his autobiographical writings regarding his relationship with "Frank", he may be HIV positive, or even have AIDS (he himself remarked about "amber pants", which pretty much describes mutual anal penetration.).

Sooo, talk ta Barky himself about it, anyone who feels disgusted! He wrote that piece of garbage, I didn't!

He certainly has some sort of 'wasting disease', if you just take a look at how his fave White Sox cap is now too large!

Just a reminder...

...in 68 days, there will be a great vote.

Will you be a great voter?

If you are at all sensible, you'll have dumped the Kool-aid by now and started to use your own brain again.

If you have not, I feel only a bit of pity for you, but ask you to read everything you can, everyday, about your candidate AND his/her party.

Are they of the party who chooses to join the endless 'parties' in D.C., which is becoming know quickly as 'Dizzy City'?

If partying is what you desire, GO PAY FOR A PARTY YOURSELF!

If 'rule of law' is what you desire, then please use the brain given you by the Great Creator, and vote for decency and respect of the US Constitution!

There...I've said it!

Now how will YOU vote?

ON: Flowers of summer

Today's flower is a pinkish Hollyhock, growing on W. Fargo Avenue here in Rogers Park.

I've seen only a few of these somewhat 'old-fashioned' flowering plants here.

Have they fallen out of favor, for some reason?

They are perennials, and will come up, year after year, and pretty much multiply slowly and take care of themselves.

I think they are lovely, and don't understand why the species seems to be soooo neglected in Rogers Park, an older neighborhood in Chicago.

I could hear this tree falling...

...because I was not in the forest.

Several days ago, I could hear a distant chain saw, on and off, for a great part of the day. Today, I photot'd the old tree, which once stood at the southwest corner of Fargo Avenue and Sheridan Road, here in Rogers Park.

It had a great hollow, which signified disease and rotting. The following show what I saw:

Who knew it was rotted away from the center of its soul?

Kind of like my nasty troll, who ID'd himself BTW...Michael Giovanelli, AKA Mike F. Harris, AKA Toto, AKA Anonymous, AKA Honesty and Responsibilty. Apparently, I got to the crux by accusing him of being Bill Morton (sorry, Bill, but I had to draw Mikey out, and after all--he was your friend through your stupid Ghosthunters group!).

So Mikey, a now 37 or so? year old, supposedly degreed psychologist whose wife is a nurse at Misericordia Center in Chicago (which Mikey is totally familiar with, and he also seems to have a fascination for any type of mental facilities), outed himself via Comments, none of which I shall let you see, as there are 31 of them, and I would rather you not read his hateful ravings.

On the other hand, here are a few:

I hope they build the mosque. We need more pissed off Americans!
Mike F. Harris on RE: The Ground Zero Mosque/Islamic Community Cent... on 8/20/10

By the way. My real name is Mike Giovannelli-Harris. I started going by Mike Harris because that was my way of honoring my dead Chicago Police officer grandfather Michael F. Harris who I am missing very much right now. I do not like Bill Morton, and from the information you divulged to the whole world, it goes to show "What comes around goes around". I did nothing to you other than stop you and Bill from writing on my blog because i wanted it to be non-political. I could have talked to you first, but you had said some things that I didn't like so I over reacted. Post that on your blog will ya for God's sake. You know damn right well i am not a bad guy, so Karma on you. And you didn't let me write on your blog...did I get hurt? I am sorry about your pain that you endure, my mother who is your age is in pain too. Same as you, just as bad. Thanks for blasting me because it was worth getting the scoop on Bill Morton. So if nobody goes to my blog, you still made me a very happy man
See more... because that skunk screwed me too. Why can't we be friends. I don't take advantage of people and I can't stand Obama. Your blog is going to be posted on mine and I am going to write good things about it. Maybe I'll get good Karma.
Mike F. Harris on I have another new follower! Oh, joy, an old trol... on 8/20/10

And then, this...

I'm the Joker! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHHHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA! Mentally ill blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny that you should make fun of people who are mentally ill when you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous on
I have another new follower! Oh, joy, an old trol... on 8/21/10

So, now do you understand a bit more or why I posted in the manner I did?

A question comes to mind: Would he rave about his own mother being 'an old wrinkled hag'? I bet she'd beat his butt with a spiedini!

I placed the post last week, "I have another new follower" specifically to draw out this man.

I sincerely do not know his problem with me, nor do I know him well, for that matter. I think I spoke with him maybe four or five times. He was a friend of Bill Morton's, kind of like extra baggage, but Michael Giovanelli did do ONE good thing in his life for me.

He offered transport, and when I asked if he could take me to buy this computer on which I now write, he agreed. So, I thank him for that...and I did have him over (sans wife cuz she didn't want to come) for pizza and beers once.

But...then...he seemed to go off some meds, and turned really strange, like losing control, and the wife, when I asked her about this, got really PO'd at me, and wrote some pretty hateful stuff herself (it's called DENIAL, and it's not a river in Egypt, my dear).

The last time (16MAR2009) I saw Michael Giovanelli/Honesty and Responsibility/Mike F. Harris/ Toto/Anonymous, he looked like this:

He was trying to host a Ghosthunters Group (Bill Morton) meeting in Quest Network Services (Kristofer Luck) Parlor and showed up not in make-up, but BLACK PAINT...and also, for some reason, became quite antagonistic toward me. I left the room, sat by and talked with his "very-concerned-looking-wife" for a while, and left.

And he has been very NASTY, occasionally, to me ever since. Apparently his own mother never taught him to "Respect your Elders".

For all that, AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF, Mikey, I wish you and your nameless nurse/wife all the best of times with David Axelrod's daughter--after all, you bragged you've spoken with her...apparently you as a patient, yes?