Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bill Morton: Is he working for your best interests?

This is an example of Bill Morton's 'work', followed by several other videos on the same topic, at his blogsite,

Apparently, this subject matter is VERY important to Bill Morton.

Not really...because it becomes the means of his escape from reality.

He owes me $1,425...for helping him remain in his apartment (#803) at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue, here in Rogers Park. Though he knows my e-mail address, he has never contacted me in the past six months, since I have asked for payback.

Consequently, I shall continue to appeal for payback PUBLICLY, and let everyone who reads this blog understand what a SWINE Bill Morton is.


...wouldn't it be nice...if we could live like this...

...instead of killing each other with our thoughts, actions, and deeds?

I sent a comment to RP1000...

...and, apparently, I am blocked. This was my comment:

"Yes, of course, I know you, and I know that the bulk of the original photos at the Willye B. White sight are those 'I gave you', as I also 'gave ' you the Willye B. White Park Advisory Council LOGO, which you have never updated, though I have sent you updates. Because you are such a slovenly person, others suffer...isn't it TRUE, Bill?

And, what have you done, say, in the last 5 or so months since I resigned from Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce?

There is no semblance of UNITY in the community, just a photo of a coffee mug.

SAD, so SAD!"

My readers are increasing, Bill Morton, and your name is put out across the world. Your 'chess piece', 'Mister SEIU 880', cannot do anything for you now.