Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You may wonder, yes, you may...

...why I posted the previous.

Because, simply, I know 'Evita' by heart.

I worked the 'first national tour', which hit Milwaukee...and I was placed on the IATSE crew for the load-in.  And had the advantage of hanging with the out-of-town crew, along with several other local union guys.

In those days, I was considered 'one of the guys'.  And I worked my A$$ off for that.

'Evita' came into Milwaukee with seven, yes 7, the early 80s, that was the largest show ever.

I still am proud to have been a part of that crew which raised the balcony of the 'Casa Rosada' on a RAKED stage, rubber mat-covered and full of holes, which actually hid the PAR-cans...or as you may know them, airport landing lights.

As I am now 65, and still totally FEMALE, I look back and loved my time when I was able to make other women be recognized as ABLE to work with union guys.

Because, right now, unions make me quite sick!