Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From my Window: The Frost for the Trees?

I am certain this is not the only frost I will photograph on my windows this winter, but it is the first!

Kind of a nice abstraction, isn't it?

Even MORE 'Tis the Season...almost!

The following are examples of more Christmas decor I created...and donated today, not to a nursing home, but to a local social service organization for women. I hope you and THEY enjoy them!

Oh, and BTW, here's a window sign I did back around Christmas of 2005--UPDATED, of course. Why?
Because I am so totally disgusted with our pResident, who claims to be a Christian, who insists on calling this "Winter Holiday"! It is the time designated as "Christmas", and no one will be hearing "Happy Holidays" from me--and I really don't care if any of you get offended!

Years ago, we spoke of 'putting Christ back into Christmas', but these days, talk of Christ can get your throat slit.

I was talking with my fave CPD officer today, who was at a shopping center, sitting in his squad and watching people, while also looking down occasionally to read--the BIBLE!

His words were: "Well, I'm a sinner. And I belive in Jesus Christ. So when I can, I read the Bible."

No girlie mags, no internet porn, no garbage for my refreshing!

Please, remember Christmas IS about Christ, the Jesus, and please try to shop locally for any gifts you may give in His name.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all!