Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vincent, through his eyes

For those of you who might appreciate Vincent van Gogh, as I do, I'm certain you'll find this interesting.

I miss you Vincent...and all you stood for.


To cheer you into your work-week, something old, yet still fresh!

I was awakened several times tonight with severe leg cramps. I didn't quite dance like this to relieve them, but wish I could!


Not quite what you may have thought?

These are Chicago's northernmost beaches along the shore of Lake Michigan.

I begin with Howard Street Beach, because I just could not walk several more blocks north in yesterday's more-than-bracing wind.

Waves were pounding...only the bottom third of this shot is the actual sand of the beach.

The view to the south included Fargo Avenue Beach, Jarvis Avenue Beach, Sherwin Avenue Beach, and on down to the Farwell Avenue Beach pier...with the rest beyond.

The ices floes are huge this year, and the sound of the waves intimidating. Perhaps, I'll go again, soon, on another similar day and shoot video, so you can get the feel of what's it's like to live near Lake Michigan, a formidable ever-changing entity, in winter.