Friday, October 29, 2010

Separated at Birth...perhaps?

How EVIL can a truly scared person such as this pResident look?

Seems to me, he's spent many of his Saturday mornings watching too many cartoons!

And soooo, apparently has she, the "Most Powerful BUTT in the World"!

Military Voters

BREAKING: Major Court Victory for Military Voters

A Maryland court rules that a soldier who does not receive his ballot on time has had his constitutional rights violated, and can sue without waiting for the Department of Justice to act.

Congratulations to the Military Voter Protection Project — they have broken new legal ground in protecting military voters.

A Maryland Federal Court ruled today that it is a violation of a soldier’s constitutional rights to not receive his complete ballot on time (emphasis--mine). The court ruled that the John Doe officer stationed in Iraq had standing to sue based on deprivations of their constitutional rights.

This is an enormously important decision which will affect the 2012 elections.

This means that military members need not wait on the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. at the Justice Department to sue. It may end the monopoly on DOJ’s oversight of military voting, which is a good thing for everyone in uniform. It means that in 2012, during the presidential election, we won’t have to wait for DOJ to act. It means that the Eric Holder military voting
disaster of 2010 might not happen again.

Individual soldiers and sailors may have recourse to the courts, able to act immediately as they are trained to do in combat zones.

This ruling also shows that private citizens are more effective than their government. DOJ filed no lawsuit in Maryland, but MVP did, and MVP won a victory for military voters from every state.

Another extended comment... MOTUS:

I should say, wait for the real vote 'if that's what happens in your part of the nation'.

I live in Chicago: this is a city where DEAD people vote, multiple times.

This is not a joke: it is and has been the reality of what is known as the Chicago vote (for the Democrats, I might add!)

I would just like to say: I've shown you all some very nice Photoshops (TM) of various people over the last 6 months or so. I'd like to do more, and sometimes, the fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis impede me, somewhat.

Both of those take my 'sense of humor and sarcasm' all I can some days do is hit "LIKE".

Butt: I am with you, MOTUS, and all the wonderful MOLs, some of whom have become cyberfriends.

In the end: we must defeat this fake man, and his fake wifey. They will try to continue to 'play their games' with us, the CITIZENS, not just Americans, butt US, THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA...something we must all think about.

Calling yourself an AMERICAN seems to be not quite good enough anymore, does it?

Because AMERICA includes all of Canada, the United States, Mexico...and then there is Middle America AND South America.

We are NOT Americans, my fellow MOLs and MOTUS...we are citizens of the United States of America. PERIOD.

We live HERE, within the now fifty states that comprise our nation. Please...get a sense of this...and then get a sense of what BO and MOO have been trying to do to YOUR freedoms as a citizen of the United States.

We all see her as a fashion disaster-after-fashion-disaster.

We all see him as a wannabe comedian, or golfer, or basketball player--anything other than the PRESIDENT, an office he 'ran' for (with a helluva lot of Affirmative Action points).

As a US Senator for the State of Illinois, his votes were frequently "Present" . We know this from many posts, both MSM and the blog world.

In the end: we must defeat this fake man, and his fake wifey. They will try to continue to 'play their games' with us, the CITIZENS, not just Americans, butt US, THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA...something we must all think about.

As President of the United States of America, I feel he has worked HARD, to disunite and DIVIDE us, racially, along with all of his cronies: Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and both the Clintons.

I have to say, at this point in time: Barack Obama is NOT my President, and he and those of his ilk could never even have enough hope to be.

Nor could his trampy wife ever be my First Lady, whom all of us woman could look up to as a supporting arm of our President, the Leader of the Free World.

Because of this trampy, mattress-cover dress worn by the woman who calls herself the "First Lady (of the evening) of the United States", I can determine the whys and the why-nots of voting for the Progressives, as they love to call themselves, or anyone else who would possibly, out of insanity, agree with Joy Behar?

The Past Few Days...

The past few days...

...I have felt


As the winds in Chicago

Have removed the leaves

Of the day.

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