Friday, February 11, 2011

And why not a few more, to get everyone in the mood--of LOVE

It is my hope that at least one person will appreciate my work. I have always hoped in this manner...and may someone along the way enjoy.


Blues in Chicago.
Love's touches
Travel through the wires.
I and you
Piano in Chicago.

copyright: 2011


In our entireties
Taken beyond
To survive lonely nights
Melded flesh
Ecstacy consequential.

copyright: 2011


Concerning the passion we have for each other:
The interplay of values
Dark and light,
Brushed across Life's canvas
In quick strokes
Of our individual colors,
Occasionally blended/contrast/
Like tubes,
We've been upon Life's shelf:
Jostled, squeezed, re-priced--
Until we touched
On the same palette
In that evening of color.

I, the blues/Prussian, cobalt, cerulean.
Space white between us.
Your umbres, siennas,
Even cadmiums
Complement me,
Setting us off to read well.
As we caress
I am reminded:

When properly mixed,
Can defy the Ages.

copyright: 2011


I'm not in the middle
Just in between
Between these layers
Of Monet's marvelous scene.

I can be underwater
Or floating above
In sunlight or shade
Color-strokes of love.

copyright: 2011


Face to face
Full moon and me
Slow arc across the sky
Kind of like my life.

I rise and I set
As any other
Lonely in night skies
Though surrounded by stars.

Been there/did that.
Shall I now return
To this complex simplicity
Or again become a castaway?

Shall I weep
Or find a lover?
I ask the Moon serene.
There is no answer.

copyright: 2011


Chimes chime
Passing away the time.

Passing away the time
Listening to wind/songs.

Listening to wind/songs
In between my thoughts.

In between my thoughts
Meandering everywhere.

Meandering everywhere
I want to feel.

I want to feel
Your arm around me.

copyright: 2011

Saint Valentine's Day is coming...the day for lovers

I'd like to post some of my love poems, if you don't mind? They've never been published, yet it seems now is the time for you to see them, feel them, and know a bit more about me?


It may snow today.
I'd love to walk in it
With you
If we wouldn't get too wet
Or chilled.
Did you ever eat snow as it falls:
Just tilt your head back
Catch fluffs on your tongue?
And sometimes a snowyday rainbow
Color/ices the sky
Rain into snow
Gray into white.

copyright: 2011


As the clouds
Are we changed
Floating and soaring
Heinous pain conquered.
Only through Death
Did we again become
We are:
To live within the Light.

--The Collective Voices of the Victims of AIDS

copyright: 2011


Dance with me
She pleaded
'neath the fullness of the Moon
He'll shine for us brightly
All night long.

Hear with me
She begged
All the mystical chimins of music
As He smiles.

If only you listen,
His song is there.

copyright: 2011


In sad confusion
Your eyes
Behind lavender lenses
Those hide-and-seek feelings flash.
So close our bodies
You were light-years away
When I became a shoulder/friend
Talking of cats
And softball
And bands.

Your solemnness is
Broken by desperate quiet screams
And nervous staccato laughs.

Thoughts of gaiety!

As boats lazily rocked
Port to starboard
On the water.

copyright: 2011


Love has a habit of taking its toll
What I feel in my soul
I need to control
Keep the soup in the bowl
Love's got that habit of taking its toll.

I know I'm not supposed to care
Just a plain old everyday affair
The thoughts we bare
The times I stare
I know, just not supposed to care.

Feelings have a sneaky way of creeping in
Making sweet, sweet songs of the noisy din
My heart's not tin
I just can't win
Feelings have a sneaky way of creeping
Softly in.

copyright: 2011

And then I found this!

Sorry folks, but where George Soros is, there's no good to be done!

And so sorry Gordon Sumner, (Sting), by partnering with Soros it seems you are nothing but a turncoat.

Egypt, and Moslems, and Islam, Oh My!

These crazy Egyptians--fueled by HATRED--have destroyed much of their history! Antiquity! What stupid fools to be coerced by Islam--the religion of peace--no, the religion of pieces!

When Sting was feeling good, he was great. I keep many of his CDs because his messages made me, and others working under me, stop and think, for more than a moment.

These days, with disability, I continue to listen. I have never watched this video before...and it is really pretty amazingly done for 18 years ago.

I prefer that Sting's (Gordon Sumner's) could be the words to the Creator of us all these days...and that we all lose the current madness we seem to want to possess.

And may the silly Moslems in Egypt listen, for once, to the music of the times.

It's Winter: Please Feed The Birds & Other Animals in your Area

I live in the City of Chicago, Mayor Dick'em Daley, Mare, where the rats are fed everyday by you stupid people who throw your fries and chicken bones on the ground, because you're too damned lazy to find the garbage receptacle 5 or ten feet away.

But who feeds the birds, especially during winter. While you stuff your faces with MickeyD's, Arby's, and Burger King, there are God's creatures out there, small creatures who, especially in the city, need a little helping hand with some food--real food, not fries and burgers.

I'm forging an idea to feed the birds, at least, from high-rise apartments with nothing but windows, as long as they open. I will keep you apprised.

In the meantime, I offer this, which is an all-season plea for God's creations. After all, what does it cost, ultimately, for you to place out there a bit of birdseed?

Also, though the squirrel is a rodent, it is a much finer animal than the (Democ)rat.

Squirrels are in the heck did you think all these wonderful forests keep growing?

Please feed them too, as they are the Creator's wonderful creatures.

WARNING: Do not feed the Obamas, if you can at all help it. They are voracious, with tapeworms at least 18 feet long, apparently, from reading of their past Super Bowl Party offerings.

Remember: Politics are an ugly choice to make, unless you are ugly too!

What's for dinner on a cold winter's night?

Homemade chicken soup, with chopped Crimini mushrooms, organic carrots (oh, so sweet @ 2# for $1.50!), Spanish onions and melon seed pasta, cooked in filtered water! YUM!

Just 15 minutes to prep everything, add a little salt, some crushed red pepper, 2 bay leaves--and a tablespoon or so of Balsamic vinegar. Bring it to a boil, then let it simmer, stirring several times over the course of 2 and half hours.

It is so delicious, warming, and more healthful than anything the Obamas have eaten lately!

If you're curious about the bowl...

...I purchased four of them for $5.00 2 years ago at Marshall's.

Here's the underside...I love the fact that the design is the Chinese character for "SOUP" !

BTW, these are the type of onions I get at a neighborhood 'onesy' type of market...for 39 cents a pound!

Would it have been easier to just open a can of Campbell's, or purchase soup in a plastic container (VERY high-priced) from the deli at my local Dominick's, you might ask?

Answer: NO, and NO. I prepared it, I know what's in it, it's not overly-salted...and I freeze some to enjoy on another day when I may not be spending the day working around the house.

I've cooked from scratch for more years than I can remember...and it has always given me a great satisfaction...and a feeling of wealth. This 2 quart pot of soup cost about $2.50, because I used skinless chicken breasts, but it can be made for even less using skinless chicken backs, legs or thighs and still be just as laden with chicken flavor!