Monday, August 9, 2010

It still amazes me...

...that there are people today who, even when you show them the correct path in life, turn and prefer to take the 'other way'.

The 'Old-Man Puppeteer' finally speaks

Will he die, soon, under Obamacare, please?

George Soros tells CNN: I’m not satisfied with Barack Obama, but he saved country from recession

George Soros has funded the Obama Admininistration heavily, and is behind much of its anti-Americanism. He wants a 'NEW WORLD ORDER'.


Natasha Obama, named after a cartoon character or what?

This child has some sort of severe spinal problem, apparently, which the Obamas usually disguise by placing "maternity tops" on this child. It is quite apparent she, Natasha, now known internationally as 'Sasha', is OVERWEIGHT, while her Mommy, Michelle, preaches to the nation regarding its overweight children.

I say, as I have for years, "Charity (love) begins at home."

Apparently, Michelle Obama was never taught this axiom by her parents, who used (as does she) the excuse that they were living on the Southside of Chicago.


It was, apparently, my own mother's misfortune... die from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's Disease), and leave us Stephen Hawking as her spokesman (SHE would SPIT at him, if she still could!)

Mr. Hawking claims to be great scientist--but he cannot seem to explain the intricasies of ALS. Instead, he is 'fortified' with computer speech effects, because he is thought to be a 'genius'.

Excuse me: wasn't my own mother, Anastasia, a genius for raising myself, and my three brothers, to respect America and its Constitution? She was first-generation Greek, an American citizen, who realized 'exactly' what American citizenship meant back then.

Hawking: You cannot speak at all for the Americans who raised their children to respect the US Constitution. You are merely a Brit, with limited access (because of your disease) to the US, so please keep your 'opinions about Americans' to yourself, and your software!

Is it all because of politics? Yeah, I guess.

Are these two a$$holes 'kissin' cousins', or something? And, WHY the sooo limp wrist, Barry?

ON...dressing better

"So very white"! is all I can say about this photo of Sasha Obama in her father's arms, after returning from the now-known-to-be-'Trip to Spain to Assuage a
Friend's Grief after Losing her Father'. Bleeeech!

Would it not have been nice, back in early June of 1994, if one or the other of 'my friends at the time' would have given me a present of a trip to Europe, so I could 'properly' grieve, in a totally foreign country, over the loss on my own father, a retired Milwaukee Police Department Detective?

I ask now, and shall continue to ask:

Are the Obamas insane...or something?

Have you ever seen a baby...


Thanks to for the rock!

So sad to hear: Patricia Neal has died