Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama heads for Qatar to boost ties with Muslims

He's getting redder all the time

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama’s charm offensive on Muslim states comes to a weekend forum in Qatar, where he will send a video message and his chief diplomat will give a speech, organizers said Thursday.

Obama will deliver his message to the seventh annual US-Islamic World Forum in the Qatari capital, which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will attend Sunday with other senior US officials, The Brookings Institution said. (Maybe not, now that Bill is a bit down under!)

The gathering, organized by the think-tank’s Saban Center for Middle East Policy and Qatar’s foreign affairs ministry, brings “leaders from across the Muslim world for an intensive three-day dialogue with key US officials, societal leaders and policy experts,” Brookings said.

“With President Obama determined to turn the page in America’s relations with Muslim communities around the globe, this year’s Forum will examine how to craft more robust partnerships that can help repair the deep divisions our societies,” Brookings President Strobe Talbott said in a statement.

Talbott, who was a key diplomat in president Bill Clinton’s (now given two stents, in order to live) administration, is also due at the forum, along with Richard Holbrooke, the US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan and Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry.

Brookings said Clinton will join (you really think that will happen?) Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, the prime minister of Qatar who doubles as foreign minister, in delivering a speech, but no further details were immediately available.

The chief US diplomat is due to arrive in the tiny Gulf state of Qatar on Saturday (perhaps not), where she will also hold talks with the emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, and leave for Saudi Arabia on Monday, the State Department said.

At the 2008 US-Islamic forum, delegates voiced support for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, although some warned against expecting any radical policy change should he win the White House.

A year into his administration, Obama has yet to achieve any significant momentum on stalled peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and Muslim audiences are now less receptive to his promise of a “new beginning” with the Muslim world.

The visit to Qatar would complement the Obama administration’s efforts to improve ties with the Muslim world. (Right...)

In his inauguration speech last year, Obama vowed to seek a “new way forward” (You Islamists don't uderstand--he lied, just as you do!) with the Muslim world “based on mutual interest and mutual respect,” (and then, YOUR GUY KILLED our guys, so get the eff over it!) after eight rocky years under his predecessor George W. Bush.

I have never seen, in watching 14 presidents over my almost 64 years now, such a brazen asshole as is this Barack Hussein Obama, Soetoro, Dunham, Shabazz, X, et al.

And, I continue to maintain that he is the result of the union between Stanley Anne Dunham and Malcolm X, also known as Shabazz, on one fine night, as Stanley Anne may have put it.

Why would Obama be so afraid to let the American people know of his true Heritage?

His "new way forward" is simply a return to the ways of another stupid man, Saul Alinsky--Mister 'Rules for Radicals'. THAT concept is soooo old, it's almost pitiful!

Obama is an Anlinskianite, but mostly a Marxist. He is attempting to utilize very "OLD WAYS" of socialism to achieve his goal.

But, even George Soros understands that Obama is not an achiever, per se, so we are left with the 'dumb-bot' we are forced to call our president.

Well, I refuse to call him my prez, and I am certain many of you also refuse.

Yeah, I know, Bill's gone to hospital, BUT...

NY Gov Fires Back

New York Gov. David Paterson fires back at critics and tells CNN's Larry King that media reports about a sex scandal and corruption are "salacious and outrageous charges" that are unsubstantiated.


I caution you: Listen to Gov. Paterson, hear his sincerity...he is being 'booked out' by the Obama administration--specifically, Barry, and he knows it.

Does he, Paterson, know something about Barry we don't know?

Might he have some info from Columbia College (NOT University, as you have been misinformed re: Mr. Obama's so-called education.)

Hmmm...mmm...mmm...Barack Obama--who the hell is he?

RE: the retouched photo

Yes, there was a person, a woman, to our right, that Bill Morton did not want to acknowledge. At his request, I removed her via my Photoshop skills.

So, this ends up as Bill Morton's avatar, and part of his persona, though it's apparently just a photo-op.

If any of you readers have paid any attention, you know of my righteous anger regarding Bill Morton, and his lack of repayment of his personal debt to me.

I will say, for myself, I took the man at his word.

Apparently, his word is worth 'road kill dung'.

