Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt, and Moslems, and Islam, Oh My!

These crazy Egyptians--fueled by HATRED--have destroyed much of their history! Antiquity! What stupid fools to be coerced by Islam--the religion of peace--no, the religion of pieces!

When Sting was feeling good, he was great. I keep many of his CDs because his messages made me, and others working under me, stop and think, for more than a moment.

These days, with disability, I continue to listen. I have never watched this video before...and it is really pretty amazingly done for 18 years ago.

I prefer that Sting's (Gordon Sumner's) could be the words to the Creator of us all these days...and that we all lose the current madness we seem to want to possess.

And may the silly Moslems in Egypt listen, for once, to the music of the times.