Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You must watch this!

I have tried, via Google's directions, to post this as video.

It did not work. I was waiting over 2 hours for this video to load.

See it for yourself here, and then tell me how Islam is the religion of peace, and not pieces.

Three Things About Islam

Learn about Islam, whether they say they are 'Peaceful' or not, they will use taquiyya, outright LIES, as Obama does, to further their entrenchment into everyday American life!

To, I hope, a friend...

I placed a comment on

It went like this:

As you are Always on Watch, I am merely always watching.

First, let me convey my empathy re: your situation. I experienced something similar with my father back in the late 80s, before the invention of the Internet, which allows us to speak some of our frustrations. I pray for you both. Have patience, and continue to be strong.

I am wondering lately (for the past 30 years!) about this two-party system, especially wondering about the cross-overs which continue to occur.

I feel if one is Liberal, then one should be of the LIBERAL party...and if Conservative, then be of the CONSERVATIVE party, and stop all this nonsense of donkeys and elephants (as so many are half-arsed and others are half-trunked!).

I feel most Americans would like to vote simply--for the candidate of their choice--and not be told they must follow a party-line.

Besides that, neither party IS a party, are they?

They are cruel and crude and so very politically greedy that any of them, Democrat or Republican, would probably stomp on their own parents' graves!

Why I love and respect the Swiss...wouldn't you...

...after watching this?

Watch and see why Switzerland is what it is...neutral to the Obama!

Switzerland is a beautiful country, beyond beautiful, quite frankly.
I also appreciate their concept of time, and their precision made manifest in this video.

Thanks so for showing this Parkway Rest Stop!

Time is sometimes a great cleanses

"Since he had the fly on his face. I cannot picture him without it"

No copyright on this, so use it as you feel justified!

Probably, most likely...

...this is the subject of my next large painting.

It is also a 'for-show' photo, which I have cropped differently, because I have been working diligently to get a show of my mature digital work.

And, just for kicks tonight...

...the atrium of the supposed house of Christopher Columbus (Casa di Colombo) in Genova (c.1982).

"I have been many places and done many strange things in my life, but to BE in Italy was the most exciting!"

If you like shells, as I do...

...because I marvel at their beauty, you might like these.

The perfect volute of the shell. A volute requires an extensive formula to draw, as I found out years ago in drafting class. The volute becomes the capital of the Corinthian Column.

A more dramatic view of the volute of the shell.

I tipped it to see more of the inside, which is quite translucent.

I am not able to ID this particular shell, which I have had for years, but I do know and understand that, at one time, a particular salt-water sea animal was its inhabitant.

The shell came to me as a gift, with many others picked up at Sanibel Island, which is right off Fort Myers on the West Coast of Florida.

I would hope and I do pray that these lovely animals do not get destroyed, as so many others have due to the NON-EXPEDIENCY of Barack Obama's handling of the Gulf Coast DISASTER.

Oh, both he and his MRS. can come visit all they want--neither of them have any power to do much of anything but dress badly and behave badly...what matters is "What has happened to LIFE (both Man's and Animal's) in the Gulf, and can it ever be reversed".

Time will tell--and time, also, is Obama's great misfortune.

Tonight's dinner...

...was Strawberry Swirl New York Cheesecake from in Florida.

I don't know if they are really 'fathers', but it was YUM!

I exchange these calories once in a great while, because dessert IS my right, no matter what the "ever-growing-fatter-who-can't-zip-her-pants fake first lady" says!!

She, Mrs. "O-Flab-Arms", Mrs. "O-Buddha-Belly", Mrs. "O-Wighat-cuz-you-fried-your-hair-tryin'-to-look-white"...she is the one who has no right to tell me, a born-American, what to eat!

And that's that! Period!!

This is the Most Likeable Face of Officer Michael Bailey

With a bit of UPDATE.

Officer Michael Bailey, killed while off-duty as Mayor Daley's protector, on Sunday morning, 18JUL2010. May he rest in The Peace of the Creator.

It is time to do some snitchin', folks.

Yeah, you folks, on the Southside of Chicago. You know who killed Officer Bailey, just as well as you know who killed Officers Thor Soderberg, Thomas Wortham, and Alejandoro Valadez.

You KNOW, so get some balls and come forward with the info!

And you know this was 'black-on-black', gang-related crime!

Was it YOUR son or daughter who shot this wonderful man to front of his house?


You might want to ask why I, an older white woman, made this post.

Well, it's because my father was POLICE, and my uncles were POLICE, and my own brother was POLICE.

It's no matter where the POLICE are, they are all BROTHERS.

And I feel as if a brother of mine (almost the same age), Michael Bailey, was taken away from ME--yes, taken away from a white woman who did not even know him, YET, he was like my brother.

It is time now, to put all the racial stuff aside.

It is time now, to understand our elected officials are trying very hard to set us against each other.

It is time now, to know we are Americans, by birth.

And that we are here, regardless of our color, to have the freedom which the United States Constitution guarantees us.

It is time, now, to demand that freedom, the freedom which our neighborhoods need so greatly.
It is time, now, to push away the reverends and other religious leaders who are nothing but scammers.

It is time, now, for you to take back your neighborhoods from the gangs.

Think about it...ISN'T IT TIME, NOW?