Friday, July 2, 2010

Where is the repayment?

I'd REALLY like to know. I have been extremely patient, since I dropped out of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce because of ethical blunders on their part back in mid-November.

And I was supposed to receive a check for repayment, as agreed upon from the beginning with Bill Morton, again.

Ain't it amazin'--a BISHOP who does not know the calendar? That June has only 30 days? I must forgive him because he was educated on the Southside and now works for Cook County.

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Nothing in my mailbox, NOTHING in my hands!

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Of course, Bill Morton owes me also, on a personal level--an amount of $1,425. When I encountered him the other day, on the street, he just SMIRKED when I informed him I would take him to court.

Well, the time is here, and the time is now, so on Monday, I will be hiring a lawyer to take both Bill Morton and the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce to COURT.

Smirk all you want, Bill.

And for all your promotion of Quest Network Services, why haven't you tried to renew their membership?

Quest Network Services, unfortunately, is no longer a viable member of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce as of May 31, 2010. But Quest has not been informed re: renewal of membership as of today, JULY 2nd!

Heck'u'va'job you're doing here in the neighborhood, Bill!

Really on top of things, aren't you, Bill?

I have
to admit, I have not encountered this huge of a grifter in many, many years.