He has refused to answer e-mails, and walks about Rogers Park with, apparently, a new camera, which he apparently bought with monies he tried to entice me with on Christmas Eve--but, those monies owed were NOT IN THE FORM OF THE CASHIER'S CHECK I requested, so Bill conveniently told others around him that I REFUSED that payment.

I did not: I requested a cashier's check, which any SANE person would from someone who has become UNWORTHY of their trust.

I trusted this man's word...and his word is BS, total BS.

I supported this man, saved him from eviction at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue. Twice.

And what do I get? No answers to e-mails; and being called a 'racist' by the 'chess piece (because, as a member of SEIU 880, the chess piece can't possibly think of anything else, but he can hire many gay men, in spite of the fact he claims 'his church' cannot be a gay church!), who is also member of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce board.

My only conclusion is that Bill Morton, the president of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, is 'STIFFING' me, or trying to, on this personal debt.

For that, Bill, I am going to let your conscience get the better of you.

I am a DISABLED 64-year-old woman, living on Social Security payments of $601 per month.

Somewhere along the way, Bill, it will be found out that you are earning money every month. I will find it, and garnishee it, because it is the legal thing to do.

"Chess piece", how much do you gross per month working for the County Clerk's Office? Hmmm? This is the liberal, SEIU 880 member who calls ME a racist!

And, he has also been sucked into supporting Bill Morton in his LAZINESS to develop the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, of which I AM A CO-FOUNDER!

I will let you all draw your own conclusions.

If any of you think I am whining, why not try to live yourselves on $601 per month! I want my monies, my investment, returned, and Bill Morton seems to want to ignore everything!

Where are you, Bill? Using the beautiful graphic I GAVE you for your 'Bill Morton Promotions'?

I might ask you, my readers, few though you are, how would you feel--when someone gave you his word to pay you back, and now he doesn't even honor your existence??

I just call it 'icky poo' behavior, and it shall all come back upon him!

Ten times over!

Watch out, Bill! It's all going to BACKFIRE upon you!

The old man asks...from his grave

Richie, when will the clout and corruption stop?

I thought you were my kid, Richie.

But this crap has to stop,

and stop NOW!

Differences: Guess you'd call it Climate Change

I simply call it WEATHER, as anyone in their sane mind would.

The other day...

...vs tonight.

Snow in Chicago is melting due to:

A: Climate Change (AKA Globala Warming) (the fave of Obama's administration)

B: The higher angle of the sun, due to the arrival of meteorilogical spring on March 1st, and Spring's arrival, as we know it, approximately 3 weeks later.

The government has been wrong, Al Gore has been wrong, Barack Hussein Obama has been WRONG.

The liars believed the lies of other liars.

Time to stop this type of crap, dontcha think?

SOTU-Part Un et Demi


""Quick, let's get him to Rahm's for some ---- (rhymes with snow!)"

SOTU-Part Deux

Special H/T:

Yikes! Running with Scissors?

The caption reads:

"German women mark 'Altweiber'--'Old Women's Day'--during a street carnival where they traditionally run around town cutting off men's ties."

Alrighty, then....

You can't always get what you want...

Groom goes to kiss bride-and discovers she is bearded

Go here.

Imagine 'romancing' THIS gorgeous creature...

The niqab (I've seen quite a few women who should be wearing one!)

...and ending up with THIS!

Delina Rossa, the Bearded Lady of Paris

And so it goes, in the Land of the Lost

Ahmadinejad Says Iran Is Now a 'Nuclear State'

Tens of thousands gather in Teheran's Azadi Square

TEHRAN, Iran — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed Thursday that Iran has produced its first batch of uranium enriched to a higher level, saying his country will not be bullied by the West into curtailing its nuclear program a day after the U.S. imposed new sanctions.

The rest of his tripe is here.

Guess this burqa'd up guy was afraid to show his face as he supports a 'crazy old mullah'!

BTW, the newly-preferred pronunciation is: "Imaneedajob".

Oil-slick at the Waffle House

I really pity the Waffle House laundry staff.

Imagine how tough it is to get those oil stains out of the sheets...and wherever else they might be!

Wisdom: Some have it, some don't!

"If we treat people as they ought to be,
we help them become
what they are capable of becoming."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe