Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And a little show you the REAL Michelle Obama

The simiarities between Michelle Obama and Eva Peron seem to be much more prominent that those comparisons between Mrs. Obama and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Look and listen, to this excerpt from EVITA.

Tell me, truthfully, how and why you cannot compare Eva Peron to Michelle Obama, and her intense desire for POWER.

A very special THANK YOU to Mandy Patinkin...Mandy, I've watched and waited for MORE, and pray you are well?

You may wonder, yes, you may...

...why I posted the previous.

Because, simply, I know 'Evita' by heart.

I worked the 'first national tour', which hit Milwaukee...and I was placed on the IATSE crew for the load-in.  And had the advantage of hanging with the out-of-town crew, along with several other local union guys.

In those days, I was considered 'one of the guys'.  And I worked my A$$ off for that.

'Evita' came into Milwaukee with seven, yes 7, the early 80s, that was the largest show ever.

I still am proud to have been a part of that crew which raised the balcony of the 'Casa Rosada' on a RAKED stage, rubber mat-covered and full of holes, which actually hid the PAR-cans...or as you may know them, airport landing lights.

As I am now 65, and still totally FEMALE, I look back and loved my time when I was able to make other women be recognized as ABLE to work with union guys.

Because, right now, unions make me quite sick!

Was I WRONG? What both Obamas never learned

The USA is not the Argentina of the 1930s...sheesh...get over it!

And, what with Barky sanctioning the double tap of Osama, and his wifey wanting to control everything we EAT...

...Oh, has the world turned yet, on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Isn't it interesting, how history can repeat itself?

I thought, once, we were united, as citizens of the United States of America.

Was I wrong?

Do you really think...

...Rahm Emanuel, the mayor-elect of Chicago, will remember ANY of his choreography?  Especially re: GANGS here in the city?

Does anyone know the 'dance' he has planned with these murderous gang members?

Perhaps, something like this? 

I must add, however, that the many wonderful Jewish people I have known in my now-65 years, have tended to return to the religion of their childhood, and tended to lose their liberal ways in favor of the G-D of their fathers and mothers.

Rahm, as you approach 50 years on this earth, you might consider from where you came?

Instead of watching these two...

...inept incompetents...

...I prefer these two...who were TRUE US STARS--not phoney pieces of crud like the Obamas!


And, yes...

...I am so totally ignoring Barky and his wifey.


Because I am soooooo sick of their lying, and their ideas of retribution--childish...they both remain childish.

I also have an African couple (don't know where they are from) right next door...and they are THE MOST TERRIBLE NEIGHBORS.  My life, lately, has been dominated by these asinine people, who let their children be as violent and whiningly noisy as possible--at ALL hours of the day...and night.
As a result, my own health has been compromised...because of waking in the middle of the night to a child's UNANSWERED cries; because hearing that 1 yr old's cries first thing in the morning and last thing at night, followed by his older (4 1/2-5) brother's absolutely violent-sounding retorts to his own parents.

I think, also, there has been some child abuse...because since yesterday, when I made my third 'formal' complaint, stating I was suspect of that CRIME, everything has been very subdued and somewhat quiet.  When a young child cries out:  "Stop it, stop it, stop it!", and gives the most blood-curdling scream a young child can give...then is apparently hurtled gagainst the wall a number of times, and begins to kick the cabinetry, and then sobs incoherently for half an hour--well, what would you think might be going on?

And I am told by my building mangement's representative:  "Well, call 911."

Isn't that interesting?

I am still ready however, with the 'non-emergency' number for Chicago Police...and when I hear anything--ANYTHING--untoward, I shall call immediately.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED:  Not all immigrants are WORTHY of becoming citizens of the United States.

Learn that, Barky!

State Street, that great street, I just wanna say...

...there are some of the greatest tulips there.

That's all.

The ever-fragile Yellow Magnolia

As some who have been 'regular' readers know, I have been painting a close-up of a yellow magnolia for quite a while.

Last year's photo op was totally done in by wind and rain.  Such a disappoitment.

This May, they look like this:  Many more buds, and many beautiful blooms...though they are so fragile, damaged by the slightest wind, which now is blowing heavily along Chicago's northermost shore.  I expect tomorrow to see nothing but damage.

But here are yesterday's results:

As usual, I will expect some sort of deprecating comment from my troll, Michael Giovanelli.

HO, HUM...and then the drum routine, as the lawyers and police take him away for cyber-stalking, and libel, and anything else they may find to charge him with.
Your time is coming, Mikey...we know where you are....